Engine Close to solving rough cold & hot idle, I think, but not sure how to move ahead

I just read your post... Thoroughly.
1) Unplug it.
2) You set a vacuum leak to check for a vacuum leak. What? I don't know. Breezed through it. Now not worth my time. Bite the hand that feeds. I don't call people out for trying to help. It's a ****ish move.
3) Jrichker is a Mustang God. Ease up on what? I had a similar problem once. It illuded everyone. Sorry I tried to help. Don't rely on it in the future.
4) Wow. Ok. Good luck in life and God bless you and yours. :)

Engine Close to solving rough cold & hot idle, I think, but not sure how to move ahead


Few questions:
1) Can you detail on how to "reset your computer"?
2) Post #1: "I did set my base idle and a vacuum leak along the way while working through the checklists on the site but now I am kinda stuck." - Did you just miss that?
3) jrichker is pretty savvy tech wise and goes above and beyond to help folks here so I'd ease up a little.
4) What good is soapy water (we refer to it as snoop in the oil and gas world) going to do on a vaccum leak? Vaccum will not create bubbles so the OP's car will just be sucking in soapy water into the intake. You typically use carburetor spray and the rpm's will increase where the engine sucks in the spray.

Buying first Mustang - need help

I picked her up today in Strasburg, PA. After trying for a few hours to get her loaded on my trailer without harming the front and rear bumpers, I decided to just try the 1.5 hour drive home to Malvern.

Looks like my images are too large to upload. I will definitely need new tires, shocks and some interior bits. Hope to get her on my lift tomorrow to see what is lurking beneath.

Thanks for the advice so far.
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The next "big" project for my Cobra

Back to the project at hand..... I found that the fuse was blown for the A/F gauge, so I went and replaced it and started the car again. It still has a lean backfire and the gauge is reading 15.5 and not jumping around like it did before. While I'm 99.99% sure it's a lean condition off idle, the fact that the gauge doesn't jump at all has me concerned that the power surge that blew the fuse has somehow done some damage to one of the components. I'm hoping that it's not the controller, but with the burned wires that I discovered under the car I'm almost certain it is. I tried to richen the mixture with the idle screws just to see the reaction and it had no effect. Since I'm working alone, I couldn't see the reaction when I bumped the accelerator pump, but doing so just killed it right away anyway. So I may try to work on it a little over the weekend when I have a second set of eyes, but as it is now I'm expecting to have to buy another wideband controller..... :nonono: