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Boss 302 Ford Mustang rear seat delete from Ford Racing

Nearly every Mustang fan has reveled in the return of the Ford Mustang Boss 302 and the Boss 302 Laguna Seca at the track or upon the dealership lot…if not in the driveway.  Well now, there’s also some cool news for the rest of the Mustang population out there who don’tt own a Boss 302 Laguna Seca–the rear seat delete kit is now a mass-produced part, up for grabs from the Ford Racing Performance Parts catalog.  Up until now, this piece was reserved for just one specialty model, so hearing this news is a slick deal, indeed.

This Boss 302 rear seat delete kit fits the 2011 Mustang, the 2012 Mustang, and the 2013 Mustang, and includes the x-brace itself, trunk-end trim paneling, and center luggage cover.  There is no cutting or fabricating of any sort required, and all the required hardware is included.  Sound like something you’re interested in installing?  The price tag is a bit on the hefty side, so get ready to shell out $1,599.00 for this “less is more” Mustang modification. Continue Reading →

MRT Predator Ford Mustang interior upgrades

If you haven’t been at a show or expo when the MRT crew was present this year with their Predator Ford Mustang on-site, then you have seriously missed out.  From the in-house coat of paint to its fully track-capable tweaks, this car is definitely a 2011 Mustang GT you don’t want to miss.  What’s more, MRT has released an official Predator Interior Kit which fits the 2010-2012 Mustang.  This isn’t just your run-of-the-mill leather & vinyl redux; this is a quality aftermarket Mustang interior kit that took the honors of the Ford Motor Company Product Excellence Award at the 2010 SEMA show.

So what all is included in the MRT Predator Mustang GT interior kit?  Keep reading for more!

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MRT releases adjustable headrest for 2010+ Mustang

Halo headrests were seriously hot stuff on the Fox body Ford Mustang, and ever since, it’s left restomod fans and aftermarket cruisers hungry for an original piece for protecting against whiplash. upon stage right, today, enters MRT with their latest interior touch-up; a completely adjustable and tilting headrest for the 2010 Mustang, the 2011 Mustang, and the 2012 Mustang.

Over 4 different positions of comfort are available on these OEM quality headrests, with a fine finish to match the Ford Mustang factory leather interior.

Keep reading to check out more in the MRT press release and figure out how you can snag a pair!

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NewTakeOff uncovers late model Ford Mustang floor mats

It’s almost October, fellow Ford Mustang fans.  Know what that means?  Track season is almost done, and for those of us that don’t have a trailer queen, it means the cooler weather and dirty roads are sure to arrive soon enough.  What’s more, the heavy-tread shoes we are soon to wear will bring lovely dirty particles inside the Mustang cabin to cruise around with us.  If the OEM mats in your late model (S197) Ford Mustang have taken a nose dive due to weathering, then NewTakeOff might be just the place to do some early Christmas shopping.  Just recently, they announced new OEM, quality Mustang floor mats, so owners can get that “new car” feel once again.  Keep reading to get the scoop in the Press Release.

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Grab ‘n Go! Ninosport Shift Knob with LeMans Stripes for the Ford Mustang

Ninosport LeMans shift ball

The team at Ninosport Mustang Performance & Styling parts has just released a classic race-inspired Retro Shifter Ball with LeMans Stripes.  It is designed to fit nicely inside any 2005 through 2010 Ford Mustang equipped with a manual transmission with the stock shifter still in place.  The LeMans Stripe shifter ball itself is crafted from a high quality resin just like the material used in competition billiard balls, so it is made to last a lifetime.  This resin, aside from its good looks, is also quite functional in the respect that it protects the Mustang pilot’s hand from heat and cold transfer, resulting in improved driver comfort.  Keep reading to get the rest of the details in the Press Release from Ninosport!

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NewTakeOff releases OEM leather for the 2005-2010 Ford Mustang

2010 Ford Mustang leather

If you have the tendency to drag your legs across the bolstering or laterals of leather seats and wear the suppleness away from the factory finish or you went the cloth path the first time around in your S197 Ford Mustang, then we have a little tidbit for you.  NewTakeOff.com now offers a complete replacement (or upgrade) of OEM leather for the 2005 – 2010 V6 and GT Ford Mustang.  The complete leather kits are a perfect fit and cover the entire seating for the car, including the headrests.  Keep reading to get more details in the Press Release.

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Side View of the 2010 Mustang Interior

2010 Ford Mustang interior

Ford’s weekly dispensing of 2010 Mustang teaser images have shown us the interior profile from the driver’s side, the climate controls just above the center console, a good look at the dash, as well as the seats of the soon-to-be pony car.  This week’s shot provides a passenger side profile of the new Ford Mustang’s interior and a composite look at the rest of the offerings in the center console.  From what we can tell, it seems that the entertainment portion of the console center seems to occupy a lot of space and is integrated into the lower section sans seams (or at least visible ones).  This integration could be seen as a slick OEM feature, but could potentially throw a curve to those who commonly seek aftermarket head units (audio, video, navigation) to replace their stock equipment.  It’s tough to tell for sure from the angle, so we are left counting the few short weeks until the official debut from Ford.

2010 Ford Mustang Center Console and Climate Control

2010 Ford Mustang Shifter & Console

So far, Ford has shown us the front seats, the dash, and the shifter knob of the 2010 Mustang–now we get to see just a little more of the interior.  This week’s teaser gives us a full perspective of the center console and the lower accessory controls in the new pony car.  What we have here is a definite move up in class with some elegant chrome trim (of what could be the next IUP package…or could be standard) around the shifter bezel as well as the accessory knobs.  The climate control system appears to have been updated to a push-button setup and also allows for two distinct climate zones for the Mustang’s front occupants.  The traction control button also gets a relocation downward, more adjacent to the shifter.  These changes aren’t watershed by any means, but the true enthusiasts know exactly what is evolving.  The true rendition will solidify all of our past teasings and suppositions in just a few weeks, at the LA Auto Show.

Grab ‘n Go – the 2010 Mustang Shifter

2010 Ford Mustang shifter

This week, Ford shows us yet another segment of the 2010 Mustang interior.  Last week, we saw the new Mustang dash and cluster, and now, we get a bit of a zoomed look of what was blacked out in the prior image.  This 2010 Mustang shifter is definitely the highest class gear changer we have seen in the Mustang straight from the factory line.  Its unique polished metal finish gives it an aura of luxury inside the already posh S197 interior of today.  Also, it could just be the angle of the shot, but we were noticing that the actual shifter itself seems shortened a bit.  If so, this could be the aftermarket influencing the market, given the demand for short-throw shifters by many Mustang fans.  We just have one word of caution on a hot, sunny day: bring a cloth to cover the handle.  Today’s aftermarket shifter knob owners know this story all too well.

Ford Uncovers the 2010 Mustang Dash & Cluster

2010 Ford Mustang dash and instrument cluster

After seeing the front fender and side view mirror, Ford has decided to take us back inside the 2010 Mustang to show us the updated perspective every owner will soon be very familiar with.  Looking out toward the front from the pilot’s view, we can see a nice presentation of the steering wheel with the updated running horse logo in the center.  What is most noticeable to today’s S197 owner is that the retro-styled air vents have now been replaced with traditional slotted ones. Hmm, we rather fancied the circular outlets–they were a great throwback to the Classic era.  Additionally, the tachometer is finally back on the right side, as it is on the current Shelby GT500.  Take a good look at the image we have shared out for you and then stop into our forums and let us know what you think!