1. D

    Getting codes 998 and 122.

    Have a 1991 Mustang Lx2.3l. When I do koeo test I get code 122. Tps sensor is brand new. Just replaced. Went ahead with koer test and got codes 998 and 122. Need help in the direction I should go. When I tested my tps sensor I was getting a constant reading of 0.051 volts. Something turned on...
  2. Pinkcloud

    91 Fox Gt Map Light

    Hello I have a 91 GT with factory sunroof and would like to replace the swivel map light , are there any lights that are easily adaptable or drop in ? Not digging the snake light at all :/ Thanks
  3. D

    Electrical Map Sensor: What Makes It Go Bad?

    I recently bought one of those high-speed digital multimeters that measure frequency so that I could test my MAP sensor (see jrichker's tech notes on code 22). Welp, turns out my MAP was bad (0 Hz), so I bought a new one and installed it today. Haven't cleared and dumped codes yet, but the new...