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Shelby wide body kits for 2005-2009 Ford Mustang

A slice of Shelby American, known as Shelby Performance Parts, has now officially announced some sweet body panel offerings for the 2005 – 2009 Ford Mustang.  Back in January, we showed you a 2013 Shelby GT500 Super Snake (at the NAIAS) equipped with the Shelby Wide Body Kit, and it was just shy of completely awesome.  After everyone saw the candy red Super Snake Mustang at the show, the requests soon started to flood in for the kit.  The neat thing about this offering is those who want to get it installed don’t have to send their Mustang off to one of the Shelby facilities in Las Vegas; the kits can be installed by any reputable custom or body shop of choice.

The 2005 – 2009 Shelby Wide Body kits for the Ford Mustang are available in two versions: a complete package, which has both front and rear panels, adding 6″ of fender to the rear…and there’s also a rear-only option, if one doesn’t want to add any flare to the front quarter panels. Also included with both packages are a Shelby Billet fuel door, all necessary installation instructions, special tools, all the hardware required for the install.

Keep reading to get the rest of the details in the official Press Release from Shelby Performance Parts.

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CDC iLight bar for 2005 – 2013 Ford Mustang convertible

It’s officially 2013 and what better way is there to get things going than to shine a little light on a newly released product for the Ford Mustang, crafted by Classic Design Concepts (CDC)?  The CDC team focused upon aftermarket and OEM product excellence for domestic automobiles has announced a slick new light bar for 2005 through 2013 Mustang convertibles.  This new “iLightBar” fits any Mustang V6 or Mustang V8 drop-top, and is based upon the CDC Classic LightBar, which has been a phenomenal seller during the past years.  The iLightBar gets some new-age styling, LED lighting for the cabin, and just generally adds some character & flair to the Mustang’s curb appeal.

This iLightbar is made from steel tubing, comes with all the brackets & hardware required to perfect mate to the Mustang’s B-pillars, and is wrapped with quality grained vinyl to match the interior finish.  CDC also offers the iLightBar for the Ford Mustang convertible in 4 color/style options:  Charcoal, Dove Gray, Camel, and Carbon Fiber.

Interested in learning more?  Keep reading to get the full scoop in the Press Release which follows!

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StangNet Empire Ford Mustang Car Cover Sweepstakes

OK, Ford Mustang fans…we are kicking off a new concept for the StangNet community.  As your powers of observation have informed you, we are setting one lucky winner up with a chance to win a quality car cover from Empire Covers.  This sweepstakes is via Facebook for a free car cover, and the winner gets a choice in style & color of a Mustang Car Cover for his or her ride.

Be sure to head over to our StangNet Fan Page on Facebook and enter for FREE!  Also, pay special mind that for every friend you refer and enter, you will get an additional sweepstakes entry as well.  Pretty cool, right?!  The lucky winner of this contest will be chosen at random at the end of November.  So, what are you waiting for–get to LIKING StangNet a bit more and tell all of your friends about this cool giveaway!

2013 Ford Mustang pony projector light

What happens when you are out after dark in a 2013 Ford Mustang and you can’t quite make out where the curb is…or you want to make sure people know (beyond the exhaust note) what you just rolled up in?  Ford’s got the answer with a slick, albeit borderline tacky, new option on the new 2013 Mustang.  It is a pony projection light which is portrayed via the lenses beneath the side view mirrors.  Activated immediately after the driver unlocks the door, this projection is sure to let you, and everyone else within the area, know for sure it’s a legend you have ridden into town.

Ford via MustangHeaven


MRT unveils 2005-2012 Ford Mustang rear window louvers

Everyone who’s anyone in the Ford Mustang scene knows full well the nostalgic and classic feel a set of rear window louvers provides for most any year of Mustang.  New on the aftermarket this week is a set of rear window louvers crafted to fit all S197 Mustangs to date (model years 2005 – 2012).  MRT is very excited to get this product out there and on the street ahead of the winter-time cruises and holiday season, to make sure every aftermarket junkie has a chance to get their hands on a quality-crafted, all-aluminum, and seamless constructed Mustang rear window louver kit.  What’s more, this MRT rear window louver setup requires no drilling or modifications otherwise, for true OEM fitment.  Of course, the hardware required, installation instructions, and MRT’s phone number are at the ready to get the project done in rapid fashion.

Keep reading to get the skinny from the MRT PR, following.

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MRT Predator Ford Mustang interior upgrades

If you haven’t been at a show or expo when the MRT crew was present this year with their Predator Ford Mustang on-site, then you have seriously missed out.  From the in-house coat of paint to its fully track-capable tweaks, this car is definitely a 2011 Mustang GT you don’t want to miss.  What’s more, MRT has released an official Predator Interior Kit which fits the 2010-2012 Mustang.  This isn’t just your run-of-the-mill leather & vinyl redux; this is a quality aftermarket Mustang interior kit that took the honors of the Ford Motor Company Product Excellence Award at the 2010 SEMA show.

So what all is included in the MRT Predator Mustang GT interior kit?  Keep reading for more!

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MRT announces Fox Ford Mustang Hood Struts

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a sharp, quality aftermarket product come out for the Fox-body Ford Mustang, so we’re up in front to tell you about the latest from Mustang Racing Technologies (MRT).  These Fox Mustang hood struts are designed to nip the need for the lame OEM prop rod and serve up a clean, crisp underhood look.  What’s more, these are the first hood struts aimed at the 1979 – 1993 Mustang!  Pretty awesome, also, is the fact these parts are designed & fabricated right here in the US of A.

Read more about these MRT hood struts in the PR snippet that follows…

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MRT rear window louvers for the 2005 – 2011 Ford Mustang

Looking for a slick way to get the ultimate throwback look on your late model S197 Ford Mustang?  We have the answer.  Team MRT just took the covering off their new rear window louver kits for the 2005 – 2011 Mustang.  Style and function are essential pieces of the equation, as well as excellent rear window visibility (safety first).  Seamless surfaces help mask any of the installation hardware–providing a fit & finish look!

Hit the jump for the product details from MRT and to also check out a few more pictures of the louvers themselves.

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NewTakeOff uncovers late model Ford Mustang floor mats

It’s almost October, fellow Ford Mustang fans.  Know what that means?  Track season is almost done, and for those of us that don’t have a trailer queen, it means the cooler weather and dirty roads are sure to arrive soon enough.  What’s more, the heavy-tread shoes we are soon to wear will bring lovely dirty particles inside the Mustang cabin to cruise around with us.  If the OEM mats in your late model (S197) Ford Mustang have taken a nose dive due to weathering, then NewTakeOff might be just the place to do some early Christmas shopping.  Just recently, they announced new OEM, quality Mustang floor mats, so owners can get that “new car” feel once again.  Keep reading to get the scoop in the Press Release.

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CDC shaker hoods for 2010 and 2011 Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang has never been a stranger to aftermarket treatment and the latest renditions of the legend are no exception to the norm.  Classic Design Concepts, one of the forerunners in the automotive tailoring industry, has just recently taken the bubble wrap two new Shaker hood systems for both the 2010 and 2011 V6 and GT Ford Mustangs.  The goal here?  Provide just that extra bit of style and panache every owner wants, but maintain quality, form, and function all the while.

These Shaker hood systems are tried and true, keeping the Mustang coupe and Mustang GT up to par in quality, as CDC has spent numerous hours in R&D on these kits over the past several years on the first generation of S197 Ford Mustang.

Keep reading to check out the rest of the story in the Press Release from CDC.

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