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Mustang Memories 2011 brings out the best of the best

This Sunday past at Ford World Headquarters, Dearborn MI, the Mustang Owners of South East Michigan put on a great Ford Mustang exhibition which they hold annually.  The “Mustang Memories Car Show” held host to a series of awesome enthusiast and nostalgic events include the Mustang Dream Giveaway grand prize presentation, the National Boss Reunion, and the Bullitt Reunion.  On-site were some awesome Mustang personalities, including Vaughn Gittin Jr., Donald Farr with his spectacular new Boss 302 book, Dave Pericak (Mustang Chief Engineer), and Jamie Allison (Ford Racing).  The show (as always) was a stunning success for everyone involved.

Keep reading to read the report from the MOCSEM club and also check out the Facebook album of the event, posted by Ford.

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July 2011 Ford Mustang sales posted

Like any cyclical market, the Ford Mustang sales trend follows suit with the adage “what goes up must come down” … and so on we go.  July’s final sales have been finalized, letting the June (2011 peak thus far) excitement down a bit amidst a continually downtrodden economy.  Add in a dash of triple-digit weather across most of the nation for nearly 40 days (and counting) and it’s not too hard to wonder why no one wants the 6-hour chess & tennis match of a dealership experience…new Ford Mustang or not.

Keep reading for a news brief from Ford on the latest Ford Mustang sales figures.

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Mustang Week 2011 recap

With the heat (wave) of summer in full swing for Ford Mustang fans nationwide, we all know it means getting together for cruise-ins, track events, and most notably–massive Mustang meets.  Unless you have been under a proverbial rock for the past decade, then you’re well aware that Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach, SC is one of the most popular gatherings for Mustang maniacs from all nooks of the country.

This year, the StangNet crew was able to join in the festivities with our latest project car, Built to Cruise, and enjoy all the camaraderie on the Atlantic seaboard.  With over 600 Mustangs on-hand and lots of good racing & shining, BTC was a sure-fire hit with late model Mustang and Fox Mustang enthusiasts.

After a decent bout of showing off all the rides in the show, a series of racing events kicked off and all willing Mustang riders were able to put their money pits on the pavement to show just what the driver mod could do.   The results?  Aside from some serious fun for the whole family, you’ll have to keep reading to get the scoop from the Press Release inside.

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2015 Mustang – Expect the Unexpected

There has been so much speculation, so much trash, and soooooo many spins on what was going to come up for the “next Ford Mustang” over the past oh, 7 years.  Some said “twin turbo, man” while others said “dude, the 5-oh is coming back”.  Others, not holding opinion to the candle’s flame, have suggested that a simpler, nimbler car will make it into the limelight soon, under the Mustang brand.

We have to sit back and ponder here.  Do we think of the new Coyote 5.0-liter V8 power plant sitting inside the S197 platform forever?  Nay, nay.  If we dared think this is the end, we’d better sign the government (read: taxpayers) loan papers now and just turn in our blue-blooded keys.

Image Credit – Yasid Design

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MRT announces new H pipes for Mustang GT and Boss 302

As if the new 5.0-liter Mustang needed more power and performance statistics…ok, we’re kidding–it does…and now, MRT is on the scene bringing Mustang fans a quick & easy way to bolt on some serious sound and a bit more power.  The 2011 Mustang and the 2012 Mustang, in addition to the 2012 Boss 302, are now destined recipients of an off-road H pipe setup, boasting fantastic muscle car intonation and performance-inspiring power.

These direct-fit, 304 Stainless Steel, mandrel-bent (say that 3x fast) H-pipes are guaranteed to leave many smiles for miles on any new 5.0 Mustang owner…as well as the crowd standing nearby & behind!

Keep reading to check out the sharp tech in the press snippets from MRT.

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StangNet represented in another bout of The Forum Wars

After the last round of Royal Purple’s Forum Wars, we were once again excited to hear that StangNet was going head-to-head again with My350Z to see just what the Ford Mustang and Nissan coupe, along with the driver mod, had in store for some good ole track competition.  There’s always good fun to be had when you get some good smack-talk in, then get the chance to prove the check can be cashed on the race track.  The Forum Wars pits various Internet communities against each other to see just what car and driver combo comes out on top.

This time around, the racing results ended up with the 2011 Mustang GT … well, just watch the video footage and see for yourself!

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Ford Mustang V6 performance package dubbed “Mayhem”

2012 Mustang Mayhem V6

Back in late November 2010, we told you about the chance to name the new Ford Mustang V6 performance package for a promotional contest by Ford, on Facebook.  Well, the results of the contest are in and as you can already see, Mustang fans have selected the Mustang V6 Performance Package to be called the “Mayhem Mustang Package”.  Over 3,000 nameplates were submitted to the Facebook fan page, with the winner from North Carolina achieving the grand prize of a 3-year lease on a 2012 Mustang equipped with the Mayhem Mustang Package!

The package itself equips the already quite-capable 2012 Mustang V6 with a 3.31 performance rear axle, a Mustang GT-based suspension setup, Mustang GT braking, specifically styled 19-inch rims wrapped with Pirelli performance rubber, and much more.

Keep reading to see all the Mayhem Performance Package details in the official Ford Press Release!

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2012 Ford Mustang makes list of fastest cars under $30K

So just what car do you drop $25 to $35K upon when you are looking for the most bang for the buck?  Well, not surprisingly these days, the choices of efficient and powerful street cars isn’t always an easy one.  That being said, however, the choice to pick up either the Ford Mustang coupe or a new, powerful Ford Mustang GT…isn’t a hard call, considering the competition.

A recent head-to-head between several cars, including the Ford Mustang, Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer, and the Hyundai Genesis proved that the all-American classic isn’t one to sniff or sneeze at…let alone completely ignore.

Interested in what the true results and price tags shaked out to be?  Hit the link to get the full scoop!

Source: Yahoo! Autos

TSB for 2011 and 2012 Ford Mustangs with cold shifting issues

Owners of late model Ford Mustangs equipped with the Tremec 3650 transmission were/are no strangers to the effort-laden issues as is found in cool or cold weather.  Now, owners of the 2011 Mustang and the 2012 Mustang equipped with the MT82 6-speed manual transmission are experiencing similar symptoms.  Don’t fret, though–Ford has already addressed the issue and released an official Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) to provide a solution.  When an owner of a Mustang equipped with the MT82 6-speed experiences laborious shifting during warm-up, Ford’s recommendation is to replace the Motorcraft full synthetic manual transmission fluid (factory-filled) in the car with Motorcraft Dual Clutch transmission fluid; one with such a viscosity suitable for all temperatures and conditions.

Keep reading to see the official TSB from Ford!

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Excess Ford Mustang stock flattens Ford’s Flat Rock facilities

What happens when supply exceeds demand?  Right.  The new Ford Mustang is suffering somewhat.  Many horses are in need of good homes and Ford’s positioned to put some greenbacks and other incentives behind the deal to sweeten the pot.  It’s no secret contemporary times are questionable at best, so as a result, the Mustang GT and Mustang V6 aren’t moving as quickly as one might have forecast when the economy started to pick up late last year / earlier this year.

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