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  1. I can't get a hold of you. PM me now!

    I'm prob. gonna get the ban bat, but don't buy from him, he will only keep your money and not give you the goods.
  2. what did he do? ive spoken to him several times and he seems like a good guy:shrug:
  3. I sent him my money for a nitrous kit, he's played "I forgot a part" They had to drain it chit for too long. He has my money, I want the kit or my damn money back. This is rediculous.
  4. Make this a sticky. We need to have a section that has all the people who aren't truthful.
  5. Okay, nevermind. You already posted it here.

    So let's see what zZksyZz has to say about this?
  6. Yes, please zzskyzz, please come in and talk, or send me my money back.
  7. What about other details... Like when did you send the $$?
  8. Wow looks like he was on yesturday and skipped over this thread???? sound like teh ghey :ban:
  9. Bump...

    When was the money sent?
  10. I told him the kit would be shipped AFTER my car was painted [which was yesterday] because I had to get the main hose which comes from the trunk [for the bottle] to then engine bay off the car and then it would be shipped. He said that was fine and he was willing to wait. I got my car back from the paintshop yesterday night, just finished taking the line off the car and it is going to be shipped right now because I'm on my way out the door to go to class. It will be arriving in a Detroit Wheels box because I couldn't find anything better to ship it in. It's wrapped in brown paper.

    I'll post a shipping number, picture of recipt or something once I return in about 2-3 hours.
  11. Money was sent on March 29, 2006.

    All of April his "sister" was on him AIM, and said he sent it and all this chit.

    I am ready to take up arms almost.
  12. The tracking number is:
    Which can be checked on or by calling 1-800-222-1811

    It may take a day or so to update into his system. I will take pictures of the confirmation receipt and shipping receipt once I get home (I'm in class right now).
  13. if that was laid out then what is the problem here?
  14. I guess I took too much time getting my car ready for paint and someone got inpatient while forgetting what I said...

    ...On the other hand, I can't really blame him.
  15. Exactly...this is why it's good to here both sides of the story.

  16. Mid April, you told me that you had to pull a line out of the car, but you said you did that that same day. And it was shipped again. I said yes, I'll wait, when YOU SAID it would be there (my house) by the end of the week. 3 weeks later, its still not here, and I become agitated. If you can show me physical proof of the shipping, because the tracking number isn't in yet, OR something, I will get a mod to delete this thread, and the one in 5.0 talk. IF NOT, you may want to send my money back.
  17. Label/Receipt Number: 0304 1560 0004 1220 4468
    Status: Acceptance

    Your item was accepted at 3:39 pm on May 04, 2006 in MOSCOW, PA 18444. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.