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Ford Mustang to join the NASCAR scene

2010 Shelby GT500 Ford Mustang

We might best fit the description of  “moderate” NASCAR fans, as we’ve never been all that excited to see Fusions, Chargers, and Camrys circling the track for hundreds of miles these past few years.  That’s about to change.  The folks over at FOX Sports recently reported that Ford has plans to introduce the Ford Mustang into the Nationwide Racing Series next year.  The news comes now, a bit on the early side, because the new templates and designs are required to be submitted for approval on June 26th and the 2010 NASCAR competition is supposedly going to be very close to stock in the visual cues department…at least much closer than the aero-styled cars we’ve been accustomed to for almost ten years.  Dodge has stated they are going to have the Challenger designed and slated for the series as well.  General (Government) Motors?  They passed on producing a Camaro shell to race underneath and will stick with their current Impala setup, while Toyota will also follow the stale suit and stick with their Camry paneling.

Galpin Auto Sports Unwraps USAF “X-1” Ford Mustang

Galpin Auto Sports USAF

Galpin Auto Sports and some select flyboys from the USAF have combined forces to show fans two seriously tech’d out cars. The Ford Mustang “X-1” and the Dodge Challenger “VAPOR” are two new promotional products of this new found coalition force. With more gadgets inside of each than a high-schooler’s backpack, both of these eye-catchers are set to turn heads and rally allies wherever they cruise. The two cars will be part of the 2009 Super Car Tour – a new US Air Force recruiting concept that started about a month ago. The two “carcraft” will also span the entire country this year as part of a mobile marketing initiative designed to inform youth about the various career fields and opportunities within the USAF.  Keep reading to see the interiors of these cars–they are quite realistic!

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Consumer Reports compares Mustang Camaro Challenger

2010 Ford Mustang tested by Consumer Reports

The Big 3 have been in the news plenty here lately, that’s for sure. Today, however, we aren’t going to focus on financial crises, bailouts, or Who’s on first. We’re here to talk comparison & contrast: specifically between the revamped Ford Mustang, the redesigned Chevrolet Camaro, and the reborn Dodge Challenger. Consumer Reports has compiled a comprehensive test on these three contenders and produced a video to share with us on the results. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then this clip is worth…you get the idea. Grab some popcorn and a soda, because this one’s worth watching. Continue Reading →

The 2010 Ford Mustang Price is Right

2010 Ford Mustang in Dallas

Not long ago, we let loose some of the pricing and option details on the refreshed 2010 Ford Mustang, and now with the way the economy is staggering, what better timing could Ford have with the printing of their Mustang window stickers?!  This price war is somewhat a throwback to 45 years ago when the Mustang became the crowned king of the pony car wars and has upheld legendary respect ever since.  By the numbers, we see the 2010 Mustang coupe will be priced at $20,995 and the Camaro LS is marked at $22,995.  Game.  The base model Challenger, the SE, will sell for $22,545.  Set.  A comparable foreign competitor (you know, the one sold by the company that will let us give the car back if we lose our jobs) such as the Hyundai Genesis coupe will start at about $22,000.  Match.  No matter how it’s sliced, the Mustang has the pony car price war won hands down.  Even the more aggressive trims are still favorable in cost against the competition: the 2010 Mustang GT will post a sticker of $27,995 against the Camaro SS sticker of $30,995, and the Challenger R/T boasting a price of $30,545.  Need we say more?  We don’t think so, so we’ll happily share a few shots of the 2010 Mustang in Dallas from just moments ago.  Ford also has something so say, so check out their official Press Release to get the full scoop.

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