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T56 Install Overview
by FiveoFanatic

Here is what we're installing, a T-56 from D&D Performance. The heavy-duty trans comes with the bellhousing
installed, but it is not shown in this pic. Also on the pallet are the brackets from the Kenny Brown install kit and the Pro-5.0 shifter.

Here is the bellhousing installed & ready for the tranny.  The engine block plate requires some minor modification; it gets trimmed a bit for the clutch cable's new position, and I also eliminated a now-unused  bolt hole (cosmetic improvement only, not required).  The clutch is an FMS King Cobra unit.

The seats & scuff plates are removed, and the seatbelts are disconnected at their floor mounts.  I then prop up the carpeting with a couple of 2x6's to keep from punching through it with the drill.

This is a closeup of the modified tranny crossmember.  From the factory, there are only 2 slots;  I added the center slot for the T-56-specific mount.  Also, the large hole was originally two; the center divider has been removed for access to the new mounting location.

As delivered in the Kenny Brown kit, this bracket is missing two important bolt holes; why this is, I don't know.
After taking this pic, I drilled the missing bolt holes, & secured the new bracket to the floor. The kit was also missing four bolts, but is otherwise high-quality.  Note how the brackets relocate the tranny crossmember directly behind its original mounting position.

The passenger-side bracket had all the required bolt holes, & went into place with no hassles. Note the gap between the "L" end of the bracket & the frame; this is so they can be bolted to Kenny Brown brand subframes, which this car does not have. I left this part of the brackets in place, but IMO a better way would be to install some Global West subframe connectors, then cut the L to fit & weld it to the subframes.

The Bassani comes VERY close to the crossmember; I had to modify the shields, as shown here, plus The crossmember had to be trimmed some.

Here is the tranny in position; the last pic is with the X-pipe in place.

About the only exhaust that will fit easily is an offroad pipe, & that would need some modifying, too. Take note! The exhaust fitment is the only major hassle; the rest of the job is pretty much a bolt-in affair.  I'd say it's a job for those with at least intermediate wrenching skills, but can be done in a decently-equipped home shop.  If you're looking for the ultimate in transmissions for street use, the T-56 is THE ticket.

Until next time! FiveoFanatic.