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Ford Announces Custom Graphics Solutions

Custom Ford Mustang graphics

Mere months ago, Ford debuted the online Ford Mustang customization website, allowing enthusiasts and dreamers alike to tweak out their very own 2010 Mustang with all the options and touches they long for.  That’s great and we loved it, but it’s also great to have something hands-on to keep the modding bug at bay.  Enter Ford’s latest aftermarket idea: Ford Custom Graphics.  So far, Ford has plans for distributing customized graphic packages and trimmings for the entire vehicle lineup, including the Mustang (of course).  Aside from the initial promise of offering the various vinyl graphic applications, Ford is also backing the eye candy with the standard warranty covering the vehicle itself for 3 years / 36,000 miles.  The announcement of this idea from Ford isn’t exactly watershed, as many aftermarket players are already in this game, but what’s unique about this is Ford is grabbing the aftermarket by the nape of the neck and bringing it closer to the initial marketplace.  What’s next for the new model year, Ford?  How many more tricks do you have up your sleeve?

Making Magic – the 2010 Ford Mustang “Spellbinder”

The 10th and conclusive installment in the ’10 Unleashed series of the Ford Mustang ends with a total bang!  You’d better watch the video and see for yourself just how cool the magical illusion of Vaughn Gittin Jr “driving through” a restrained Steve Wyrick really is.  Wyrick’s grandfather owned a 1970 Mustang Mach I, so he wanted to take his granddad’s favored car breed and do something truly awesome and unique with it.  The Legend lives on indeed, with Wyrick’s tribute utilizing the 2010 Ford Mustang to wow the Las Vegas crowd.  After you check out the video, be sure to check out the rest of the story in the official Press Release from Ford!

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Mustangs Unleashed video summary and one final to go

This latest installation in the Ford Mustang Unleashed campaign by Ford is a video clip capturing a summary of the nine Unleashed video stories to date & a teaser of sorts for the capstone to come.  From an Unexpected Turn of male bonding to a whiplash ride in a Mustang Rally car, this video series has provided the 2010 Ford Mustang a serious marketing punch.  Tomorrow (12/14/09), the final video story is set to be exhibited, touted, and proclaimed as the greatest stunt in the series yet.  Keep your eyes peeled for “Mustang Spellbinder” and wait for the magic to happen!

Brothers Performance Battle of the Brands


If you are in the mood for a good December car show and think the only thing cooler than snow is sand, then buckle up.  Brothers Performance is set to host a “Battle of the Brands” car show at their Daytona Beach, Florida, facility.  Over 1,000 participants are expected and will include all years and styles of Ford, Mopar, and GM cars.  There will also be a dyno challenge with two $250 cash prizes as well as trophies and other cool show swag.  The first 500 to show up will get a free Brothers T-shirt (choice of Ford, Mopar, GM) also.  Last, but not least, there is a standing offer of 10% off most new items and up to 50% off of select used and blow-out products on December 12th.  If you’re in the area, check out the show!  If you’re not, well, the Internet has airfare deals as well, so get to clickin’…

Great Holiday Ford Mustang gift ideas

mustang_apparelOne of the easiest people on the Christmas shopping list to shop for (by far!) is the Ford Mustang fan.  Why?  There’s an incredible aftermarket following, plenty of officially licensed quality goods, and of course an avenue to find great prices.  So why not shop at one place for all things Ford Mustang this year and make it easy on yourself? StangWear has a wide variety of goodies ranging from Mustang coats, Mustang hats, Mustang toys, Mustang calendars, to items Mustang fans can put in the kitchen, driveway, and garage! If you don’t slouch and act fast, you can guarantee your order to be delivered by Christmas if it’s placed before December 18th.  What are you waiting for–get that Christmas shopping done & over with!

2011 Ford Mustang V6 details released


2011 Mustang Duratec® 3.7-liter DOHC Ti-VCT V-6

We thought it was pretty slick when the first-generation S197 Ford Mustang produced just over 300 horsepower right off the dealership lot.  That’s a healthy dose of power from a V8 power plant..or at least we once thought it was.  Now, what if we told you the 2011 Ford Mustang V6 is set to produce the same amount of power?  It’s true.  The sixer of tomorrow that will be in the Ford Mustang for 2011 is rated at a substantial 305 horsepower and also boasts a miserly fuel consumption ratio of  about 30 miles per gallon (highway).  Amazing!  In addition to the increase in horsepower and efficiency, the once “entry level” V6 coupe also gets a wider selection of upgrade options from the Ford bubble sheets.  The Mustang V6 Performance Package from Ford includes a 3.31 rear axle, a firm Mustang GT suspension, warm weather performance tires, electronic stability control, and a strut tower brace.  Whew.  If the V6 gets this many goodies for the next Ford Mustang iteration, we are definitely excited to see what the Mustang GT and the Shelby GT500 might be the recipients of!  Keep reading to get the full scoop in the Press Release from Ford.

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Mustang Depot releases the REBELLION 2010 Mustang GT

2010 Rebellion Mustang GT

2010 Rebellion Mustang GT

As a tribute to the Mustang Depot founder’s alma mater, the in-house crew teamed up with several noteworthy sponsors in order to customize a 2010 Mustang GT into a show-n-go car reflective of the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels pride.  Mustang Depot’s rendition of the latest Ford Mustang takes on components from Street Scene, Paxton, Eibach, Shelby, APR, and many more.  The result is a one-of-a-kind Mustang which blends NCAA graphics and colors with legendary pony car cues.  Keep reading to get a closer look at the modification list on the 2010 Rebellion Mustang GT.

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Latest 2010 Unleashed winner is a Mustang Rally Car

2010 Mustang Rally Car

2010 Mustang Rally Car

It’s not uncommon to see a Ford Mustang set for duty as a weekend warrior at the track, being tweaked for road racing, or stalking the tree to make a few 1320 passes.  What we did find unique about the latest 2010 Unleashed video series installation is that somehow, J.B. Niday managed to turn a new 2010 Ford Mustang into a bona fide rally car.  You read it right–a rally car.  Serving as the managing director of Rally America, Niday set up the 2010 Mustang GT with a roll cage, racing seats, a rally computer, off-road tires, and a HID light bar in hopes of winning at the Ojibwe Forest Rally in Minnesota.  So how well did Niday’s 2010 rally Mustang perform?  You’ll have to check out the Press Release and watch the video to find out!

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SEMA 2009 – the 2010 Cobra Jet Ford Mustang

2010 Cobra Jet Ford Mustang

2010 Cobra Jet Ford Mustang

Back in early September, we showed you a video of the 2010 Cobra Jet Ford Mustang making some passes for a test ‘n tune at the Milan Dragway.  During the early hours of the 2009 SEMA show this week in Las Vegas, Ford Racing pulled the coverings off the car and made its debut a kosher occurrence.  A mere 50 units are going to be produced by [the profitable] Ford Motor Company, so the scramble to get a hold of one of these 2010 CJ Mustang specimens will certainly thin out those with slow reaction times.  What’s so great about this car?  It’s a total turnkey racer straight from the Ford Racing catalog; it is equipped with a 5.4-liter V8 & a 3.4-liter Whipple supercharger; it is yet another capstone on the fortress of a legendary Ford Racing past.  Take a closer look at this winner of a drag-car and check out the full story in the Ford Press Release as well.

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Rockin’ SEMA 2009 with the Vaughn Gittin Jr Ford Mustang RTR

Vaughn Gitten 2010 Mustang RTR

Vaughn Gittin Jr 2010 Mustang RTR

Last week, we told you about the waterfall of Ford Mustangs to come from the 2009 SEMA show in Las Vegas.  Well, this week, the river has started to rise with the details on the Ford Mustang RTR (Ready to Rock) floating out in plain sight.  Set up with the trending and talented World Champion Drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr, this new 2010 Mustang specialty car is the result of a combined effort between designer Caleb Clark & Classic Design Concepts.  This slick-styled Mustang RTR has received some seriously cool design cues.  One particular point of interest was the rear diffuser update–definitely a nice touch!  The black matte hue helps to offset some of the hue balancing issues many have made note of on the 2010 Mustang.  Various Ford dealerships are going to carry this SEMA special in February 2010 and it will be equipped with a few tasteful upgrades to keep enthusiasts excited: a K&N high-flow airbox, Falken (of course) tires, a Ford Racing damper kit & springs, a Baer braking system, and a tuned exhaust setup.  In addition to the “go goodies”, the Mustang RTR has a few additional touches to the exterior worth noting as well.  An exclusive RTR rear diffuser, front splitter, aluminum rear spoiler, RTR emblems and vinyl all give this pony car a unique racing drifter’s touch.

Keep reading to get all the details on the Ford Mustang RTR in the Press Release.

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