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Track Day Ford Mustang Honors WWII Veterans

There have been quite a few Ford Mustang stories in the headlines these past weeks with regard to memorializing special interest causes, veterans, and tributes in general to motorsport legends (Carroll Shelby’s passing).  Well, honestly, there’s no such thing as too many, so here’s one more to enjoy.  Shannon Moore has a tie back to World War II via her grandfather, and had her sights set on the WWII memorial in DC, with him riding along.  What’s more, Shannon has also latched onto, an organization tasked with assisting veterans in getting veterans the chance to personally visit their respective memorial(s).

Since hearing of this incredible initiative, Shannon, her crew chief, and Rehagen Racing’s Dean Martin have put the skids on a Mustang in order to be the ultimate track car as a tribute.  Shannon’s racer boy girl Mustang is hued in Furious Fuschia, has loads of performance goodies, and is completely track-ready for paying tribute to the Fallen and the Honored we still owe a debt of gratitude to.

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BREAKING: Ford Mustang legend Carroll Shelby dies

If you haven’t caught it yet on social media outlets, we’re here to share some sad news in the Ford Mustang world, everyone.  As the headline states, we’ve lost Carroll Shelby from this land and he’s no doubt headed to the 1320′ strip in the clouds for the hereafter.  Shelby passed away at age 89 yesterday, at Baylor Hospital in Dallas.  As of this point, we know he was not doing well health-wise, but the official terminal cause has not been released.

The automotive magnate of all things Mustang, and other Detroit muscle, will be sorely missed as one of the legends…one of the greats…one who shaped the automotive industry AND aftermarket then, now, and the future.

Hats off from StangNet, Carroll Shelby.  Your presence will be sorely missed by many.

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2009 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 disintegration

Every Ford Mustang wrench-turner knows one of the first steps in any engine swap is to first remove the original power plant.  This takes careful planning, time, choice swear words, and bloody knuckles on occasion.  Well, a most-fortunate Utah woman found a rapid deploy (and “safe” in this case, thankfully) methodology for removing the engine for dis-replacement.  Shannon Welch was at the wheel of her 2009 Shelby GT500 when she made some choice navigational moves near I-15 at mile marker 16.  Her driving behavior led to her Ford Mustang careening about and successfully demolishing all things there abouts, launching the GT500’s V8 motor into the front of the vehicle behind her.  Yikes!

The good news: Miss Welch and two others involved in the GT500 disembowelment were not harmed.  The bad news: the Shelby GT500 (pictured ab0ve) cannot say the same.

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Polish Ford Mustang club inspires Brazilian cousins

If you weren’t already aware, it should come as no surprise the Ford Mustang is a completely global phenomenon…and will continue to be, so long as petrol-powered automobiles are permitted to breathe on the planet’s surface.  Over in Poland, local Mustang fanatics managed to pump out and awesome  fan tribute to the legendary pony car.  Great, right?  Just a nice tribute video montage–no one’s ever done that before, right?  Tongue-in-cheek aside, the video was a total hit and has inspired other parts of the world, this time in South America, to compile their on own fan tribute to the car.  These Brazilian Mustang mad-hats ensured that every generation was featured and also gave props to several sponsors making it all possible.

If you are ready to check out what the video has in store, hit the link below to check it out in our video & media gallery!

Click HERE! –> StangNet Media Gallery

If Microsoft built the Ford Mustang

Microsoft + Ford Mustang = an interesting customized tuner concept, put shortly.  And yes, the concept known as “Project Detroit” does redeem itself from some of the overly tacky exterior lighting you see photographed.  So, what’s “Project Detroit”, you might ask?  Good question.

West Coast Customs has teamed up with a collection of Microsoft developers to tweak out a 1967 Ford Mustang replica.  From a complete build-up, the cast & crew involved included almost every Microsoft gizmo possible from a heads-up display to complete web connectivity to gaming.  Nothing like a dose of modern day tech smacked into a class Mustang shell, right?  We think so!  We just hope this custom classic Mustang doesn’t BSoD while rolling down Woodward Ave–how embarrassing would THAT be?  Hah!

Curious to know more?  Keep reading to get the full scoop on this one, keep watch on the tube for “Inside West Coast Customs” airing on the Discovery Velocity Network this coming Sunday at 9pm ET/PT, and hit the source link for the featurette video clip they have shared ahead of time!

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Shelby GT350 Ford Mustang pool table

What do you get the Ford Mustang fan that seems to have it all?  Something big.  Something unique.  Something that, quite frankly, makes a statement no other piece on the aftermarket novelty scene can remotely touch.  So how about a billiards table resembling a 1965 Shelby GT350 Mustang?  Yeah, that’s the ticket.

The pool table itself isn’t just a flowery rendition of the class Ford Mustang–nor is it some cheap knock-off from a tissue paper catalog.  This game platform is the real deal, produced in limited number, and each is autographed by Carroll Shelby, also.

Keep reading to get the rest of the scoop on this off-beat, but still pretty dang cool, Ford Mustang pool table.

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New Ford Mustang magazine now in circulation

Every Ford Mustang fan loves to gawk at pony car eye candy and read up on the latest projects, aftermarket goodies, and tech filled write-ups…it’s a given.  Now, there’s another slick media channel for keeping up with exclusive Fox body Ford Mustang intel.   Fox Mustang Magazine has a 100-page per issue Fox body magazine ready to go, full of not-your-regular-Mustang-chatter and promises a “very nice, deluxe magazine like you’d take home to Momma”.  The modus operandi here for these guys is to produce a periodical that isn’t for the 1500hp twin turbo trailer queen Fox body, necessarily.  It’s for the everyday Ford Mustang fan in love with the Fox platform, seeking to tweak, tune, and simply be down to earth in concept.

Head over to the Fox Mustang Magazine site (link above) to check out their online tour & sneak peek.  We’re pretty excited about this, so keep your eyes open for this one, folks!

Haynes Restoration Guide for 1964 – 1970 Ford Mustang

Ready to take on a new project in the new year?  Well, if you are–and it’s one involving a classic Ford Mustang from 1964-1/2 thru 1970, then get ready to start it off right!  The team at Haynes Repair Manuals has just released a compendium of strategies, instructions, and step-by-step recipes for making a Ford Mustang restoration seem much less daunting.  With over 1,000 color photos detailing every phase of the Mustang restoration life cycle, this book is pretty slick, indeed!  From teardown to teardrops, this publication has just what the classic Mustang fan needs to get the job done with minimal heartache & disappointment.

Keep reading to get the rest of the scoop in the PR from Haynes!

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2011 Ford Mustang GT takes flight

Ever thought about how a Ford Mustang would turn out from a free fall?  Would it nail the dismount?  What’s the chance this pony car might land on its feet?  Actually, the chances here are pretty good for both…albeit serious damage ensued shortly after the 2011 Mustang GT took flight.

Across the pond in Lugano, Switzerland, the owner of this 2011 Mustang GT mistakenly drove off the 3rd floor of a parking garage, ending the life of his trusty steed.  By the misfortune of selecting 1st gear instead of reverse, he promptly propelled the 2011 Mustang through the concrete barrier, landing down below after a few rotations.

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Ford Mustang artwork for the Holidays by Jim Gerdom

We have covered several Ford Mustang historians, artists, and enthusiasts in the past, and now we are back to show you a few more pieces from Jim Gerdom, of Design Factory Art (est. 1975).  Recently, Jim has undergone some heart complications in the midst of ramping up for the Holiday commercial season.  He’s got a numerous amount of prints and some originals of fast Fords–and many Ford Mustangs.  If you have been near Kenny Brown Performance or made it to the latest SEMA shows, then you have surely come across this man’s fine artwork.

Take a peek at some samples of Jim’s work and be sure to browse through his entire portfolio on his website!  Keep reading for more details…

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