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Mustangs Across America plans for 2014 driving event

It’s time to think about warmer temperatures, Ford Mustang fans. Why is that? Because as of this post, there’s some serious arctic air settled upon much of the country, and to maintain any sort of sanity while chattering your teeth, you have got to think of something enjoyable to look forward to soon. So what better thing to think of than driving around in your Mustang, right? What about a road trip? Those are always solid…and 2014 holds the place for the Mustangs Across America driving event, spanning the entire US, from the west to east coast. This cross country Mustang cruise will kick off in California and end in North Carolina, with strong participation and fan following the entire way.

Want to know more about what’s coming up this year? Keep reading to get the skinny from the Press Release, following.

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Stangs of South Florida Patriot Run

South Florida Stangs Patriot Run

In just a couple of months, the Stangs of South Florida will be hosting a charity event called The Patriot Run.  The goal behind this gathering of Ford Mustang fans is to pay tribute to the victims of 9/11 as well as fallen heroes from the Armed Forces.  Proceeds resulting from the charity will be directed entirely For The Fallen (www.forthefallen.org).  Nearly 200 Mustangs are planned to parade from Davie, FL to Islamorada in the Floria Keys under police and fire department escort.  Every car will be issued an American flag and a printed name & profile of a 9/11 victim to carry along throughout the event.  Steeda Autosports, as well as many local vendors, will be sponsoring the event, offering prizes, and contributing to a raffle.  The final destination for the Patriot Run is Holiday Isle in Islamorada, where there will be a car show, the raffle, and an honorary tribute to the Fallen.