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Roush stripe kits allow quick Ford Mustang customization

ROUSH stripe kits

Making sure your Ford Mustang doesn’t blend into the pavement seems like a never-ending project filled with aftermarket purchases, plenty of elbow grease, and of course, plenty of sweat over making sure everything’s right.  Well, there’s one more card to be played in the customization hand, and this latest dealing comes from the talented & dedicated team at ROUSH Perfomance.  ROUSH’s latest offering of vinyl stripe kits for the 2005 through 2011 Ford Mustang allow for a simple, quick, and tasteful update to an otherwise run-of-the-mill pony car.

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NASCAR driver approved – the 2010 Roush 427R

2010 Roush 427R Mustangs at the track

What’s one of the ultimate blessings you could receive on your Ford Mustang modification achievement?  One note of praise might be to have professional drivers declare and speak of its awesomeness.  That’s just what happened when Jack Roush turned his NASCAR Sprint Cup & Nationwide Series drivers loose with the keys to a fleet of 2010 ROUSH 427R Mustangs.  The scene of the crime?  Charlotte Motor Speedway.

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The Compilation of Ford Mustang Special Editions

2009 Ford Mustang

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past oh say, 15 years, you’d sure to realize the Ford Mustang aftermarket is something that continues to sizzle on far beyond the dreams Carroll Shelby and Lee Iacocca ever imagined back in the 1960s.  The staggering number of late-model Mustang spin-offs is something that could be seen as awesome, inspiring, or even sometimes comical.  It’s quite daunting just how many flavors of the Ford Mustang there are.  What’s more, we’ve done our best to draft up a list for you to digest, observe, and most importantly–help continue to add to it where we’ve left out!

Ready for this bitter pill?  You better be, because we’re going to take a look at the comments to see if there are any we’ve missed (to date) and then also recruit you to help build the SN95, Fox, Mustang II, and Classic special edition lists.  We’ve got the page breaks ready, so let’s hear it!

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ROUSH scopes Propane Ford Mustang drag cars

Bowles Propane Drag Ford Mustang

It’s no secret ROUSH Performance knows how to design and craft a promising & powerful Ford Mustang.  They’ve done it time and time again with the Stage3, the 427R, and the 540RH, so now, what’s the big fuss all about?  Right in the middle of the SEMA show, the good press at ROUSH has announced they have two Ford Mustang drag cars set to light up some slicks and take on the tree…while being fueled by liquefied Propane.   Yeah, you read it right.  The all-aluminum 5.4-liter V8 power plant originally designed for the Ford GT will be burning the green alternative fuel by means of a bolstered 12.5:1 compression ratio and lots of other goodies.  Intrigued?  We are.  Keep reading to get the details in the Press Release from ROUSH.

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Unexpected Turn – a Ford Mustang Unleashed story

2010 Ford Mustang unleashed father son story

A faithful following seems to make a legend all the more enticing and solid.  The fans (and freaks) behind the Ford Mustang never cease to amaze us with their stories of adventure, triumph, and awesomeness.  One such story on the heartwarming side, is of Joseph Cram (Hot Rod Joe to his friends) and his father, Ralph Cram.  They had always longed to take their rebuilt 1968 Ford Mustang Coupe out on the open roads of the USA for a grand father-son event to remember.

Then the economy took an unexpected turn.  Joe and his father were forced to part with their beloved ’68 Mustang and left behind a gaping hole in their hearts.  Now, 16 years after the prior departure, Joe and Ralph were given the chance to take a road trip from Houston to Detroit to take part in the renowned Woodward Dream Cruise, rolling down the roadways in a 2010 Mustang convertible.  Keep reading to check out the Cram’s story, as it’s just one of many epic Mustang chronicles in the series of Ford’s “The 2010 Unleashed” program.  More official details and other stories can be read & seen at the2010mustang.com.

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ROUSH uncovers two new 540hp Ford Mustangs

ROUSH 540RH Ford Mustang

There’s no question that many great things come in pairs.  Roush Performance isn’t about to let this old adage dry up either.  The official announcement of two Ford Mustang variants, one of which is entirely new, is going to give the previously exhibited 2010 Roush 427R some new stable mates.  The 2010 Roush Stage 3 and the new nameplate, the Roush 540RH “Hammer”, have entered the aftermarket scene with poise, passion, and most importantly, performance.  These new Roush Mustangs pump out 540 horsepower and 510 lb.-ft. of torque–plenty to go around and enough to bring a grin to any grump’s face.  The power is bolstered by a second-generation R2300 supercharger and is laid to the pavement by superior-performing Cooper RS3 tires.  The Roush Stage 3 and the Roush 540RH are a fine pair to draw two, indeed, so keep reading to get all the details in the Press Release from Roush.

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Ford Mustangs Pack the Podium at Barber

Ford Mustang racing at Barber Motorsports Park
The renowned Barber Motorsports park held host to a notable happening this past weekend: three Ford Mustang racing teams took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place to pound the podium with blue-blooded pride. After coming up short last year at Barber, the JBS Motorsports Ford Mustang, piloted by Bret Seafuse & James Gue, reached the top after leading 65 of the 90 circuits. The next car following in this Grand-AM KONI Sports Car Challenge event was the No. 59 Rehagen Racing Ford Mustang, which led for the race twice for seven laps. Rounding out the podium in the 3rd slot were Billy Johnson and Jack Roush Jr in the No. 61 Horsepower Racing Mustang, providing a true Ford sweeper at Barber. Keep reading to get all the detail in the official Grand-Am Press Release.

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SPEED to air 2010 Roush Mustang Creation Story

2010 Roush Ford Mustang

After 14 months of cracking down and reaching the pinnacle of performance, the team at ROUSH Peformance took the wraps off their latest & greatest project, the 2010 ROUSH Ford Mustang.  Luckily for the rest of us, we won’t have to sit through just over a year of the R&D storyline to see the 2010 ROUSH Mustang go from concept to car.  The SPEED channel will soon broadcast a behind-the-curtain look at the making of the fifth installment in the ROUSH Mustang legacy.  Several clips were assembled for a comprehensive look at some areas which are normally off-limits to the public such as the modeling studios, the assembly line, and the Cooper Tire & Vehicle Test Center.  Included with the design and production backstory will also be some featured guest spots from Chip Foose, John Force, Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth, and Greg Biffle.  Keep reading to get the specific show air dates and more in the press release from ROUSH. Continue Reading →

Ford Racing to offer racer-white schemed Mustang body parts

Ford Mustang racing body parts

The 2010 Ford Mustang has already become the benefactor of several awesome aftermarket applications and treatments.  From the ROUSH 427R to the latest Steeda Q-Series, we have seen some very impressive showing from some key aftermarket players, further keeping Mustang fans equipped for the strip and road course.  At the recent 3rd Annual Ford Racing Invitational at Milan Dragway in Michigan, Ford announced the forthcoming availability of white keyed body parts for boy racers based on the 2010 Mustang.  These rare shells are compliant with most any class, so there’s surely a niche to be filled for the racing freaks out there.  Orders for the parts will start in mid-July and will continue through the fall, with orders being delivered sometime in December.  Aside from the newly-announced exterior panels, a number of interior trim and wiring kits will also be available for racers to fit into any desired class they wish to compete in.  If you happen to know any hardcore Mustang racers out there, the chance to upgrade to some novel paneling and tech is here!

NewTakeOff Releases 2010 Ford Mustang GT OE wheels

NewTakeOff 2010 Ford Mustang GT wheels

Recently, we’ve shown a lot of great ways to exercise the 2010 Ford Mustang wheel and tire package in fine style.  Vaughn Gittin and ROUSH have shown some fantastic displays of some tire-thrashing goodness.  If you haven’t had the chance to swing by your local Ford dealership and pick up a new 2010 Mustang, you now have the chance to get your hands on something straight from the parts closet.  NewTakeOff.com has just released their all new 2010 Mustang GT 18″ spoked wheel and tire package.  These wheel sets, adorned with Pirelli 235/50ZR18 Pzero Nero tires, are a guaranteed fit for 2005 through 2010 Mustangs and add a great touch of flair.  Keep reading to get the full scoop in the official press release from NewTakeOff.

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