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Will EcoBoost tech bring the return of the Mustang SVO?

Well, you knew the return of the BOSS Mustang would fan the flames & rumors about the Ford Mustang and its glories of yesteryear. The latest buzz from the bees today is we might just see the return of a turbocharged Ford Mustang from the Ford factory floor, a la SVO from the 1980s. The rumor mill is churning up such ideas of the 2015 Mustang being one offering 3 potential power plants: 2 a la boost and the last being the newfound 5.0-liter Coyote V8.

And why wouldn’t we see this come to fruition? Ford’s already proven the EcoBoost power plant to be a solid, viable option for the F-series pickup truck, so what’s to prevent them from slamming the boosted beauty into the hear of America’s favorite pony car?

Not much. And that’s precisely what we are hoping for…

EcoBoost Ford Mustang on the way

Or at least that’s at least what hints, hopes, and rumors point toward in the upcoming years of the Ford Mustang.  We Mustang fans have to believe that something truly awesome will come on the eve of OR the year of the Mustang 50th Anniversary.  So much goodness has come out of Dearborn and the aftermarket these past few years, it’s gonna be hard to keep the inquiring minds at bay until the time comes…when rumor & speculation are laid to the wayside of truth.

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Fastlane’s turbocharged 2011 Ford Mustang hits the 10s

Know what you do when you take a perfectly new & healthy 2011 Ford Mustang GT, apply some magic, and clock-out at 10.4 seconds in the 1320?  You brag, that’s what you do.  The crew at Fastlane is pretty stoked to announce their 2011 turbo’d Mustang GT shaved over 2 seconds of the stock car’s quarter-mile straight line time.  Well, knowing a stock 2011 Mustang can hit the 12s is just awesome from the get-go.  Slap on some wonderful boost inside the engine bay and there you have it; respectable power in an affordable pony car package.

Keep reading to see the modification list Fastlane used to take the 2011 Ford Mustang into the 10s.

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First 2011 Ford Mustang is turbocharged

Well, we all knew it was just a matter of time.  The aftermarket for the late-model Ford Mustang is one of the most carnivorous we’ve ever seen in any automotive spectrum.  The latest tweak from a set of Mustang modification nuts comes in the form of a turbocharger for the all-new 5.0-liter equipped 2011 Ford Mustang GT.  Utilizing a solid platform from Borg Warner, the Fastlane folks tweaked a 2011 GT with the 5.0 V8 to safely pump out over 530 rwhp and 500 rwtq…on a mere 6 to 7 pounds of boost.  That’s awesome!

Keep reading to get all the specifics from the Fastlane Press Release.

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Shelby 550hp Turbo Package for the Ford 4.6-liter V8

Shelby 550HP Turbo Mustang

Shelby 550HP Turbo Mustang

There may be no replacement for displacement, but as contemporary tuning technology has evolved, forced induction has become a very attractive means to an end.  The unfolding saga of boosted horsepower is set to continue onward courtesy of Shelby Automobiles announcing their new turbo package for the 2007-2008 Shelby GT Mustang as well as the 2005-2009 Ford Mustang GT.  This 550 horsepower “Shelby Turbo” setup also includes various handling, braking and appearance adjustments as well.  Developed in conjunction with California-based Turbonetics, this new package is set to have a price tag (installed) of about $22,600.  Sounds a little high to us, but if you look at the list of goodies and consider just what it is you’re getting handed in return, it softens the blow to the wallet…a bit.  Check out the full scoop in the Press Release for more info.

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Reed at Full Speed – a 700hp Twin Turbo Ford Mustang

Reed Speed SSE Ford Mustang

Somehow, the folks at Reed Speed were able to take a Ford Mustang and squeeze in two turbochargers, 700hp, and some killer looks. Their “signature edition” 2010 Ford Mustang GT is set to take the aftermarket by storm via Randall Reed stores and a few destined Ford dealerships across the nation. The turbocharged pony car dubbed the Reed Speed SSE, is a collaboration with Artisan Performance and included a completely revamped power plant, suspension modifications, and a custom body kit. Continue Reading →