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Anticipated Ford Mustang to be 2014 1/2 model

It seems like everyone and their offspring has some sort of conjecture surrounding the 50th Anniversary Edition of the Ford Mustang, right?  Well, who wouldn’t?  This is likely one of the most exciting domestic automotive events which will transpire in the lifetime of most.  What other successfully (note: we said successfully) branded cars, to date, have ever made it 50 years without a single lapse in production?  Few, if but a handful.  The 2014 1/2 or the 2015 Ford Mustang is slated to be the most expected and exciting rendition yet.

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2015 Ford Mustang perhaps spied again

It looks like what could be the 2015 Mustang has been caught “on film” yet again, Ford Mustang fans.  As we sit on the eve of the 50th Anniversary rendition of what’s to be a complete redesign, Ford seems to be teasing out more details on what we could expect in the next flavor of Mustang.  Is more of the Euro-flavored Evos concept making its way to fruition here?  Will the next spy shot(s) include a confirmation shot of the expected independent rear suspension we have all been hearing about?

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2015 Ford Mustang rendered and detailed AGAIN

Time and again, we have all been privy to rumors and speculation surrounding the 2015 Ford Mustang. Car & Driver is now the latest party to lay out solid intel surrounding the forthcoming Ford installment of the 2015 Mustang. Everyone knows the 5.0-liter is back and it is awesome, but what does the 2015 Mustang hold for us in power, design, refinement, and pizzazz? Sources say we shall find out soon enough on Thursday, April 17, 2014 — exactly 50 years from the day the Mustang made it to the marketplace. Nothing like ringing in half a century of legendary dominance by making an entrance to the birthday party in entirely new skin, right?

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Video: Ford Mustang officially headed to Europe

According to the Associated Press, it looks like the Ford Mustang is jet-set on making a European appearance on an Official basis.  Ford’s crowned pony car of nearly 50 years (forthcoming) will be a part of the 15 new or restyled vehicle fleet to launch in the Europe market.  This is pretty cool news for those Mustang fans across the pond, with a lot of serious excitement already brewing surrounding the 2015 Mustang debut…kind of a big deal, you know.

There’s not a lot of cool buzz to go along with this one, but just know that we’ll keep you posted on anything we hear about the 2015 Mustang in addition to this cool news about the Mustang in Europe.  Keep reading to see the news clip as well as a YouTube video clip about the Mustang’s official new stomping grounds.  Also, while you’re in the video mood, check out a few of our other videos in the StangNet video gallery!

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2015 Ford Mustang to get IRS? Spy shots say maybe!

Given the fact the 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang is upcoming, everyone is eyed-wide, checking to see what the next rendition of the Mustang is going to look like and what’s going to be underhood as well as underneath. From what appears to be a recent test mule for the 2015 Mustang, spy shots are indicating one major change is a possibility it will have independent rear suspension (IRS). The Mustang has been a solid, straight-axle car forever and seeing this test mule out on the prowl with new underpinnings is quite intriguing, indeed.

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2015 Mustang speculated and rendered…again

It’s getting closer, Ford Mustang fans.  The time when we finally find out if Ford will truly ditch the retrograde look on the 2015 Mustang and lean toward a more Euro, chic look is inching nearer by the day.  The 50th Anniversary of the Mustang, in the 2015 model year, is going to be a seriously awesome event.  Very few cars on the motorways can raise notice for being in contiguous production for 50 years; that’s a feat, no matter how it’s sliced.  What we do know presently, is that Ford has buzzed the 2015 Mustang is going to be a “world car”–perhaps set at capitalizing further upon a more global scene…or maybe taking design and styling cues from world-class automobiles from today?  Hard to surmise for sure.

The recent Ford Evos concept was said to be foretelling of the 2015 Mustang future.  While nothing concrete has confirmed this fact, we don’t think it’s any coincidence Ford is teasing out ideas to gauge what the marketplace could or would be willing to tolerate in a complete Mustang platform redesign.

Keep reading to see what InsideLine has to say on the “what could be” related to the forthcoming 2015 Mustang.

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2015 Ford Mustang redesign says ‘no’ to retro look

What was everyone excited about in 2005, in the world of Ford Mustang?  Oh yeah, the ditching of the SN95 platform and the advent of the S197 platform–a totally retro throwback to the classic Mustang era…with a modern twist.  That was nearly a decade ago, folks, and we all know that Ford isn’t going to sit on a warm egg forever.  Pretty much every notable media source, including Inside Line, is in agreement that the 50th Anniversary Ford Mustang is going to finally ditch the retro look.  So, while the neo-classical montage might take a trip to the dump, what we have to look forward to is a teasing of concept let loose from the advent of the 2005 Mustang, the 2010 Mustang, and nudges of aftermarket cues ever since the bread crumbs started to fall, leading up past the 40th–and now the 50th Anniversary.

So just what do we have to expect in year 50?  We’d say a global platform.  A non-retro look.  A Ford Mustang that sets a new trend in the aftermarket.  A pony car that not only exudes performance, but also efficiency to make other makes quite envious (as if not already accomplished)…

Keep reading the IL clip to get more on their take.  All we know is, we’ve been saving our pennies for a glimpse at one of these; we might even take one home. 😉

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Ford Evos concept foretelling of 2015 Mustang?

So the wheel continues to turn & burn regarding the next iteration of the Ford Mustang coming in the 2015 model year.  The 2015 Mustang is poised to receive what could be one of the most dramatic redesigns the late-model Mustang has seen in contemporary times.  We already know the 2013 Mustang is going to get some mild touches, but nothing overly dramatic to say the least.  So, just what can we expect to see in the 2015 Mustang?

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Will EcoBoost tech bring the return of the Mustang SVO?

Well, you knew the return of the BOSS Mustang would fan the flames & rumors about the Ford Mustang and its glories of yesteryear. The latest buzz from the bees today is we might just see the return of a turbocharged Ford Mustang from the Ford factory floor, a la SVO from the 1980s. The rumor mill is churning up such ideas of the 2015 Mustang being one offering 3 potential power plants: 2 a la boost and the last being the newfound 5.0-liter Coyote V8.

And why wouldn’t we see this come to fruition? Ford’s already proven the EcoBoost power plant to be a solid, viable option for the F-series pickup truck, so what’s to prevent them from slamming the boosted beauty into the hear of America’s favorite pony car?

Not much. And that’s precisely what we are hoping for…