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Shelby wide body kits for 2005-2009 Ford Mustang

A slice of Shelby American, known as Shelby Performance Parts, has now officially announced some sweet body panel offerings for the 2005 – 2009 Ford Mustang.  Back in January, we showed you a 2013 Shelby GT500 Super Snake (at the NAIAS) equipped with the Shelby Wide Body Kit, and it was just shy of completely awesome.  After everyone saw the candy red Super Snake Mustang at the show, the requests soon started to flood in for the kit.  The neat thing about this offering is those who want to get it installed don’t have to send their Mustang off to one of the Shelby facilities in Las Vegas; the kits can be installed by any reputable custom or body shop of choice.

The 2005 – 2009 Shelby Wide Body kits for the Ford Mustang are available in two versions: a complete package, which has both front and rear panels, adding 6″ of fender to the rear…and there’s also a rear-only option, if one doesn’t want to add any flare to the front quarter panels. Also included with both packages are a Shelby Billet fuel door, all necessary installation instructions, special tools, all the hardware required for the install.

Keep reading to get the rest of the details in the official Press Release from Shelby Performance Parts.

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1967 Ford Mustang Convertible shell now available

Just about two months ago, we showed off the “new” 1965 Ford Mustang shell blessed by Ford, and now, there’s more to the story here as we near Christmas time.  Today, we read the 1967 Ford Mustang convertible will also join the 1965 Ford Mustang shell already in-demand, and is the fourth reproduction body officially licensed by Ford Motor Company.  The price for this Dynacorn classic Ford Mustang shell?  Just shy of $16K, so doing that restomod of your dreams really isn’t going to break the bank, getting it done right.

So what makes this one so special?  Well, to make the cut, these aftermarket players & pieces have to meet (and often exceed) the fit, finish, and quality of the original production shells & panels.  Well, that should be a decent feat to meet, we think, as there has been a great deal of technological and manufacturing refinement since the mid-1960s.  All this aside, the very notion these shells are becoming commonplace in the time of classic Ford Mustang scarcity (at least non-hack jobs) is pretty cool.  We’re pretty pumped up about it!

Keep reading to see the full scoop in the official Press Release from FoMoCo…

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Newly New – the 1965 Ford Mustang

So what happens when “the one” Ford Mustang you’ve always been after just continues to remain elusive?  Give up?  Never.  Hit up custom craft car makers?  Maybe.  Get the shell straight from Ford, licensed, and ready to slap parts on?  Yes.  Wait…what?

You read right.  Ford’s opened up a whole new door for the rest of us that aren’t into completely ad hoc kits or can’t find that perfect resto-mod opportunity by offering up 1964½, 1965, or 1966 Ford Mustang body shells made from high-quality automotive-quality steel, surpassing material strength found in the original production Mustangs.

So when are these awesome pieces hitting the (after)market?  Quite soon–November 1st, 2011 at the SEMA show in Las Vegas.  Keep reading for the full scoop in the official Press Release from Ford Motor Company.

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MRT unveils 2005-2012 Ford Mustang rear window louvers

Everyone who’s anyone in the Ford Mustang scene knows full well the nostalgic and classic feel a set of rear window louvers provides for most any year of Mustang.  New on the aftermarket this week is a set of rear window louvers crafted to fit all S197 Mustangs to date (model years 2005 – 2012).  MRT is very excited to get this product out there and on the street ahead of the winter-time cruises and holiday season, to make sure every aftermarket junkie has a chance to get their hands on a quality-crafted, all-aluminum, and seamless constructed Mustang rear window louver kit.  What’s more, this MRT rear window louver setup requires no drilling or modifications otherwise, for true OEM fitment.  Of course, the hardware required, installation instructions, and MRT’s phone number are at the ready to get the project done in rapid fashion.

Keep reading to get the skinny from the MRT PR, following.

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Number 17 Sheet Metal giveaway by Roush

Ever wanted to have a piece of serious racing action?  Ever wondered if you could come up with a way to recount the significance of speed every day?  Ever have the need to brag about something awesome you won?  Of course you have…

Roush & Ford Racing have teamed up to strip a (large) piece of sheet metal from Matt Kenseth’s No. 17 Roush-Fenway Racing car.  This piece is right off a car which ran in an official NASCAR Sprint Cup race!  It’s about 148 x 45 inches and holds an approximate value of $550; plenty of braggin’ rights here!

Better hurry, however–this contest ends in just a few days, so you’d better check it out!

Ford Mustang Restoration Tech & Procedures

Jeff Lilly Mustang restorations

If you have ever taken on the task of fully restoring a Classic Ford Mustang, our hats tip to you.  For others, farming out the work is often the path of least resistance…and results in fewer costly headaches.  The crew at the Jeff Lilly Mustang Restoration shop has recently taken on a project car (1971 Mach 1 Mustang 351 4v) and provided an illustrated write-up cataloging the proper methodology involved in a typical Mustang restoration.  From bagging and tagging parts removed to photographing the whole dis-assembly, it takes time, patience, and a lot of elbow grease to get a restoration project like this moving along.  Head over to Jeff’s site to check out more of the Mustang resto-magic they are working on down in the Lone Star State.

CDC Releases Decklid Trim Panel & Chin Spoiler for 2010 Mustang


We’ve all seen some great Ford Mustang body applique come from the Classic Design Concepts (CDC) drawing board and now, another motion is official.  CDC just announced that their decklid trim panel and chin spoiler for the 2010 Ford Mustang is now up for grabs.   This chin spoiler and decklid trim are easily applied to any 2010 Mustang utilizing 3M acrylic bonding tape and install in less than a half-hour.  Available in either a textured or ready to paint black finish, the latest offerings from CDC are sure to style up the already slick look of the 2010 Mustang.  Keep reading to get the scoop in the press release and see some more shots of these 2010 Mustang dress-up parts from CDC.

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2010 Roush Mustang Billet Upper Grille

2010 Mustang Roush Grille

This summer, we have really started to see the aftermarket for the 2010 Ford Mustang heat up.  With body kits & applique, exhaust upgrades, and lots of other accessories, new Mustang owners are well ahead of the pack with lots of choices to make the pony car their own.  ROUSH Performance isn’t letting anyone down in the process of aftermarket customization either.  The ROUSH team recently announced the 2010 ROUSH Mustang 7-bar billet grille as now available for acquisition to upgrade and improve the look of the stock 2010 Mustang.  Aside from its killer sleek looks, the 7-bar grille allows for increased air flow over the stock piece.  The new ROUSH grille is crafted from precisely-machined billet aluminum so it provides the most style & performance while remaining lightweight and corrosion-resistant.  Keep reading to get the specs from the official ROUSH product description.

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Street Scene Body Parts for 2010 Mustang

2010 Street Scene Mustang

The team at Street Scene Equipment has been hard at work developing body styling products for the 2010 Ford Mustang.  Their offering of body components ranges from grilles, side skirting, the front fascia, a rear valance, window louvers, scoops, and more.  All of their bodyproducts are crafted from a durable urethane ready to be painted and  come with all the hardware required to get a professional fit & installation.  Check out a sampling of the Street Scene 2010 Mustang parts offering below and see just how slick these parts look!

Ford Racing to offer racer-white schemed Mustang body parts

Ford Mustang racing body parts

The 2010 Ford Mustang has already become the benefactor of several awesome aftermarket applications and treatments.  From the ROUSH 427R to the latest Steeda Q-Series, we have seen some very impressive showing from some key aftermarket players, further keeping Mustang fans equipped for the strip and road course.  At the recent 3rd Annual Ford Racing Invitational at Milan Dragway in Michigan, Ford announced the forthcoming availability of white keyed body parts for boy racers based on the 2010 Mustang.  These rare shells are compliant with most any class, so there’s surely a niche to be filled for the racing freaks out there.  Orders for the parts will start in mid-July and will continue through the fall, with orders being delivered sometime in December.  Aside from the newly-announced exterior panels, a number of interior trim and wiring kits will also be available for racers to fit into any desired class they wish to compete in.  If you happen to know any hardcore Mustang racers out there, the chance to upgrade to some novel paneling and tech is here!