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2010 Ford Mustang Steeda Tri-Ax shifter up for grabs

2010 steeda tri ax shifter

The team at Steeda Autosports has been working on performance parts and modifications for the 2010 Ford Mustang for some time now.  This week, they announced they have the Steeda Tri-Ax short throw shifter ready to go to market and give 2010 Mustang owners something they can really wrap their hands around.  The reputed design of the Tri-Ax shifter carries forward with great style this go ’round, and we certainly think this is going to create a lot of excitement with the blooming 2010 Mustang crowd.  Keep reading to get more detail in the Press Release.

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Steeda Releases 2010 Sport Edition Mustang

2010 Steeda Sport Edition Ford Mustang

A bit ago, we showed you a video of the new 2010 Steeda Q-Series Ford Mustang testing at the track. Well, the hard-working crew at Steeda Autosports has maintained their drive & determination and just recently took the wraps off the 2010 Steeda Sport Edition Ford Mustang. Equipped with a multitude of grab-n-go handling parts from the Steeda catalog, the Steeda Sport Edition Mustang is ready to take on the track…or the street when necessary. Part upgrades include billet lower control arms, Steeda sport springs, 20-inch chrome wheels, Nitto NT05 high-performance tires, a performance air filter, and some unique Steeda graphics. Did we forget anything? Well, maybe some more bolstering in the power department, as the Steeda Sport Edition package carries what might be considered a steep price tag ($6,995). Coin aside, we think this is one of the sharper Stangs out in the 2010 Mustang aftermarket right now.  Keep reading to get the scoop straight from Steeda and be sure to check out the gallery.

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Ford Racing to offer racer-white schemed Mustang body parts

Ford Mustang racing body parts

The 2010 Ford Mustang has already become the benefactor of several awesome aftermarket applications and treatments.  From the ROUSH 427R to the latest Steeda Q-Series, we have seen some very impressive showing from some key aftermarket players, further keeping Mustang fans equipped for the strip and road course.  At the recent 3rd Annual Ford Racing Invitational at Milan Dragway in Michigan, Ford announced the forthcoming availability of white keyed body parts for boy racers based on the 2010 Mustang.  These rare shells are compliant with most any class, so there’s surely a niche to be filled for the racing freaks out there.  Orders for the parts will start in mid-July and will continue through the fall, with orders being delivered sometime in December.  Aside from the newly-announced exterior panels, a number of interior trim and wiring kits will also be available for racers to fit into any desired class they wish to compete in.  If you happen to know any hardcore Mustang racers out there, the chance to upgrade to some novel paneling and tech is here!

Steeda 2010 Mustang On-Track Testing

This year’s 2009 Camp Steeda event held host to loads of Ford Mustang enthusiast entertainment and also an action-packed debut of the new 2010 Mustang the team has been working upon hard to perfect: the next Steeda Q-Series Mustang. The video shared here shows a great sample of the new Steeda Mustang testing out several new performance and suspension components which are later destined to become the standard for the Steeda Q-series fleet. Test mules are commonly adorned with camouflage garb and padding, but these were disguised to look like regular 2010 Mustangs sans Steeda applique to attract the “just right” amount of attention. Enjoy the video, everyone!

2010 Steeda Q-Series Ford Mustang

2010 Steeda Q-Series Ford Mustang

The Skunkworks Team at Steeda Autosports is nearly ready for a full court press cover on their latest pony car installation: the 2010 Steeda Q-Series Ford Mustang.  The crafty Steeda team has been hard at work, perfecting the design and implementing changes based upon a plethora of customer feedback in this latest generation of serialized special edition Ford Mustang.  Focus on the feel, fit, and form has been given the most attention and care, more than ever.  Take a closer at the Press Release to see just how much energy Steeda has poured into the 2010 Steeda Q-Series Ford Mustang.  Now…if we can just get our hands on some more images! Continue Reading →

Camp Steeda 2009 Registration is Now Open!

Camp Steeda 2009

Well, it’s that time again, folks: road racing season. Better yet, there’s the opportunity to get in your Ford Mustang and rip up 3.7 miles of track at Sebring International Raceway in May. Registration for 2009 Camp Steeda is now open and the event is set for May 22nd – 24th. Steeda Autosports is hosting the event & the SVTOA (Special Vehicle Team Owners Association) is co-sponsoring, so participants are completely assured they’ll have a blast the whole weekend at this educational and entertaining track event. Classroom clinics, great people, and of course, copious amounts of track time are going to make this year’s event one to remember. Keep reading to get the official details related to registration for this one-of-a-kind Ford Mustang gathering! Continue Reading →

Steeda Releases Belt Drive for Whipple Superchargers

Steeda Belt Drive for Whipple Superchargers

With the omnipresent risk of supercharger belt slip, many Ford Mustang owners loathe the notion of power loss and even worse, a broken belt.  Steeda Autosports has developed a noteworthy solution to this widespread dilemma with their Steeda Supercharger Belt Drive system for Whipple superchargers.  The new Steeda Belt Drive setup, when tested, showed improved boost pressure (12 to 13 psi) from the standard rating of the Whipple’s 10psi; illustrating the reduction in belt slip.  When a Whipple-blown Mustang is pushed even harder, the pulley setup also has a retention wall for the belt to keep it in place and out of harm’s way, pulling and generating the power it was meant to rather than becoming an expensive underhood bull whip.  Keep reading to get the full scoop from Steeda and check out their Whipple Belt system in action.

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Steeda Valdosta Facility Now Open For Business

Steeda Valdosta Facility Now Open For Business

Following close behind their 20th Anniversary of operations, the team at Steeda Autosports is excited to officially announce the groundbreaking of their new base of operations in Georgia at the new Valdosta facility.  With over 100,000 square feet to tweak, toy, and tinker within, the Steeda crew can continue their fine arts on a campus of 35 acres loaded with testing grounds such as a road course, skid pad, brake testing area, and slalom course in order to refine the optimal performance parts for the Ford Mustang.  The South Georgia Motorsports Park, a full-fledged drag strip, is close by and will also be utilized to put additional testing on the Steeda-equipped Mustangs in order to provide the utmost levels of quality and durability.  Keep reading to get the full detail in the Press Release from Steeda. Continue Reading →

Steeda Celebrates 20 Years of Mustang Success

Steeda Celebrates 20 Years of Mustang Success

This year marked the 20th Anniversary of Steeda Autosports and we were quite impressed with the amount of pomp & circumstance surrounding their celebration.  With a warm reception, full track access over the weekend, and lots of great food and fun, Steed Mustang owners across the entire nation were able to take part in the recognition of a company which proudly services the Ford Mustang aftermarket and has done so for over 20 years.  We now have a special look of the company’s history and legacy in a slick video clip for you.  Take a good look at the strength of the aftermarket following the legendary Ford Mustang and how well Steeda has followed it over the years. Continue Reading →