Debating a 351c swap

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  1. Hey guys I'm debating a 351 Cleveland swap. Will my world class t5 bolt up to a 351?
  2. I'm pretty sure the Cleveland blocks had the same bell pattern as the Windsors...the Modifieds OTOH, I believe were the same as the 385 series (429/460) you have any pictures of that part of the block?
  3. FWIW, had you thought about using a 351W, or do you just happen to have a Cleveland sitting around in need of a home?
  4. Hey, I just looked on Summit for bellhousings; according to the application specs, the 351C fits the same pattern as 302/351W...the interchange info is pulled from FRPP, so I think you should be good.
  5. Look for headers and other parts needed for the swap. Then debate the benefit of the 351c over a 351 or 302w.
  6. Thanks guys!! And ya I just happened to have a buddy getting rid of a nice running Cleveland for 200 so I was debating it but I think for the price I spent on doing all that and then also an aod swap to hold the power I could do a lot to my motor and be running the times I want
  7. Glad to be if assistance.

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  8. I know this thread is a bit dated, but for future reference:

    351c engines use the same engine mounts, bellhousing, flywheel/flexplate, and balancer/pulleys as a 302/351w.
    Swapping in a 351c will be much the same as swapping in a 351w.
    The biggest things you need are a Fox oil pan for a 351c and headers.
    If you didn't get the distributor you needed for your ignition, then that is needed as well.
    If you are going to keep your EFI/TFI, you can do so with a 460 TFI distributor and a Trickflow 351c EFI upper/lower.
    The 351c uses the same firing order as an HO 5.0, and the 460 distributor interchanges with a 351c, so with the TF EFI intake, you can use your fuel rails, injectors, TB, etc, and go full on EFI 351c.
  9. The front accessories can be a pain when trying to make your 302 stuff work on the 351c.
    The 351c was an awesome engine when built right with good flowing heads and exhaust.
    But there are some great flowing 302/351 heads out there....