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Factory Track Pack now available for Ford Mustang

Track Pack for 2010 Ford Mustang

Some of the early birds who snagged up the first productions of the 2010 Ford Mustang weren’t able to take advantage of what’s now a hot offering straight from the Ford Racing parts closet. The recently announced Track Pack for the Ford Mustang is just another way Ford is making sure to keep the Legend alive amidst all of the chaos that is the global automotive marketplace. The golden 2010 Mustang (pictured) which won the Ford Racing Invitational this weekend past was actually equipped with a healthy collection of the Ford Racing Track Pack’s functional parts as well as a functional shaker hood. In addition to this offering by Ford Racing, there’s also the FR3 Handling Pack that includes a setup providing a one inch lower ride height, stiffer springs, tightened sway bars, and re-tuned dampers for a crisp and aggressive ride. Both of these new offerings from Ford Racing are designed to fit both the GT and V6 Mustang trims. Keep reading to get all the gritty details in the official Press Release. Continue Reading →