1. S

    Stiff, hard to press brake pedal

    This is a 69 with rear drums and front discs. I've checked the fluid and topped it off and that had no effect. The brake pads were replaced a couple years ago (maybe 5k miles on them) and the master cylinder replaced as well so I'm thinking maybe it's the booster? Is there a good way to test...
  2. KaraKedi

    Master Cylinder & Booster for Disc/Disc Brake

    Hi Gurus, I upgraded my 65 Fastback 4 speed manuel disc/drum brakes with, front Cobra Disc Brakes and single piston rear disc brakes. Brake pedal performance is not enought for me. I want to upgrade master cylinder and booster. Which combo is the best? Regards, Musa
  3. Jamesrolls5point0

    Brakes Fitting A 93 Cobra Booster

    okay so long story short i was going to ask if its possible to fit a cobra booster (93) in to an 88 5.0 car, I've heard you have to beat the shock tower with a sledge in order to clear it in place. so i ordered the booster seeing if i was smarter then the average and if i could slip it in there...