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Video of the 2010 Cobra Jet Mustang on the strip

2010 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet testing

Mere months ago, we were excited at the fact Ford would let the Cobra Jet Mustang roll on into 2010 with the new model’s release.  Now, we are able to see some testing firsthand via some slick video footage of the 2010 Cobra Jet at a test-n-tune trial.  The famous Milan Dragway in Michigan was the host site for the drag session and from what we can tell, the weather was absolutely perfect.  A new supercharger (a la Whipple), packing a 3.4-liter punch, is set atop the 5.4-liter V8 power plant in order to bolster up the pony car’s pulling ability beyond that of its predecessor.  Also, aside from the Ford photos and this video, we haven’t seen a real good close-up of the car to give it a fan’s eye…perhaps we’ll get the chance to do so at the official debut of the 2010 Cobra Jet Mustang at SEMA this November.  Until that happens, we’ll have to be satisfied with this video of the 2010 Cobra Jet roaring down the quarter-mile path.

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Consumer Reports Rates Ford Mustang above Camaro, Challenger

2010 Ford Mustang

By now, we’ve all seen the reports on the recent three-month streak for 2010 Ford Mustang sales and how they stack up to the new Chevrolet Camaro…big whoop.  After the novelty wears off, the market will likely wise up once again, as they’ll realize just how high-quality a product the Ford Mustang really is.  Despite the recent disparate sales figures, the revamped 2010 Mustang has taken out the competition yet again the modern-day pony car wars.  Consumer Reports has rated the new Ford Mustang GT as “Very Good” with a score of 78 points, while the Chevrolet Camaro SS achieved a score of “Very Good”, but only managed to rack up 71 points.  The Dodge Challenger R/T skidded by with a “Good” rating and a mere 53 points overall.  Now, we all know that numbers and ratings are one thing, but seriously, get out there and drive a new 2010 Mustang, a Camaro SS, and a Challenger and see for yourself: the new Mustang is refined, yet powerful.  It’s elegant, yet robust, and can even be considered rude when woken up.

Keep reading to get the Full Monty in the Press Release featuring the Consumer Reports review.

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StangNet’s Shelby GT500 Project up for Sale


There comes a time when a Ford Mustang fan gets that sinking feeling in his or her gut.  That time is knowing a change is to be made.  A sale.  A fateful parting event between rider and steed.  This day is not one we plan to celebrate, but it is time.  The enthusiast website project car of all project cars is now up for sale.  It’s time to make some room for other Mustang projects we have planned here in the StangNet shop.  This 2007 Shelby GT500 has been tweaked like no other and now it’s being given the chance to sleep in a new stable.  StangNet’s Glassback GT500 has been featured on the cover of two Mustang magazines and multiple automotive magazine and blog websites and has also been the focal project car of StangNet for over two years.  Incredible one-off modifications, trendsetting features and design, meticulous babying, and very low mileage are just a few of the mentionable perks this powerful pony car has to offer.  Jump on in for details and see if she is the one for your garage!

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Ford Motor Company from a personal perspective

Ford factory

It’s not every day we get “good” news.  It’s not every day we see large corporations truly care about those they serve.  It’s far easier for an automotive junkie to remain skeptical in times of new enthusiast cars like the 2010 Ford Mustang & and the 2010 Taurus SHO entering the scene when the skies are black with doom and gloom.  Then again, if we step back with a fresh perspective and really approach something with the hope of learning, we might just see there are some people out there sincerely trying (and succeeding) to make a difference.

We stumbled onto a personal reflection about Ford Motor Company and how they were perceived…and how they are perceived now.  Take a look and read for yourself.

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Ford technical evolution sparks Revolution


These days, every automobile manufacturer is under the gun to do more with less, maintain a viable cost structure, fend off the competition, and well, stay solvent in rough economic times.  Ford, under the of leadership savvy business people like Alan Mulally, has been making progressive moves before the economy started to slide.  Once upon a time, we heard rumors about the EcoBoost power plant potentially making it into the 2010 Ford Mustang or perhaps even in 2011.  Some speculated the twin-turbo six cylinder EcoBoost was a total rumor.  Well, as you know, the latter group is dead wrong.  Ford’s R&D technology has come full-circle with the engineering wrapped up inside the “EcoBoost Revolution”.  Sounds interesting, right?  Ford has the EcoBoost as a card to play in today’s high stakes game of automotive poker.  Is it a card worth playing or folding?  Keep reading, and find out for yourself.

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On the block: Prudhomme Edition Shelby GT500 Super Snake


News on the Shelby Ford Mustang front has somewhat settled for a bit, but we recently caught wind that the original concept Prudhomme Edition Shelby GT500 Super Snake Mustang is headed to Barrett-Jackson in a couple of months.  This Shelby a la Prudhomme is equipped with a 5.4-liter modular V8 boosted by a Kenne Bell supercharger (800hp on racing fuel / 750hp on 93 octane) with a custom air intake punching straight through the hood.  It also comes straight-up & ready to drag down the strip with a roll bar, fully adjustable BMR suspension, and drag racing tires.  Keep reading to get more detail in the Press Release.

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Ford unwraps 2010 Mustang customization site custom 2010 Ford Mustang

Just days ago, Ford launched a slick little customization tool for the 2010 Mustang and so far, we’ve deemed a great time-killer site!  With a plethora of choices in hoods, louvers, scoops, spoilers, grilles, wheels, stripes, and other exterior applique, the potential customized Mustang outcomes are quite numerous.  What we also found interesting was a key aftermarket player is already a part of this initial phase of the customization tool: ROUSH Performance has an array of their body parts available for Mustang fans to virtually slap onto their dream car.  We gave the site a spin and came up with one of our very own.    If you’re feeling click happy,  head over to Ford and check out the StangNet 2010 Ford Mustang customization gallery and create your own customized pony car.

Official Notice – Ford Mustang to enter NASCAR


About a month ago, we told you (and hinted at some time ago) about the rumors surrounding the Ford Mustang joining NASCAR for the first time in the 2010 Nationwide Series.  Now, we’re back to tell you about the real deal.  Today, the director of Ford North America Motorsports has officially announced the Mustang will be running laps with the field contenders next year!  With the retro redesign in 2005 and the upgraded lines on the 2010 Mustang, Ford keeps throwing punches at the competition to make sure enthusiasts get to see a good fight.  Watch closely, race fans, this could get good!  Keep reading to get the scoop in the official Press Release.

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Stangs of South Florida Patriot Run

South Florida Stangs Patriot Run

In just a couple of months, the Stangs of South Florida will be hosting a charity event called The Patriot Run.  The goal behind this gathering of Ford Mustang fans is to pay tribute to the victims of 9/11 as well as fallen heroes from the Armed Forces.  Proceeds resulting from the charity will be directed entirely For The Fallen (  Nearly 200 Mustangs are planned to parade from Davie, FL to Islamorada in the Floria Keys under police and fire department escort.  Every car will be issued an American flag and a printed name & profile of a 9/11 victim to carry along throughout the event.  Steeda Autosports, as well as many local vendors, will be sponsoring the event, offering prizes, and contributing to a raffle.  The final destination for the Patriot Run is Holiday Isle in Islamorada, where there will be a car show, the raffle, and an honorary tribute to the Fallen.

California Pony Cars Ford Mustang emblem


California Pony Cars has recently released a few nice pieces for the Ford Mustang to get restored or dressed up a bit.  One such example is these high-glossed runny ponies which are quality-finished and ready to adorn your 1994 – 2004 Mustang grille.  Most any popular color is available to accent or offset any major Mustang hues.  These go for about $40, so they aren’t a bad dress-up deal to take advantage of.