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Must See – Project Wild Horse 1971 Ford Mustang

Ever run across a Ford Mustang and think, “I need to get one of these and do THAT!”?  Yeah, all too often, the StangNet team gets bitten by that very same bug.  One such crazy-awesome restoration of a 1971 Mustang we found over at our friends with Jeff Lilly Restoration definitely got us thinking about the glorious big block days.  Their “Wild Horse” project car set upon restoring a ’71 Mustang from the ground up, giving it a completely new life…one perhaps even more fantastic than when it rolled off the FoMoCo assembly line.  You be the judge.

Hit the link over at Jeff’s site, below and check out a clean classic Mustang.  One that is insanely clean…almost too clean, if there could be such a thing in the automotive realm.

Source: Jeff Lilly Restorations

Lot of 49 Ford Mustang classics found on eBay

What are the chances you are going to get in life to pick up nearly 50 Ford Mustangs at once?  Pretty good, actually, if you are an avid eBay surfer and stumbled onto a “barn find” this week.  A seller in Minnesota has a lot of 49 Ford Mustang specimens, ranging from 1964 through 1970, in mostly “not so hot” shape–but hey, these cars aren’t exactly spring chickens, nor have they been stashed away in Leno‘s garage, getting daily TLC.

Some of these classics have titles, some do not…and all of them look like they have been gleaned to have the best of their innards harvested for projects of yesteryear.  Keep reading to get the roster of what’s all in the auction, or hit up eBay to see what’s up!

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1967 Ford Mustang Convertible shell now available

Just about two months ago, we showed off the “new” 1965 Ford Mustang shell blessed by Ford, and now, there’s more to the story here as we near Christmas time.  Today, we read the 1967 Ford Mustang convertible will also join the 1965 Ford Mustang shell already in-demand, and is the fourth reproduction body officially licensed by Ford Motor Company.  The price for this Dynacorn classic Ford Mustang shell?  Just shy of $16K, so doing that restomod of your dreams really isn’t going to break the bank, getting it done right.

So what makes this one so special?  Well, to make the cut, these aftermarket players & pieces have to meet (and often exceed) the fit, finish, and quality of the original production shells & panels.  Well, that should be a decent feat to meet, we think, as there has been a great deal of technological and manufacturing refinement since the mid-1960s.  All this aside, the very notion these shells are becoming commonplace in the time of classic Ford Mustang scarcity (at least non-hack jobs) is pretty cool.  We’re pretty pumped up about it!

Keep reading to see the full scoop in the official Press Release from FoMoCo…

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Marti Auto Works radiator hose set for 1970 small-block Mustang

Marti Auto Works radiator hose set for 1970 small block Mustang and Cougars

Classic Ford Mustang restoration processes these days generally go very well and with fantastic results, as there are so many aftermarket suppliers and manufacturers on the field to help Mustang fans with their dreams.  Well, there’s another key player in the ring offering a direct replacement radiator hose set for any 1970 Mustang / Cougar equipped with the 302ci and 351ci (both Cleveland & Windsor) power plants.  What’s the big  deal here, you might say?  Until now, no one has produced a replacement lower radiator hose with exemplary factory fitment.

Marti Auto Works has come up with a batch of these SAE compliant which match every bend and include original double-wire clamps stapled to the hose, just like they were off the assembly line.  One more thing–Marti Auto Works, an official Ford licensee, is the only existing aftermarket player offering hoses with all these features.

Keep reading to get more details on this hose kit in the Press Release following.

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Classic Recreations does the classic Shelby GT500 right

Classic Recreations Shelby GT500CR

Well, well, what do splendid little classic Ford Mustang redux do we have here?  It’s a trio of Shelby Mustangs from the glory days and we have to say, we’re quite pleased with the Classic Recreations team’s work here.  They have taken the resto-mod concept and virtually made it art.  Each of these 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500CR  specimens has got something unique to offer and hinge greatly upon what the Mustang fan ultimately desires.  Want looks and panache?  Set your eyes upon the “Intro” trim.  Feel the need for more?  They have got what you need.  Keep reading to see what else Classic Recreations is offering with respect to the GT500CR Shelby Mustang series.

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Ford Mustang Restoration Tech & Procedures

Jeff Lilly Mustang restorations

If you have ever taken on the task of fully restoring a Classic Ford Mustang, our hats tip to you.  For others, farming out the work is often the path of least resistance…and results in fewer costly headaches.  The crew at the Jeff Lilly Mustang Restoration shop has recently taken on a project car (1971 Mach 1 Mustang 351 4v) and provided an illustrated write-up cataloging the proper methodology involved in a typical Mustang restoration.  From bagging and tagging parts removed to photographing the whole dis-assembly, it takes time, patience, and a lot of elbow grease to get a restoration project like this moving along.  Head over to Jeff’s site to check out more of the Mustang resto-magic they are working on down in the Lone Star State.