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  1. PLEASE HELP!!! I recently purchased a 2001 Mustang with a V6 motor. The front and rear bumper and deck lid and passenger fender were mildly wreaked. This car is a base model for sure but with upgrades I think. It has the Mach stereo system and has a rear spoiler and hood scoop and plastic rocker panel covers and a rear bumper cover with MUSTANG across the back with no exhaust cut outs. I am no Mustang expert and I am looking for some serious help.

    Instead of putting the car back to original with OEM parts I have decided to dress the car out a bit. I got the car for 500 bucks with no rust and it only needs these minor parts replaced. Lucky me! I bought it with the intentions of giving it to my daughter in October when she turns sweet 16 as a birthday gift and a summer car. Its gonna be a surprise. She does not like the front end look on a Mustangs of the years from 99-04 so I want to change it.

    I have looked for body kits but I am not sure what road to go down. Does anyone know what body kits are the best fitting and who is the best Co to use that still offers a reasonable price?

    The Urethane Bomber Body Kit seems to be the one I think she would like the best but all of them have a dual exhaust rear bumper covers that my car does not have. It is so awesome looking but I am not sure how difficult it would be to install???

    Please help if you guys can and if anyone has ever done this kit or one close to it??

    Sorry for the long post and I thank you in advance.
  2. Matthamer

    Welcome Noob,
    You can maybe get a Saleen body kit. You can find them if you look. You can see what a Saleen kit looks like on a 2002 from my Signature. IMHO, it is one of the best looking body kits for the 99-04 Mustang.

  3. Dale, What year is that car in the pic above? It looks like a newer one
  4. This pic shows the nose look I was thinking of going with. Opinions ?? Mustang pic.jpg
  5. Uhhh.....

    I don't know how familiar you are with the Mustang community, but I'll just say that we are a proud bunch with a strong dislike for anything "tuner". Extreme body kits like above, or just anything outside the norm tend to not be very publicly well-liked. I realize this is mostly ignorant opinion, and i'm just the messenger here, but if the above car were to drive by, say, 20 Mustang owners....19 would make fun of it...myself included.

    The Saleen body kit is sort of an OEM body kit, which is why it's popular. Sybersaint was trying to direct you to this link


    There are many companies that make this kit. The cheap ones tend to be fiberglass, but the real ones tend to be urethane. Keep in mind the cost of a quality body kit, plus the paint and install as well as the vehicle purchase price may bring your final tally up to the cost of buying a clean, accident-free car or even the cost of a V8 GT model. It may be more cost efficient to purchase the stock OEM bumpers used and repaint.

    What about the front bumber doesn't your daughter like? There could be other options short of an aftermarket kit. A MAch 1 chin spoiler and grill delete can transform the front to a different look as well?
  6. Thanks for your input. I am not familiar with the Mustang Community at all to tell you the truth. I have little knowledge of the Mustang and what people like. I personally agree with my kid and do not like the nose on the 99-04 Mustangs because I have the luxury of older models to compare to do to seeing them all my life on the road. What my kid does not like about the 99-04 mustangs is the fact that there are the new Mustangs to compare them to. lol... The new mustang has the round head lights and the pushed in grill. It has that older classic look to them now with some modern in them as well. The nose on the new Mustangs look old school and that's what she likes. I looked into a Gen 5 kit that makes the nose look just like the new Mustangs that have come out over the past few years but it takes extreme alterations to get them to fit from what I hear and read. . She does not like the wrap around to fender head lights most of all. The Gen 5 kit is the only one that eliminates those OEM lights in their kit by changing the fenders to the current model look. There is not a 99-04 Mustang I can even find a pic of that has had the nose changed to the gen 5. I think I will just put OEM bumper covers on it or just get a Cobra R or Saleen front nose on it and put halo headlights in it so she has a somewhat round look that she likes with the classic light appearance.

    A good example of how she see this body style based on what she has said when passing them on the road is that it would be like changing the Challenger. If Dodge was to come out with a Challenger that had head headlights that wrapped around the side of the nose into the fender and pushed the hood back just a bit it would ruin the look of the classic front nose and grill of that car. Mustang did the same with the 99-04 in her opinion. She sees them and always says ohhhh I love that car but it has those ugly lights and the nose is not classic enough so I don't like it. LOL.. She is a Mustang girl 100% though and its the only car she absolutely loves. Excluding the 99-04 Mustang nose of course.

    The car could actually be put back to OEM with a new bumper cover for front and rear and a new rocker cover on one side and a mirror and deck lid. It was not crashed hard. It was just enough to crack and dent those parts in enough that they cant be repaired. I can fix it myself with used OEM parts for about 700 bucks. Then a paint job. When complete if using OEM and new paint I will have about 2500 into it. I can't find a rust free 01 for 2500 bucks anywhere. This is why I think its worth fixing these cosmetic pieces.
  7. Ah...i see what you mean.

    Is this the Gen 5 kit you were refering to? 9904roadsterconversionkitto0509.jpg
  8. Oh yeah.. That is so awesome and that's what I want. I would love to make this 01 I have look just like that. I had decided to stay away from that only because I am not a body expert and do not know how to cut and fit it to the car. The ads I read about that kit say it takes a lot of alteration and tweaking and body filler to get it just right. If I could bolt it on and then have it painted I would do so in a hot second. My only other recourse at this point based on the limited knowledge I have is to go OEM or a Saleen or Cobra R nose. However if I could install that Gen 5 on this 01 I would do it.

    How could anyone not think that look in that pic you put up is not just totally awesome?
  9. This was the only pic I have seen of this kit before you posted the one you have.

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  10. Since I own an 03 I'm sure I'm biased, but that looks like crap. Now, having said that, since you have so little in the car maybe fix it, polish it up and sell it. Then find a decent base gen5 Mustang. That kit reminds me of a company that was taking the newer GTO's and bolting on 70 Chevelle parts. Both cars look good on their own, but mixing and matching parts makes them look like a science experiment gone horribly wrong.

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  11. jetmech807,

    You think the pic that Mustang5L5 posted of a Mustang with a Gen 5 conversion looks like crap? I think it looks awesome. In fact it looks almost exactly the same as a new mustang which is what my kid loves. The only thing I dislike in the pic he posted is the head lights stick out a bit to far. It looks like it has bugging eyes. lol They need to be flush or darn near flush mounted. However I think overall it looks great.

    My personal opinion is the 99 thru 04 Mustang standard front OEM nose looks really bad. It looks like a mix between the cookie cutter 90's cars where all cars looked ugly and round and all looked alike and it also looks like they tried to incorporate American muscle into it but failed. My kid loves Mustang and this is why I am doing this for her. I just need to decide what route to go. I can assure you I will not be selling it and replacing it with a newer one that I can't afford and end up giving a 16 year old a Mustang with a V8 that she will kill herself in. This car is already bad enough on wet roads. When we surprise her with it the agreement she must agree to is she NEVER drives in the rain with it and winter driving is totally off limits period. I have had rear wheel drive cars like this many times before and I am a pretty good driver and I could barley control them on wet roads. I don't want her to die so I got the V6 with less power and its cheaper for her to drive. Well its cheaper for me to pay for her to drive. lol
  12. Gezzzzz. I just showed my kid some pics of Mustangs and slipped the 2 in that I thought she would like. The pic above she said looked much better than the OEM but she said it looks weird. The bomber pic she did the same as you guys.........she went ewwwww ugly!

    Ok so now I am down to the OEM or some version of a gen 5 or 07 or what ever its called. She loves the look of the 2007 front end and kept pointing out that year as here favorite look. I cant afford to buy an 07 so I gotta go OEM or a kit to make the nose look like an 07. Anyone know where I can get a kit to convert the nose to a 07 and have it look good?

    I should have bought my neighbors classic 1970 Mach 1 a few years ago. It needed restoration but it rocks and would solve my problems.

    I guess a good rule with a Mustang is don't buy one if your a cheap person like me.
  13. You are aware that base model 05's have V-6's right? As do all base model Mustangs since they quit using 2300's. Where did say buy her a GT? Probably have traction control too. If a V-6 Mustang is too much car for the two of you to handle, how would manage with a 70 Mach1? :confused:

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  14. I did not say anything about it being to much to handle for "you two" I said I did not want her to get killed in a car. The more power it has the higher the odds. I have had cars that have more power than a Mustang GT by far.

    We also live in an area that gets plenty of snow so it wont be used in the winter for her safety. On top of that no rear wheel drive car of this nature should be driven in snow or icy roads. We have a 2nd car for her to drive in winter. I could handle it but a 16 year old kid does not need a V8 or even the Mach 1 I spoke of do to lack of experience. I am aware that base models have a V6. However when you get around the 05 model year it pulls it out of the price range I would spend. You see any 05 Mustangs for 2500 bucks? I don't! We got lucky getting this car with such minimal damage for 500 bucks. Other than the deck lid the OEM used front and rear bumper covers are fairly cheap. I will put more into painting it than I will the parts. I can install OEM parts myself.Its the after market ones I need to know about.

    The bottom line is I plan to either repair this car with OEM or use a different aftermarket front nose. The car is in to good a shape to just fix and sell because I wont get one as good for what I will get out of it. I would be in the same spot by the time I am done fixing these few pieces. In fact it would likely be nicer than the one I would buy for near the same money because this one will be all completely redone and painted like new.

    I was hoping someone here would know the best place to buy front and rear bumper covers for this car or body kits that would look nice on the car. I can find used OEM parts so that's not the issue. I was hoping someone would have experience with the Gen 5 kit or bomber. My kid just said the bomber looks crappy so I am down to OEM which she does not like so much but would tolerate it. Or I can put on the Gen 5 kit if I can get info on it.
  15. Why not just put stock bumpers on the car and let her focus on learning to drive? Once she's comfortable driving at that point a 05 V6 might be in range?

    I'm not even sure the Gen 5 kit is made anymore. It didn't really sell that well.
  16. Thanks for the thoughts but an 05 down the road is highly unlikely. Financially we can't afford it even a few years from now. Especially a few years from now. She is actually a 15 year old in college taking her 1st class. The next two years of her college education are free to us but after that every penny we have will go to her education. We are middle class folk at best and can't afford much.

    The mustang is a sweet 16 gift and she is my only child I have or ever will have so I thought I would try to do the best I could with this car. The car has such minimal damage that it could be repaired by me and then painted and I would not have over 2500 into it and it will look like new. In fact I just found the deck lid and rear bumper and rocker cover for $325. That leaves the mirror and front bumper and head light that I need to get. A few hundred more and the body parts would be replaced completely. Total I will have about 1100 into it before having it painted. Her 2nd car that will be used during winter is a 1987 Escort diesel that get 50 miles per gallon. The body is being restored now by myself. As you can see if I am giving her an 87 Escort as her 2nd car that means we do not have much money to afford to buy her a car that is 6 or 7 years old. I am quite handy and can fix about anything if I have the info available to see it and this is why I choose this Mustang. Usually I will buy a lightly wreaked car and repair it myself and then drive it until it drops. This Mustang was just a lucky find for 500 bucks. My neighbor sold it to me.

    The Gen 5 kit is something new according to what I was told. So new that Duraflex said they have limited amounts right now do to production just beginning. I don't know if that's true or not.

    Her is a pic of a CVX front nose. What do you guys think of this one?

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  17. What do you think of the stalker cover?
  18. I can't believe it. I just found a 2nd OM deck lid with spoiler and rocker panel cover for 60 bucks. I think I will buy that one instead of the one for 325. lol
  19. You may be right about the Gen 5 kit. I was told it was made for the 99-04 mustang but it was modeled after the 05 to 07 mustangs. So that is at least 6 years