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2014 Ford Mustang Saleen S351 prototype

Steve Saleen and his crew are no strangers at all to the Ford Mustang performance realm, and his team is one that’s not likely to be left out of the action.  With the teaser of a future 351 Mustang back in November 2012, we can now hold it up to the light and see a 2014 Mustang, a la S351…well, a prototype, at least.  This weekend past, at Knott’s Berry Farm in SoCal, Saleen had the S351 Mustang on display for passers by to check out and pitch their cheers or jeers at it.

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Saleen unveils their own 351 Ford Mustang

Hot on the heels of Steve Saleen regaining his namesake brand comes the first model announcement since the news was released. Making his announcement at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the well known man of Mustangs announced the Saleen 351 Mustang.  It’s been well over a decade since Saleen released a 351 cubic inch powered Ford Mustang, with the S351 moniker, and now, the team is back with a follow-up rendition to pay homage to the original…and then some.  So what’s the big to-do with this latest installment from Saleen?  Just a dose of 700hp and over 650 spins of torque, that’s what.  How’s it done?  The Saleen supercharger sits atop the base 302 power plant and a 6-speed gearbox help put the ponies to the pavement, with a load of Saleen flair and styling .

Keep reading to get the rest of the technical details in the Press Release from Saleen.

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SMS Supercars to launch white yellow and black label Mustangs

SMS Supercars will shift its focus a bit on the 2012 Mustang lineup, offering 3 different color labels, much like one might find when sniffing after fine spirits.  The introductory White Label Mustang will incorporate some simple touches to that of the Mustang GT and will post a price of $35,540.  Upgrade from White and move on to the Yellow Label and there’s a bit more to play with: the SMS supercharger setup (takes the car to 545hp) and a set of SMS-styled 19″ wheels ‘n rubber.  The top-end moniker to cap it all off is the Black Label SMS Mustang.  It takes the title of leader with its optional 575hp supercharged power plant, a total suspension redo, a complete SMS body kit, and lots of leather to boot.  The price tag set here is $48,000 for the n/a version and $58K for the supercharged monster Mustang.

Be sure to check out more in the official SMS Supercars Press Release that follows.
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Saleen’s SMS 302 Ford Mustang revealed

2011 sms 302

First things first.  Steve’s fledgling company has taken a while to get their SMS line from rendering to reality.  If we were telling you about this in July of this year, it would have made it a full year since we first set eyes upon the SMS 460 Mustang, the crown jewel of Steve Saleen’s startup company SMS Supercars.  Well, now that we got the worry that we’d never see the car come to light out of the way, we are certainly glad it has.  Steve and his group have geared up this latest installation, dubbed the SMS 302 Mustang for the upcoming 2011 Mustang displacement, and will offer it in two appealing formats.

Images courtesy of Autoblog (Drew Phillips)

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The Compilation of Ford Mustang Special Editions

2009 Ford Mustang

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past oh say, 15 years, you’d sure to realize the Ford Mustang aftermarket is something that continues to sizzle on far beyond the dreams Carroll Shelby and Lee Iacocca ever imagined back in the 1960s.  The staggering number of late-model Mustang spin-offs is something that could be seen as awesome, inspiring, or even sometimes comical.  It’s quite daunting just how many flavors of the Ford Mustang there are.  What’s more, we’ve done our best to draft up a list for you to digest, observe, and most importantly–help continue to add to it where we’ve left out!

Ready for this bitter pill?  You better be, because we’re going to take a look at the comments to see if there are any we’ve missed (to date) and then also recruit you to help build the SN95, Fox, Mustang II, and Classic special edition lists.  We’ve got the page breaks ready, so let’s hear it!

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Steve Saleen’s newest installation: SMS Superparts


SMS 296 Supercharger

Just days ago, the blitz of the 2009 SEMA show in Las Vegas left Ford Mustang fans dizzied with a barrage of special edition pony cars and aftermarket parts and packages to gawk at.  Steve Saleen‘s latest company, SMS Supercars, let the details slip on the nationwide sales, distribution, and installation of various SMS Superparts for late-model Mustang owners.  The first hot part in the catalog from SMS Superparts is the all-new SMS 296 Supercharger, which was on display at the show, installed on a base 2010 Mustang GT.  While we didn’t spy any official numbers on the kit, we can expect something in the high 400hp / low 500hp range, as we’ve already seen some incredible output from the SMS 460 Ford Mustang.  Keep reading to get the full scoop on Steve Saleen’s latest pet project.

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2010 Saleen S281 Ford Mustang undressed before SEMA

2010 Saleen S281

2010 Saleen S281

We told you just weeks ago, we’d be back to bring you more of the 2010 Saleen S281 Ford Mustang, so here we are.  With the “sanctioned” debut set for SEMA in Las Vegas, Saleen Performance Vehicles decided today to release some more images of the Saleen ‘Stang to keep the excitement rolling.  So far, nothing has been released as far as specific details on the sleek pony car, but from what we can see, this definitely appears to have the shaping of a Mustang worthy of the Saleen nameplate.  Wonder what Steve’s thinking right now…

We’ll bring more of this 2010 Saleen to you as we catch it, as the SEMA show and its onslaught of Ford Mustang madness will surely keep everyone on their toes, looking for their very own “best in show” from this fall’s aftermarket expo.  Enjoy the images for now; Saleen will have to feed us more later!

2010 Saleen S281 Ford Mustang exposed

2010 Saleen S281 Ford Mustang

Back in late July, we saw the latest of the fledgling Saleen Performance Vehicles Mustang specimens, the Saleen 435S.  Now, the Saleen Performance crew has teased exhibited the 2010 Saleen S281 Ford Mustang well ahead of the official debut scheduled at the SEMA show this fall in Las Vegas.  There’s nothing absolutely watershed about the car’s styling and panache, but there is one silver lining in the cloud cover overhead; the highly-questionable rear of the 2010 Saleen S281 has been touched up quite nicely with a lengthened tail and diffuser-esque rear valance.  There isn’t a whole lot out for details right now, so check back with us around SEMA time when we expect the full scoop to be in circulation as result of this Ford Mustang specialty car being on exhibition.

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2009 Saleen Club of America Nationals

Saleen Club of America National Meet

Heads up, Saleen Ford Mustang owners & fans…the annual Saleen Club of America Saleen Nationals are coming very soon.  The 2009 gathering is slated to be held in Castle Rock, CO on July 31st through August 2nd.  Last year held host to every Saleen Mustang era including some special one-off restoration projects.  There’s a lot in store for this year, so if you’re interested, save the date!  For more details about what all is involved, keep reading to get a recap on last year’s event.

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2010 Shelby GT500 to Pace the Mustangs Across America Cruise

2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 MAA pace car

Just ahead of the 45th Anniversary celebration for the Ford Mustang, several enthusiasts set up to gather and cruise across the USA from Las Vegas to Birmingham for the festivities.  The cross-country trip started on April 11th and will end in Birmingham on April 15th.  Over 600 Ford Mustangs from over a dozen states will participate in the event, which will be paced by none other than a 2010 Shelby GT500, adorned in red, white, and blue.  Upon arrival, fanatics will be able take part in the largest Mustang celebration in history, with hundreds of thousands of spectators expected to attend!  Check out all the specific details within the Press Release we’ve included for you.

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