Looking For Clutch Ser And Ring Gear For King Cobra

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    i am looking for a ring gear and clutch set for a 1978 king cobra 5.0 . parts store tried , but could not find.they had no lsting for 78 mustang, it is as if mustang IIs did mot even exist . we tried 78 granada-79 mustang ect ,nothing worked. it is a 10 inch clutch 10 spline, that is where the simalaritys end.the bolt holes are farther apart than all the other pressure plates i tried. The ring gear has 148 teeth and the flywheel is 12 inches. i have a pressure plate from my 79 mustang, it is not the same,and i have a pressure plate from a 88 f150 302 not even close. please help, i might have found one at http://www.dial-a-clutch.com/Clutch_Kit_p/10631.htm but there are no details, and i dont want to order it with out being sure. thank you

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