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S197 Ford Mustang Anti-Dive Kit

Ford Mustang anti-dive kit

Corner carvers around the world know full well the pain of dramatically shifting weight & inertia while turning and stopping.  Beefing up the suspension, stiffening the body, and reducing weight have always been great way to help alleviate body roll and tuck.  One product recently released for the 2005 – present Ford Mustang is the Anti-Dive kit from Global Performance Parts.  The kit essentially replaces the front control arm main bushings with heavy duty urethane pieces and offers an immediate and inexpensive remedy for nose dive during braking on the S197 Ford Mustang.  The also incorporates a caster adjustment which helps to improve steering response, resulting in a better road feel and tightened control of the vehicle under stress.  Check out more in the Press Release from Global Performance!

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