Build Thread 1978 Fairmont Futura Build. Trying To Gain 10 Pounds.

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  1. I notice the narrowness of the divider between the 2 ports on the flange you are holding. It looks to be almost the same width as the tube thickness.

    if you use 2 individual collector tubes, how are you going to weld the second collector tube in once the first collector tube is in place? There doesn't look like there is enough room to weld the other in once the first tube is welded in place.

    Unless the thickness of the divider an illusion, your collector tubes are going to have to fit inside the ports on the flange. Then they will have to be welded from the face side and then smoothed off. But then again, I am not a welder and don't know all the tricks.
  2. Better that you just wait and see Jack, James, Jim, Joe, John...... there will be two different sections to merge each set of three into each side of the flange built out of .125 wall plate. You are right though,..the center is very narrow ( like .200) but I have a plan to finish it that shouldn't look too Frankenstein.
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  3. I love custom pipes. Nothing cooler than seeing a hotside built from nothing. What size tubing are you using? Looks like 10ga or something. The walls of those pipes are freaking thick!

    Edit: Err...never mind. Steam pipe, got it.
  4. Well that brings me to ask about bought a "kit" that you modified I think. Was it made from SS? Your intercooler piping....Aluminum or steel?
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  5. Update 713 for those three of you that are paying attention: Just bought my A2W intercooler, the radiator that will cool the water,. the Bosch "Cobra" water pump and two.....uhh,......err...... Chinese :hide:waste gates. I have to cheap out on something here in order to go forward,..and even a "deal" on Turbo Smart pieces would be 420.00 for the two. I hope that there is not some issue with those things that'll force me to return them like their little Chinese turbo cousin ( Turbo actually only cost me 55.00 for freight there and back instead of the 80.00 I originally thought it would).
    The gates are Godspeed pieces ( Not that that matters) and cost about 80.00 ea. Honestly, it'll be probably a year before I get a chance to even run them, so I'll just have to wait and see .
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  6. You know I'm watching this thread living vicariously through you...and possibly picking up a little knowledge along the way. Keep it comin buddy! :nice:
  7. All my hotside piping was 14ga mild steel. The cold side piping is all aluminum.
  8. Holy overkill on the header tubing!!! Any custom headers I have ever done have been either m/s or s/s and are always tubing size, not pipe size and a much much thinner gauge. I know that you wanted to grind the welds smooth and all so I understand your reasoning. I personally tig weld all of my headers and don't mind the welds showing. Nice work! I'm interested to see how the collector turns out!
  9. Well another inch moved towards the end of the million mile march that is a project car. Those of you that wanted to see how I chose to divide the plenum, and feed each side of the T-4 flange here's your chance.

    I started out by making a "V" and bent the bottoms of that V to follow the outside of the header tubes. I then followed suit on each of the outside ends. I then plated the sides,..welded the intersection points, inside and out,...and put the thing on top of the header.


    Then I put the cherry on top.


    Nothing under the turbo is welded,...(matter of fact that's not even a turbo,'s just an empty shell) I still have to cut holes for the waste gate tubes ( which will go in the center of each of those sides in the picture above). I'm still waiting on the waste gates to be sure I put them in the right place before I commit to their placement. Then, I'll finish weld and detail the whole thing, give it to my buddy for sand blasting, and paint it w/ that new Ceramic header paint that's supposed to be able to resist 2000 degrees after it's baked in an oven.
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  10. I likey. Simple, yet effective.
  11. Simply amazing. I probably would have never come up with a solution that clever.
  12. I love how the placement of that turbo is going to make it the centerpiece, every time you open that hood. :nice:

    You going to jet coat that header?
  13. Seems we have similar taste good sir! Instead I chose Gem green from 2013 Ford color code!
  14. Thanks,..part of the plan. ( The centerpiece part) No,...I'm thinking I'm gonna use the new VHT paint that is supposed to withstand 2000 degrees if properly painted and baked. (One can of header paint costs a hell of a lot less than a jet hot coated header.)
    You might wanna hold on the congrats part,.....silver, and the 79 pace car colors are back.
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  15. Yeah... I can see that. hehe
  16. My "new to me" headers, just finished with the VHT black. They will be receiving the black DEI wrap too.


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  17. I worked on the cold side today,...I must be a hack because I used what I had, and what I had was 3" alumanized steel pipe, and some mandrel bends I had from another past project. The intercooler is from Frozen Boost,..I don't know whether it's any good,..but A2W intercoolers are so easy based on the smaller size, and the fact that they do not have to be in the air stream to do their job. I'm planning to put the radiator and the fan behind what would've been the rear seat and duct air to it from some custom NACA inlets I'm planning on adding to the quarters in front of the rear tires. I'm gonna use 3/4 copper water pipe to get the water up front to that intercooler.

    Evidently I decided to shroud the last pic w/ my hand for effect.
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  18. Are you going to somehow restrain the coldside piping from blowing out of that silicone 90? Looks good, I really like the sawzall box and jackstand trick ;)
  19. I am the mother of invention when it comes to using what's laying around. Don't know if its visible, but the book under the jack stand is titled "Working alone"....and comes with all kind of tricks for lifting, and handeling heavy, and long loads alone.
    kind of appropriate that I use the book to hold up a long span of exhaust tubing I think.
    Yes, I plan on creating a retainer ring for each raw end of the tubing to keep it from blowing off.
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