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More than meets the eye – Ford Mustang glass roof

2010 Ford Mustang - glass roof

It doesn’t come as a shock to announce that the 2010 Ford Mustang comes with a glass roof, offering up sun soakers the chance to take it all in while cruising in their favorite Legendary pony car. Aside from shielding passengers and the interior from about 90% of the (harmful) ultra-violet rays inbound, the glass does much more. It also insulates the cabin while providing a great panoramic view, further reducing the amount of energy required by the air conditioning system to keep the car comfortable. Additionally, the glass roof on the Ford Mustang insulates the cabin from a substantial amount of noise pollution, vibration, and harshness. This revolutionary offering from Ford for the Mustang is available for both the V6 and GT models and holds a sticker price of $1,995. Keep reading to get the official scoop in the Press Release from Ford.

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