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A Ford Mustang attraction fatale

It’s a well-known fact many folks from Philly bleed green, but there’s one Ford Mustang fan there in particular who took it a step just a bit further.  Nikki Frost knew she was going to get a new Mustang in her future, so she set her sights on a 2013 Mustang GT of a special variety–one which a good friend of hers told her about.  No, not some pink one from the Mary Kay reject aisle…nor was it the Grabber Blue (we’re huge fans of this one)…and nope, it wasn’t School Bus Yellow, either.

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2014 Ford Mustang order guide released

As we near the calendar flip to 2013 and ponder possible changes for the upcoming Ford Mustang, there are a few key points to focus upon…and not get totally excited about.  The 2014 Mustang model will be the last of its current genre, with a complete redesign expected in the 2015 Mustang, which is set to mark the 50th anniversary of America’s favorite pony car.  The Boss 302 will sunset for the 2014 Mustang lineup, as Ford had advised it would be limited to just two years of mass-production.

So, just where does this leave the Mustang fan base on the eve of the 50th edition?  It positions buyers in front of a 2014 Mustang that doesn’t really get a lot of material changes, offerings, or updates.  This is to be expected, frankly, as Ford’s eyes are ever-positioned forward, focused on the 2015 Mustang, presently.  A few options are offered, a couple are abolished, and there is a small handful of new paint colors to choose from.

Keep reading to get a breakdown of the changes, as well as the official order guides for the 2014 Mustang and 2014 Shelby GT500, straight from Ford Motor Company.

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2013 Ford Mustang customizer app up for grabs

No Ford Mustang fan of contemporary times is a stranger to the Ford customizer web sites that have come about over the past few years.  These sites have spurred social media excitement, competitions, and fantastic Ford giveaways.  Head-to-head Mustang design challenges, voting, and now, an “action” element make this next rendition of the 2013 Mustang customizer something to get seriously excited about.

The latest customer for the Ford Mustang is now going to be available as a mobile app, designed for release & deployment to the Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, as well as the wide gamut of Android mobile phones & tablets.  Big deal, right?  Well, it sort of is.  Why?  This new avenue of market reach doesn’t just allow people to “design on the go”…it opens up a totally new front of customization, rapid-design, and ultimately, a more solid user/enthusiast experience for all things Mustang.

Keep reading to learn more about the 2013 Mustang customizer app in the official PR from Ford.

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2013 Ford Mustang Site Now Online – Bonus Gallery

As if Ford hasn’t nudged the clocks forward enough across the Ford Mustang timeline, they are still pushing the envelope this week with the unveiling of the 2013 Mustang official site. So, just what does this mean? It means that we’re still in the first quarter of 2012 and Ford is apparently overly-excited to creep closer and closer toward the 50th Anniversary of its poster child car, the Ford Mustang.

Be sure to hit the gallery we have in store for you, as well as visit the 2013 Mustang site over at Ford to view all the forthcoming options, features, and goodies you can stack up on the pony car we all wish we had in the garage.

Official Ford Site — 2013 Ford Mustang

StangNet member featured in MM&FF May 2010 issue

StangNet member features in MM&FF

Alright, Ford Mustang fans–in case you have already overlooked it on the newsstand, we wanted to let you know that one of our very own, Chad Miller (celeste in the StangNet Mustang forums), has his car featured in the May 2010 issue of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords. It’s been a long run to get his pristine 1989 Ford Mustang back into tip-top shape, but as you can see here, it’s been a project well worth the blood, sweat, and tears. Special thanks go out to Chad’s choice shop, Karnuts, as they’ve completed a lot of the behind the scenes work on this project. Take a good luck, everyone; this might be an issue of MM&FF you may want to buy and keep a while!

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2011 Ford Mustang Pricing Trickles Out

2011 Ford Mustang GT

2011 Ford Mustang GT

That’s right, folks.  The pricing for the new 2011 Ford Mustang V6 and GT models has been released leaked for all to see.  It looks like we’ll take a bite off the golden goose once again, but boy, would it be worth it to have a 400+ horsepower 5.0 in the stable!  The basic 2011 Mustang coupe is slated to have a suggested retail price of $22,995 (destination and delivery inclusive) while the upgrade to the GT trimmings will move the sticker to a starting point of $30,495.  Sounds like a hefty jump when compared to the ’89 GT 5.0 once-owned, which had a window sticker displaying a “lofty” (at those times) $14,000.  Times have certainly changed…

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