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Need for Speed movie’s Ford Mustang chase tribute

There is no doubt the upcoming Need for Speed movie is going to be a total thrill ride.  Yeah, it might sound a little trite to say this, but seriously.  The 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang.  A gaming movie set to pay homage to amateur speed fetishes, chase scenes from Hollywood past, and let’s not forget–simply awesome sports & super cars.  Did we mention the Mustang is making yet another silver screen appearance.  Right.  Got it.

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Ford Mustang themed pinball machine

Seriously.  Pinball.  Mustang.  Do we really need to say much more here?  We’re not sure about the ADHD gamer generation which is up & coming (maybe already here in droves?), but it’s one thing old-school game players will enjoy; and the StangNet team is totally stoked to see something like this come out.

A Chicago-based group, Stern Pinball, is going to create a brand new Ford Mustang themed pinball machine for sale to distributors and individual buyers, alike.  And this isn’t just some run-of-the-mill gaming  machine hack job, here, folks–it’s the real deal, licensed by Ford and will give total credence to the 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang, covering elements of its legendary past…and its promising next generation of design & excitement.

Wanna see more?  Keep going to check out the video and the Press Release…or you could get out (now!) to the Chicago Auto Show, beginning February 6th, 2014.

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Take the 2015 Ford Mustang for a test drive

Ready to get behind the wheel of a the new 2015 Ford Mustang?  Duh, who isn’t?  Well, until you’re able to get your paws on a set of keys at the dealership, we’re here to tell you about the next best thing.  The “Need for Speed Rivals” video game is going to have to tide us all over until Ford lets out more of the story on the 2015 Mustang.  The video game already features a plethora of awesome super cars and popular sports cars alike, but with a simple free download, gamers will be able to load up a 2015 Mustang to tool around in.  There are 5 potential custom options for the virtual 2015 Mustang, and with a blistering launch on November 16th, the 20th installation of the Need for Speed franchise is definitely keeping a solid racing experience alive.

So for now, hope over to Forbes to check out the rest of the game’s feature of the much-anticipated 2015 Ford Mustang…

Source:  Forbes

“Need For Speed” Ford Mustang to debut at Fundraiser

Back in mid-June, we told you about a Ford Mustang making an appearance in the Need For Speed movie, and this week, we’ve learned the very car that’s going to be in the movie will make an appearance at the “Get Your Heart Racing” Pit Party on September 13th.  The Pit Party gala will incorporate Mega 80s entertainment as well as a live auction and is to be held in Eastern Market’s Shed 3.

The following day will hold host to a day at the track right on Ford’s very own Proving Grounds in Dearborn…how cool is THAT? Professional drivers will be on-hand to provide plenty of tire-smoking rides, demonstrations, and the most motivated attendees will get to get behind the wheel of an assortment of Ford vehicles.

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Ford Mustang to star in Need for Speed movie

We’ve all been there at some point…crouched over the QWERTY, with a gaming mouse or at the console with a controller or steering wheel in-hand; swerving, smoking tires, and avoiding pursuit in the virtual racing world.  The ‘Need for Speed’ series of games has captured audiences worldwide for nearly 20 years and isn’t about to leave any thrill untouched.  Know what’s even cooler?  A group of producers has teamed up and roped in the Ford Mustang for an actual movie based upon the video game series.  There’s no solid word on the title just yet, but you can safely bank it will somehow tie in the long-standing Need for Speed moniker in order to take advantage of the franchise’s successes.

The Ford Mustang in the movie is reported to be a 900hp variant, powered by the all-aluminum, 5.8-liter, supercharged V8…not too bad at all, considering America’s favorite pony car will be ripping the roadways with a healthy collection of global exotics and supercars, no doubt.  As for the timing of when we get to see it all–it’s presently pinned for March of next year, right along with the Mustang 50th Anniversary.  How convenient, right?

Cool?  Corny?  Meh?  Regardless of how you react, it’s going to be a cool sight to see, if at the least to say it’s the X-thousandth time you have spied a Ford Mustang in a production silver screen product…  Follow the jump for the video.

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Year Around Ford Mustang action via iRacing

Excited to get out and cruise, drive, or race your Ford Mustang in spirited fashion?  OK, so maybe some of you get to enjoy your Mustang, daily, but there are some fans across the planet that are often hindered by salt, sand, and snow.  Be it for safety, drive-ability, or preservation reasons, some of us just don’t drive or race our Mustangs year ’round.  So what could we do to help blow off some steam and get the need for speed sated?

You take your real world hobby and find an outlet for it elsewhere.  In this case, video games and the wonderful ole Internet provide for a fantastic medium to get the thirst for racing thrills quenched.  One of our long-time StangNet staffers (Joe Pisciotta / VibrantRedGT) has got a few things to show you about iRacing–his (and many others’) personal racing outlet for rain or shine, sleet or snow.

Keep reading to check out Joe’s awesome experience and a few of his racing videos afterward.  This is some seriously cool stuff, everyone–enjoy!

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Vaughn Gittin Jr & the Need for Speed RTR-X

World-class drift king Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Mustang RTR have joined forces to further integrate reality and the electronic world of gaming.  The 1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X is the spawn of this venture and is well poised to attract a lot of attention at this year’s SEMA show.  The Mustang RTR-X will also be featured in the ever-popular Need for Speed video game series, giving everyone  the world an opportunity to pilot this amazing class resto-mod.

So how did they get there?  Start with a base shell of a Dynacorn 1969 Ford Mustang body, add in some modern styling tweaks & suspension tuning, then pour on some brand spanking new 5.0-liter V8 power, and you’ve got yourself one hot classic tuner car.  Oh, we almost forgot–there’s Falken rubber on all four corners.

This car is crafted entirely in Vaughn’s vision and the entire team is more than pleased with the resulting product.  Keep reading to get all the gory details in the press release after the jump.

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