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Will EcoBoost tech bring the return of the Mustang SVO?

Well, you knew the return of the BOSS Mustang would fan the flames & rumors about the Ford Mustang and its glories of yesteryear. The latest buzz from the bees today is we might just see the return of a turbocharged Ford Mustang from the Ford factory floor, a la SVO from the 1980s. The rumor mill is churning up such ideas of the 2015 Mustang being one offering 3 potential power plants: 2 a la boost and the last being the newfound 5.0-liter Coyote V8.

And why wouldn’t we see this come to fruition? Ford’s already proven the EcoBoost power plant to be a solid, viable option for the F-series pickup truck, so what’s to prevent them from slamming the boosted beauty into the hear of America’s favorite pony car?

Not much. And that’s precisely what we are hoping for…