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Making Magic – the 2010 Ford Mustang “Spellbinder”

The 10th and conclusive installment in the ’10 Unleashed series of the Ford Mustang ends with a total bang!  You’d better watch the video and see for yourself just how cool the magical illusion of Vaughn Gittin Jr “driving through” a restrained Steve Wyrick really is.  Wyrick’s grandfather owned a 1970 Mustang Mach I, so he wanted to take his granddad’s favored car breed and do something truly awesome and unique with it.  The Legend lives on indeed, with Wyrick’s tribute utilizing the 2010 Ford Mustang to wow the Las Vegas crowd.  After you check out the video, be sure to check out the rest of the story in the official Press Release from Ford!

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Mustangs Unleashed video summary and one final to go

This latest installation in the Ford Mustang Unleashed campaign by Ford is a video clip capturing a summary of the nine Unleashed video stories to date & a teaser of sorts for the capstone to come.  From an Unexpected Turn of male bonding to a whiplash ride in a Mustang Rally car, this video series has provided the 2010 Ford Mustang a serious marketing punch.  Tomorrow (12/14/09), the final video story is set to be exhibited, touted, and proclaimed as the greatest stunt in the series yet.  Keep your eyes peeled for “Mustang Spellbinder” and wait for the magic to happen!

Latest 2010 Unleashed winner is a Mustang Rally Car

2010 Mustang Rally Car

2010 Mustang Rally Car

It’s not uncommon to see a Ford Mustang set for duty as a weekend warrior at the track, being tweaked for road racing, or stalking the tree to make a few 1320 passes.  What we did find unique about the latest 2010 Unleashed video series installation is that somehow, J.B. Niday managed to turn a new 2010 Ford Mustang into a bona fide rally car.  You read it right–a rally car.  Serving as the managing director of Rally America, Niday set up the 2010 Mustang GT with a roll cage, racing seats, a rally computer, off-road tires, and a HID light bar in hopes of winning at the Ojibwe Forest Rally in Minnesota.  So how well did Niday’s 2010 rally Mustang perform?  You’ll have to check out the Press Release and watch the video to find out!

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Unexpected Turn – a Ford Mustang Unleashed story

2010 Ford Mustang unleashed father son story

A faithful following seems to make a legend all the more enticing and solid.  The fans (and freaks) behind the Ford Mustang never cease to amaze us with their stories of adventure, triumph, and awesomeness.  One such story on the heartwarming side, is of Joseph Cram (Hot Rod Joe to his friends) and his father, Ralph Cram.  They had always longed to take their rebuilt 1968 Ford Mustang Coupe out on the open roads of the USA for a grand father-son event to remember.

Then the economy took an unexpected turn.  Joe and his father were forced to part with their beloved ’68 Mustang and left behind a gaping hole in their hearts.  Now, 16 years after the prior departure, Joe and Ralph were given the chance to take a road trip from Houston to Detroit to take part in the renowned Woodward Dream Cruise, rolling down the roadways in a 2010 Mustang convertible.  Keep reading to check out the Cram’s story, as it’s just one of many epic Mustang chronicles in the series of Ford’s “The 2010 Unleashed” program.  More official details and other stories can be read & seen at

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Video of the 2010 Cobra Jet Mustang on the strip

2010 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet testing

Mere months ago, we were excited at the fact Ford would let the Cobra Jet Mustang roll on into 2010 with the new model’s release.  Now, we are able to see some testing firsthand via some slick video footage of the 2010 Cobra Jet at a test-n-tune trial.  The famous Milan Dragway in Michigan was the host site for the drag session and from what we can tell, the weather was absolutely perfect.  A new supercharger (a la Whipple), packing a 3.4-liter punch, is set atop the 5.4-liter V8 power plant in order to bolster up the pony car’s pulling ability beyond that of its predecessor.  Also, aside from the Ford photos and this video, we haven’t seen a real good close-up of the car to give it a fan’s eye…perhaps we’ll get the chance to do so at the official debut of the 2010 Cobra Jet Mustang at SEMA this November.  Until that happens, we’ll have to be satisfied with this video of the 2010 Cobra Jet roaring down the quarter-mile path.

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Slip of the Tongue? 400hp Ford Mustang

A recent CNBC video of Bill Ford on the Survival of US Automakers might have let a few felines out of the proverbial sack regarding the future of the Ford Mustang. Bill Ford seems to hint at the great potential for a 400 horsepower Ford Mustang to be produced for all to enjoy. Not sure how or when it’s going to be done, but check out the video and hear it for yourself. To paraphrase, he says we’ll soon be able to get a 400hp Ford Mustang and he hints at “another” car later this summer in the same sentence. Maybe this will come sooner than we think? Who knows for sure?! Either way, this certainly piqued our interests and made us do a double-take on what seemed to be just another dialogue on the ailing automotive industry.

Steeda 2010 Mustang On-Track Testing

This year’s 2009 Camp Steeda event held host to loads of Ford Mustang enthusiast entertainment and also an action-packed debut of the new 2010 Mustang the team has been working upon hard to perfect: the next Steeda Q-Series Mustang. The video shared here shows a great sample of the new Steeda Mustang testing out several new performance and suspension components which are later destined to become the standard for the Steeda Q-series fleet. Test mules are commonly adorned with camouflage garb and padding, but these were disguised to look like regular 2010 Mustangs sans Steeda applique to attract the “just right” amount of attention. Enjoy the video, everyone!

Gittin shows Ms. Alison Haislip the donuts you can’t eat

Young G4 actress Alison Haislip never knew just how awesome a spirited drive could be until she landed in the passenger seat in the 2010 Ford Mustang with Formula D Champ Vaughn Gittin at the wheel. This video shows firsthand just how well a decent driver can make a Mustang move around the Forum in Inglewood, CA. Enjoy!

2010 Roush 427R Ford Mustang Burnout

Roush 2010 Ford Mustang burnout

We know one thing for sure as Ford Mustang enthusiasts: where there’s smoke, there’s tire.  After witnessing the 2010 Ford Mustang set the drifting distance record, we knew it wouldn’t be long until an aftermarket player showed us just what a modified 2010 Mustang can do.  Enter ROUSH Performance and the Roush 427R Mustang.  This tweaked 2010 pony car has the full package it takes to get heads to turn both inside and outside the car.  If you haven’t caught a good 2010 Mustang burnout video, then you are certainly in for a treat.  Sit tight, crank up the sound, and hold on for this 2010 Roush 427R Mustang burnout video!

Consumer Reports compares Mustang Camaro Challenger

2010 Ford Mustang tested by Consumer Reports

The Big 3 have been in the news plenty here lately, that’s for sure. Today, however, we aren’t going to focus on financial crises, bailouts, or Who’s on first. We’re here to talk comparison & contrast: specifically between the revamped Ford Mustang, the redesigned Chevrolet Camaro, and the reborn Dodge Challenger. Consumer Reports has compiled a comprehensive test on these three contenders and produced a video to share with us on the results. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then this clip is worth…you get the idea. Grab some popcorn and a soda, because this one’s worth watching. Continue Reading →