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  1. Hey everyone, I haven't visited this part of the site before. But I just purchased an 01 Ford ZX2. It's got leather, a sunroof and a stick shift. It's fun to drive, no vibrations, rattles or squeeks, just tonight heard a cvc joint pop a little. It's got about 160k miles on it. I'm guessing they are mostly highway miles, I think it was maintained well. Just wanted to know how reliable these cars are, what to expect, average gas mileage, any good mods?

    Chime in :nice:
  2. You might want to check out Ford Escort Owners Association ... it's a bunch of Escort owners. They should be able to answer any question you have.
  3. You sure it was the CV joint making the noise? They tend to click repeatedly when you're turning in the parking lot; ball joints are what tend to pop.

    Not a MAJOR thing to change out in either case, but getting that shaft nut off the end does take a mighty big socket and a helluva lotta torque (a length of steel pipe slipped over a beefy breaker bar usually works). Changing out the ball joints takes a ball joint press, which you can rent from places like Autozone (free, but there's a $100 refundable deposit), unless they use the bolt-in kind on those cars - again, not a big deal, just time-consuming and requiring a bit of muscle.

    ZX2's get in the ballpark of mid-20's in city, and low- to mid-30's on the highway. Pretty reliable cars. Not a whole lot in the way of mods that I know of for those, other than the usuals:
    1. Drop-in K&N filter (or cone filter)
    2. High-flow cat and low-restriction muffler (please, don't get a fart can! :D )
    3. Poly sway bar bushings
    4. Centerforce or other performance clutch
    5. Fresh fluids and a tune-up
    6. Performance ECM/piggyback chip/reprogrammer (pretty sure they're available)

    There might also be beefier motor mounts and such available, underdrive pullies, poly shift linkage bushings and/or performance shifters, and a few assorted odds n' ends, but the above five or six would be about the only things I'd really recommend. They're just sporty, reliable little economy cars, kind of like the second-gen Ford Probe - nothing outstanding, but fun and easy to drive, and they're not bad-lookin'.

    You've already found out about the crappy stereo setup they have, so no need to go into that... :D
  4. We are having our Alpine installed tomorrow! A whooping 50 bucks for the dashkit though. Thanks for the info guys. I don't want a fart can for sure... what muffler would you recommend? Mostly just want a little more power for fun and drivability getting around town.
  5. It's kind of a click I guess, not sure it just started doing it. It mostly happens on hard turns, which I avoid.. but the boyfriend has a lead foot.
  6. If it's a repeated sound when you turn - "click-click-click-click-click" - then it's the CV shaft. If it's just one sound - POP - then it's probably the ball joints. Roll the windows down and turn off the radio when you're in a parking lot, and see if you can hear it more clearly. I hear people with bad CV shafts tooling around the parking lot of the hospital all the time. (I like to diagnose people's car problems as they drive by during my lunch break walks. :D )
  7. haha Thanks I will try that. It wasn't making the noise badly last night. :shrug: Who knows, cars are funny sometimes. Didn't get the alpine installed. :mad: Stupid people had a taurus dashkit not a ZX2 one!
  8. Order the install kit from Crutchfield and install it yourself. It's not that hard. Instructions are included. If you can operate a screwdriver and a wire stripper, you can do it. :nice: