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Trace the Ford Mustang lifespan from concept to Production

There is a lot of intel floating about right now about the forthcoming Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary, and it’s got everyone stepping back to reflect upon just how it is the pony car made it to where it has arrived, to date.  Between artists’ renderings, captivating spy shots, CGI enhancements, and the sort, no one is short-changed when it comes to imaginary speculation about what the next chapter of the Mustang shall bring in the 2014 and 2015 model years.

This time around, we’re happy to pass along a series of design concepts (sketches) which Ford kicked around the sandbox before eventually pinning the right tail on the donkey.  From the Mustang I sports car concept of 1962, to the design of 50 years later, this piece straight from ford definitely gives a solid kick towards what has been and what could be…you just have to sift through the finer details. 😉

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More Mustang Artwork – 93 Cobra and the Titus Ford Mustang

Did you miss getting what you wanted for the office or garage this past Christmas season? Maybe a wall-hanger of Ford Mustang would fit the bill to help set off the decor mess in your pony car’s stable…

Check out the latest two prints from one of our long-time friends, Jim Gerdom, and see if either (or both!) would suit your wall spaces well enough.  Each is in limited-print, so be sure and get going quickly if you want to get one of these framed up soon!

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Ford Mustang artwork for the Holidays by Jim Gerdom

We have covered several Ford Mustang historians, artists, and enthusiasts in the past, and now we are back to show you a few more pieces from Jim Gerdom, of Design Factory Art (est. 1975).  Recently, Jim has undergone some heart complications in the midst of ramping up for the Holiday commercial season.  He’s got a numerous amount of prints and some originals of fast Fords–and many Ford Mustangs.  If you have been near Kenny Brown Performance or made it to the latest SEMA shows, then you have surely come across this man’s fine artwork.

Take a peek at some samples of Jim’s work and be sure to browse through his entire portfolio on his website!  Keep reading for more details…

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