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Shelby GT500 Ford Mustang dyno shred video

Have you ever seen a Ford Mustang on a dynamometer?  Sure, many of us have.  Have you ever witnessed a dyno seize up while in action?  Maybe.  Well, has anyone caught a dyno seizing up and throwing in the towel with a Shelby GT500 putting down the power at the wheels?  Possibly.

But by now, we’re sure everyone has at least heard of this one.  It’s quite viral, and we are sure it’s made quite the impact on anyone who’s ever signed that waiver when putting their queen upon the dyno throne.

So go ahead, take a view, and see what you think.  Pretty sure we’d be the last to attend such a show at close range ever again.

2011 Ford Mustang GT takes flight

Ever thought about how a Ford Mustang would turn out from a free fall?  Would it nail the dismount?  What’s the chance this pony car might land on its feet?  Actually, the chances here are pretty good for both…albeit serious damage ensued shortly after the 2011 Mustang GT took flight.

Across the pond in Lugano, Switzerland, the owner of this 2011 Mustang GT mistakenly drove off the 3rd floor of a parking garage, ending the life of his trusty steed.  By the misfortune of selecting 1st gear instead of reverse, he promptly propelled the 2011 Mustang through the concrete barrier, landing down below after a few rotations.

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