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Fuel Management Calibration

Time: 10 Mintues




   To recalibrate a non-adjustable Fuel Management Unit (FMU) you must first remove the 8 Allen bolts. 
The cover maybe stuck on, so you might need to pry it off with a screw driver. A blue gasket should come 
off with the cover. If not, remove it and throw it away. Inside the FMU you will see a large metal disc, 
probably taking up the entire FMU. Remove it and set it aside. 

The Vortech re-calibration kit came with a hollow, circular disc that fits around the 4 small screws at the 
bottom of the FMU with the groove facing down. DO NOT remove the 4 screws at the bottom of the 
FMU! If you do the whole FMU will have to be replaced. Place the metal disc inside the circular disc. 

Take the new, blue gasket that came with the re-calibration kit and place it on the FMU, aligning it with the 
holes. Replace the cover and bolts. Tighten to 2ft/tq.

To finish the installation, the EEC must be reset. Remove the ground (negative) cable from the battery and 
open the driver's door. After 10 minutes replace the battery cable. This will give the EEC a chance to learn 
its new fuel curve.


- Scott Halihan (Rebel79)

* Please use extreme caution whenever you are working with fuel.  It is explosive.