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Year Around Ford Mustang action via iRacing

Excited to get out and cruise, drive, or race your Ford Mustang in spirited fashion?  OK, so maybe some of you get to enjoy your Mustang, daily, but there are some fans across the planet that are often hindered by salt, sand, and snow.  Be it for safety, drive-ability, or preservation reasons, some of us just don’t drive or race our Mustangs year ’round.  So what could we do to help blow off some steam and get the need for speed sated?

You take your real world hobby and find an outlet for it elsewhere.  In this case, video games and the wonderful ole Internet provide for a fantastic medium to get the thirst for racing thrills quenched.  One of our long-time StangNet staffers (Joe Pisciotta / VibrantRedGT) has got a few things to show you about iRacing–his (and many others’) personal racing outlet for rain or shine, sleet or snow.

Keep reading to check out Joe’s awesome experience and a few of his racing videos afterward.  This is some seriously cool stuff, everyone–enjoy!

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USPS issues Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 stamp

Once again, the Ford Mustang is going to make its way across the United States of America.  This tidbit, however, doesn’t involve a coast-to-coast cruise and several stops at McDonald’s.  For the second official time, the Mustang is to be honored on the United States of America Post Office Stamp of mailing.  One of the featured stamps will exhibit a 1967 Shelby GT500, amongst many others else-wise: 1966 Pontiac GTO, 1969 Charger Daytona, 1970 Chevelle SS, and 1970 Hemi Cuda.

These “muscle car” stamps will be rolled out as Forever stamps in self-adhesive sheets of 20 (four of each design) and can be picked up any local USPS site, at, or by calling 800-STAMP-24.

Source:  Mustang Monthly

ROUSH #61 Ford Mustang wins at Daytona

The ROUSH Performance #61 Ford Mustang is once again atop the podium, and this time, it’s at Daytona to get the Grand Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge season going to full speed.  Jack Roush Jr and Billy Johnson took #61 to their second consecutive win at Daytona, ahead of some serious European contenders (Aston Martins, Porsches, etc).

That’s funny…we here at StangNet HQ were reflecting about how the Top Gear trio of hosts were just bagging on the GT500 (and many other American cars) in this past week’s episode.  Funny how a simple American pony car has two wins under its belt in two years, over a myriad of European makes.  Interesting food for thought, huh?

Anyway, enjoy the racing action breakdown in the Press Release which follows, everyone!

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50th Anniversary Shelby Cobra now held by McQueen

There is not (or at least there better not be) a single Ford Mustang fanatic that doesn’t know who Steve McQueen is, let alone his amazing car chase scene in Bullitt.  This month, there’s another McQueen making a news bit here recently by landing himself an extremely rare 50th Anniversary Shelby Cobra.  Ronald McQueen was chosen as the 2012 Win-A-Shelby raffle winner by the (late) Carroll Shelby Foundation, and is now the lucky owner of one of Shelby American’s greatest tribute achievements.  These modern-day equivalent Cobras are fabricated with the same attention to detail and performance as they were in the 1960s, and Shelby himself was happy knowing this sweeps would result in not just someone driving one of his works of art…but taking it home has his or her own.

Keep reading to get the full story in the Press Release for more on this one!

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Lot of 49 Ford Mustang classics found on eBay

What are the chances you are going to get in life to pick up nearly 50 Ford Mustangs at once?  Pretty good, actually, if you are an avid eBay surfer and stumbled onto a “barn find” this week.  A seller in Minnesota has a lot of 49 Ford Mustang specimens, ranging from 1964 through 1970, in mostly “not so hot” shape–but hey, these cars aren’t exactly spring chickens, nor have they been stashed away in Leno‘s garage, getting daily TLC.

Some of these classics have titles, some do not…and all of them look like they have been gleaned to have the best of their innards harvested for projects of yesteryear.  Keep reading to get the roster of what’s all in the auction, or hit up eBay to see what’s up!

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More Mustang Artwork – 93 Cobra and the Titus Ford Mustang

Did you miss getting what you wanted for the office or garage this past Christmas season? Maybe a wall-hanger of Ford Mustang would fit the bill to help set off the decor mess in your pony car’s stable…

Check out the latest two prints from one of our long-time friends, Jim Gerdom, and see if either (or both!) would suit your wall spaces well enough.  Each is in limited-print, so be sure and get going quickly if you want to get one of these framed up soon!

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Rare Low-mile 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang to hit the block

Unique and amazing Ford Mustang specimens on the auction block aren’t exactly the freshest of fresh news to everyone, but to Mustang enthusiasts and diehards, each event is often one to take special note of. Barrett-Jackson will be honoring automotive legend Carroll Shelby on January 19 when several vintage Shelby cars will be put up for auction. The one expected to turn most heads is a rare 1967 Shelby GT500. Big deal, you might say, right? Welllll, this one sort of is. This 1967 Shelby GT500 is completely original, from its Nightmist Blue exterior to its 428ci Police Interceptor motor to its less-than-10,000 miles on the odometer.

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StangNet Empire Ford Mustang Car Cover Sweepstakes

OK, Ford Mustang fans…we are kicking off a new concept for the StangNet community.  As your powers of observation have informed you, we are setting one lucky winner up with a chance to win a quality car cover from Empire Covers.  This sweepstakes is via Facebook for a free car cover, and the winner gets a choice in style & color of a Mustang Car Cover for his or her ride.

Be sure to head over to our StangNet Fan Page on Facebook and enter for FREE!  Also, pay special mind that for every friend you refer and enter, you will get an additional sweepstakes entry as well.  Pretty cool, right?!  The lucky winner of this contest will be chosen at random at the end of November.  So, what are you waiting for–get to LIKING StangNet a bit more and tell all of your friends about this cool giveaway!

Ford Mustang racer Paul Brown 1969-2012

Ford Mustang and racing fans across this great nation lost one of the best this week to skin cancer at just 43.  The crew here at the StangNet shop wanted to take this post and pay homage to one of the coolest racing characters, both on and off the track.  We ran into Paul last summer during the Mid America Shelby Meet in Tulsa, OK and he certainly put on a good showing for the Mustang crowd on-hand both on the track and around the podium.  It’s just truly sad for all who were involved with Brown’s racing team (Paul Brown / Tiger Racing) as well as Kenny Brown Performance (owned by Paul’s father, Kenny), and most significantly, the ones left behind in Brown’s immediate family.

Paul was diagnosed with skin cancer back in March 2012, just ahead of the 2012 World Challenge season kicked off, and as a result of the affliction, he missed much of this season’s racing action, letting Justin Bell take the helm for the majority of the races.  Throughout this year’s season, Brown managed to get several laps in and also posted a solid podium finish on occasion, to keep himself immersed in the sport, its action, and most importantly, its fans.

With exposure to SCCA, NASA, and countless events supporting the Ford Mustang cause across the nation, Paul Brown and his team touched a lot of fans’ hearts and never ceased to just plainly “keep it real” with interactions and good conversation.

Keep reading to get some more of the key points in Paul’s career, as well as ceremonial information in the official Press Release from Kenny Brown.  From all of us here at StangNet, we want to say “God speed, Paul…and take that checkered flag to the stars”.

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Gamble’s Sweet Chariot Flyer Ford Mustang road trip

We are pretty sure at least one of Ford Mustang fan’s dreams would be to cruise cross-country at the wheel of his or her favorite faithful steed.  One such Stanger (historian Bruce Gamble) and his 1967 Mustang convertible will complete a journey in his “Sweet Chariot” (named after the bomber his father piloted during World War II) to pay tribute to Jack Kerouac, who embarked on a months-long trips across the USA — the theme behind his novel On the Road.  Over the course of his travels, Bruce will catalog all of his discoveries and findings while cruising across this great nation of ours.  Bruce himself is a paralyzed veteran and cancer survivor, so he’s no stranger to adversity and adventure; all which give him a unique perspective on life and its ups & downs.

To capture the essence of his chronicles, Gamble has published several magazine articles and a book.  his latest, “Swashbucklers and Black Sheep”, is due for a September 15, 2012 release.  For more information, keep reading the Press Release for all the finer details.

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