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Discussion in 'S197 Mustangs For Sale' started by REDAARON3000, Jan 12, 2011.

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    Well first off, I'd like to say that I'm a new member and this is my very first post. I'm not too familiar with things here as I've only been to this site a few times in the last month or so. But I was referred here by a friend so I thought I'd stop on by :D

    Well...now to business.

    The car I'm selling is a manual 2011 5.0 Grabber blue GT/CS. It has HID's, Navigation, heated seats with power passenger seat, and 3.55 gears. The car is literally brand new. I've only had it about 3 weeks and need to sell it for personal reasons. I really hate to get rid of it, its a gorgeous car and so much more satisfying than my 2010 Camaro, but I have other things in my life right now that are more important than a muscle car.

    Sticker price is $39,940 and I bought it for 37k. I'm looking to sell for at least 35k but am willing to take offers as well. This car has well under 1,000 miles and retains ALL of it's factory warranty. There have been no mods done to this car whatsoever. And as an added bonus, if someone locally buys then you get the customer for life program from the dealer I purchased it from. Which is Apple Ford in Columbia, MD. The program includes oil changes, tire rotations, car washes, and multi point inspections for life.

    You can call or email me at any time, or PM me on here, all of which will go straight to my cell phone so expect a quick answer from me :)

    I need to move this car as soon as possible so even if the price I listed isn't right for you message me with your offer and we'll go from there. I haven't had time for pics yet but if you would like to see the car just let me know in your message and in the mean time I'll try to get some uploaded.

    Sorry for my long post I know you guys hate to read a lot lol :p

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