Build Thread 1978 Fairmont Futura Build. Trying To Gain 10 Pounds.

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  1. ...and how cool is it that his dad can build a Snap On truck with two paper clips and a mig welder? :D

  2. yeah, we all said that too

  3. yeah, we all said that too
  4. Ok, Another update for the you V8 guys to turn your noses up at:tumbleweed:

    Today started off having me walking 5 miles to pick up the new 4eye. It was about 90 at 9AM when I started walking. I called the seller to tell him I'd be there in an hour,and after talking (and finding out I was walking), he offered to pick me up. I had made 1.5 miles by the time he got to me.
    I grabbed the car, took it by the ins office, then by the credit union where it's financed (I just didn't want to come off 2500.00, and have to wait on my #1 son to pay me back) for an inspection. They just wanted to make sure it wasn't some heap.

    Interesting sidenote, The loan officer congratulated me on the great price. She said the according to NADA. the car retail in fair condition was 4k, and in excellent condition was 9k.
    So the lesson learned for today would be:...A credit union will finance a perfect 86GT, even if it sells for up to 9K. :woowoo:

    I got the thing home and parked it. It is bad need of a left tail light, and I didn't want it falling off onto the interstate like the tail lights on my car did when they hauled the thing to me.

    Focusing on my car, I needed to find a Gilmer belt. I went downtown again, to Motion Industries, but they didn't have one. Grainger didn't, another industrial supply didn't, finally I found a bearing supply house that did. 20.00.
    I found another supplier for more of the push lock -12 hose I've been using for the water hoses, so I could build the oil feed lines to the pump. I bought 10' of that junk @ 2.77'.
    The reason that bears worth mentioning is that purchasing this stuff from Summit/Jegs would be double that, so it pays to try and locally source the stuff if you can.
    I get back home at noon after eating lunch at the only fast food tex-mex restaurant worth patronizing,.....Moes. You can have all the Taco Bell you can pass in 12 hours, Moes kills the TBell.

    I throw the belt on to be sure I didn't get one too short. It fit perfecto.
    Yesterdays update said that the belt alignment was wrong, and the pic clearly shows that it is. What looks like the belt is too far forward is actually the nose of the gear being too low.
    I removed the bracket, and ground off one of the two tack welds so that I could twist the thing up to align it. I need to do a better job of with that tack weld, because I did in fact twist it, and you can see that the tack is starting to fail because of that. Let me tell you, if that tack fails, and I lose all that I have, the roar that'll come out of my mouth will be heard in Canada.
    So that that won't have to happen, I'll just add to the tack tomorrow before I bolt the bracket back in place for final alignment.

    All of my couplers came in this afternoon, so I changed gears again, and returned to the cold side completion. The dilemma was what to do w/ each cut end of the tubing to keep it from slipping out under boost. I was gonna weld tabs, and strap the splices together ala-dragcar, but that was more work than I wanted to commit to. I attempted to weld a ring around the end of one of the tubes, but that took forever, and I hated it when I was done. So, in the end, and in the simplest form possible, I took a crescent wrench, closed it tight against the wall of the open end of each tube, and slid it onto the end of the tube 1/4". Then, working around the tube, bent a simple flare at the end by "nibbling" one little bend at a time until I got completely around the end of the tube.

    Took about 1 minute per end. Ten minutes for all.

    Then I painted the things in a high heat black, and coupled the things in place permanently.
    I got to the IC side, and completed my BOV installation. Another Chinee piece from Godspeed, we'll have to see how this thing works and sounds.
    There's an Aussie Mustang out there on Youtube, that I am hoping mine will sound like.


    Once all of that junk was done, I moved to the wastegates, and the hotside. At some point during the welding/ baking the holes that hold the waste gates on got way smaller. I had to run a tap through them to get them back open big enough to get them to bolt up.

    Loosely bolted on till I get the downpipe finished. That'll be tomorrows work.

    That, and that stinkin' oil pump

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  5. The black piping looks awesome. I dig it.
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  6. Per the video of the turbo 6 Mustang.................only a stock seat belt being used on a car that will run 9 teens at over 150mph! No neck brace, seat back not supported! Wow. either an outlaw track or they just don't give a rip about safety. Car sounds ****in' by the way.
  7. Yeah I saw that too. That car is actually a really nice custom street car. He has a full cage, but no safety restraints other than the single shoulder harness. It's not stock, 65 Mustangs only had lap belts. There are other videos of that thing when it was first put together, and the build quality is top tier.Now he beats the piss out of it, then he drives it back home.
    I think he's running 38 lbs of boost into that engine and I think he's actually made it into the 8's.
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  8. Taco Tuesdays at Moe's is hard to beat!
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  9. Well, Not the kind of progress I've been posting, but progress nonetheless.

    I bought my TIG back several months ago, knowing that I really needed to get better at using the TIG to weld as opposed to using the MIG. I did get the oil pump mounted on the newly made bracket, and it all lines up, so that is one of the little hurdles that have been jumped.

    The rest of the day was TIG 101, using my down pipe as a guinea pig to learn on. At the end of the day, I can say that I can TIG a weld.


    But w/o burning through, and there is some semblance that the tube wasn't welded w/ a mig.

    It's gonna be a long hard road to TIG graduation day.

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  10. Well you arent getting any younger, so may as well get to practicing now.
  11. Wait, finish the car first, and then start practicing.
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  13. Interesting - no side flanges on the oil pump pulley. I would have thought that would be standard equipment.

    I just did a Google search and found out that to prevent problems, the two shafts in a Gilmer belt setup have to be absolutely parallel. It seems that if the alignment is off slightly, the flanges cause the edges of the belt to fray.

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  14. The crank pulley is the guide pulley. It has the side bolsters to keep the belt on. To tell the truth, I expected the OP pulley to have one as well, but I guess it makes sense that the belt runs true, and since it can't potentially walk left or right (w/o shredding) then you only need the one pulley guiding the belt.
  15. I'm tired of grinding MIG welds. I need to practice.

    I did manage to get the welds looking like a stack of dimes though...........

    A molten, blob stack of dimes.:rolleyes:
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  16. Time to update yet? Lol
  17. Pictures of the Tig welds please :stick:
  18. Loved the Starion back in 1987.