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Lee Iacocca Crafts his own “45th” Ford Mustang

2009 1/2 Lee Iococca 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang

For all the aftermarket flavors of the Ford Mustang, we feel this one is well-deserved. The proud papa of the Legendary pony car known as the Ford Mustang, Lee Iacocca, recently conjured up one to be his very own: the 2009 1/2 Iacocca 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang. Designed by Michael Leone and constructed by the Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters, this massaged Mustang features smoothed lines on the front and sides, and features a sloped roof that stretches all the way back to the end of the car. Inside, the car is well treated to what would otherwise be considered a designer or luxury treatment. Diamond Design stitched leather seats, a branded “I” leather steering wheel, Iacocca sill plates, and much more make this Mustang a real one-off gem. Continue Reading →

Slip of the Tongue? 400hp Ford Mustang

A recent CNBC video of Bill Ford on the Survival of US Automakers might have let a few felines out of the proverbial sack regarding the future of the Ford Mustang. Bill Ford seems to hint at the great potential for a 400 horsepower Ford Mustang to be produced for all to enjoy. Not sure how or when it’s going to be done, but check out the video and hear it for yourself. To paraphrase, he says we’ll soon be able to get a 400hp Ford Mustang and he hints at “another” car later this summer in the same sentence. Maybe this will come sooner than we think? Who knows for sure?! Either way, this certainly piqued our interests and made us do a double-take on what seemed to be just another dialogue on the ailing automotive industry.

Ford Mustang to join the NASCAR scene

2010 Shelby GT500 Ford Mustang

We might best fit the description of  “moderate” NASCAR fans, as we’ve never been all that excited to see Fusions, Chargers, and Camrys circling the track for hundreds of miles these past few years.  That’s about to change.  The folks over at FOX Sports recently reported that Ford has plans to introduce the Ford Mustang into the Nationwide Racing Series next year.  The news comes now, a bit on the early side, because the new templates and designs are required to be submitted for approval on June 26th and the 2010 NASCAR competition is supposedly going to be very close to stock in the visual cues department…at least much closer than the aero-styled cars we’ve been accustomed to for almost ten years.  Dodge has stated they are going to have the Challenger designed and slated for the series as well.  General (Government) Motors?  They passed on producing a Camaro shell to race underneath and will stick with their current Impala setup, while Toyota will also follow the stale suit and stick with their Camry paneling.

Galpin Auto Sports Unwraps USAF “X-1” Ford Mustang

Galpin Auto Sports USAF

Galpin Auto Sports and some select flyboys from the USAF have combined forces to show fans two seriously tech’d out cars. The Ford Mustang “X-1” and the Dodge Challenger “VAPOR” are two new promotional products of this new found coalition force. With more gadgets inside of each than a high-schooler’s backpack, both of these eye-catchers are set to turn heads and rally allies wherever they cruise. The two cars will be part of the 2009 Super Car Tour – a new US Air Force recruiting concept that started about a month ago. The two “carcraft” will also span the entire country this year as part of a mobile marketing initiative designed to inform youth about the various career fields and opportunities within the USAF.  Keep reading to see the interiors of these cars–they are quite realistic!

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Sources Say Coyote is a Go

2010 Ford Mustang GT

By now, it’s no secret that millions of fans hope to see the recently updated Ford Mustang get a much-needed power plant upgrade in the near future.  Well, Mustang fans, we’ve got some interesting buzz for you.  Today, Ford of Australia’s Russell Christophers hinted that a new 5.0 liter V8 codenamed “Coyote” is currently in R&D in the US of A.  That’s right, the SEMA rumors seem to be heating up closer to the boiling point of truth, folks.  If this 5-oh comes to fruition, sources say the numbers tach in at 400hp and 400 lb-ft of torque from the DOHC motor.  So now, it’s not a question of “if” the Coyote will come to pass; it’s a question of “when”.  Many say 2011 or 2012.  Conjecture is welcome, as no one can say for certain, given the volatility the market (and aftermarket, for the matter) is experiencing.  Until we hear more, stay tuned…

Will Alan Mulally Take Ford to the Top?

Alan Mulally - Ford Motor Company

The “Big 3” might be best known in today’s economic times as the “Busted 3”.  With Chrysler screaming S.O.S. and GM not far behind them in the race to the bottom, we Ford Mustang fans must focus our eyes on the one remaining contender in the ring: Ford Motor Company.  “Why?” you may ask.  Because of one man at the helm–Alan Mulally.  His leadership is what Ford needs now, more than ever, to pull out of the nose dive that is the biggest squeeze on the global automotive industry ever witnessed.  Focusing on what works, cutting out the bull, and always keeping everyone focused on a singular vision are just a few of the precepts this man propones.  We caught this very nicely written article over at CNN Money on Mr. Mulally and knew we had to share it with you.  Trust us: it’s well worth the time spent reading it.

1971 Ford Mustang with 619,284.5 miles and counting

Richard Fuchs in his 1971 Ford Mustang

No.  It isn’t a typo.  You are setting eyes upon a man and his faithful Ford Mustang–one that’s served him well for almost 40 years.  With the hopes of putting 400,000 miles on his pony car when he bought it brand new for $3,310, Richard Fuchs has more than broken his own record; he’s set the bar…quite high.  Fuchs is a crafty inventor by trade and a passionate hobbyist by method.  He holds several patents for his inventions and if you take a trip to visit the keen fellow, you’ll be sure to see plenty of eye-widening tinkerings.  Over the years in his 1971 Ford Mustang, Fuchs has sought to achieve what most muscle or pony car owners never care to: fuel economy.  By keeping his car clean, maintained, and caring for every minute detail, he’s been able to keep his Mustang efficient and mostly original over the last 38 years.  Hop over to the NY Times to get the full story…it’s one worth sharing.

Ford’s SVT Raptor – Born in Baja

2010 Ford F150 SVT Raptor

What is this? Has the StangNet staff gone mad? Posting a truck on the home page? Not mad; flat-out impressed. While the 2010 Ford SVT Raptor isn’t exactly “news” any longer, we did stumble upon a video clip regarding the upcoming SVT Raptor development documentary and just knew we had to share it to our fellow Ford fans out there. This hi-po variant on the Ford F-150 is an insanely capable off-road machine equipped to handle the dunes, let alone the grocery or home improvement store. The whole upgrade from the base F-150 the Raptor receives is pretty amazing: power (320hp / 390 lb-ft), suspension, trim, and yeah…power. Did we mention power? Yeah, the heart of a 5.4 liter V8 as well as a savage 6.2 liter V8 have been prepped for insertion. Continue Reading →

A Classic Mustang with a Shocking Twist

Electric 1965 Ford Mustang

Ford just got beaten to the punch in the “green” Mustang race. OK, well, it’s not a new Mustang model designed to go a step beyond the rumored EcoBoost powerplant (rumored to land in the Mustang in the near future)—it’s an electrified twist on a pony car from the days of old. The powertrain in this 1965 Ford Mustang has been replaced with two electric motors, there are a few extra gauges in the cluster, and of course, it has a new battery: 2,268 power cells resting underhood where a Ford shortblock V8 used to reside. Crafted by the team at Duke’s Garage in Westminster, CO, this antique Mustang just got a shocking shift into a new era. Keep reading to get all the background and details on this one-of-a-kind Ford Mustang.

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Mustang Enthusiast Magazine – April 2009

Mustang Enthusiast Magazine

A while back, we told you about a hot Ford Mustang magazine that is quite unique: it’s packed with Mustang eye candy, is available online for all, and most notably, it’s free.  The writers & editors behind Mustang Enthusiast have just released their April 2009 edition and as expected, it’s packed full of several great articles and images. Keep reading to get a preview of what’s inside or you can head straight for the magazine here. Continue Reading →