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  1. Hello All,

    This winter I've been swapping in a fresh 302 into my 1995 GT. When I pulled the original engine I had problems disconnecting the fuel lines at the fuel rail on the engine, so thinking I could easily replace them I just cut them off at the fuel rail.

    Now I have everything together and I'm ready to put it back on the road...but no fuel lines. Ford doesn't have them any longer and I've had little luck finding replacement lines in the aftermarket for the 94-95 GT.

    I did find these on Ebay and was wondering if they would do the trick. The original rubber lines are still in the car, just an inch shorter than before, so perhaps putting these on the original lines would do the trick.


    Any thoughts?


  2. Ah, I remember researching this some years ago. The problem with our cars is that the pressure and return hard lines are different sizes, while on earlier Mustangs they're both the same size. Fortunately, back in 2010 Russell finally made the missing adapter we 94-95 5.0 folks needed. Here's the part list I got from the old Corral thread:

    Blue parts:
    • 5/16 to 6AN hard tube adapter - 640860
    • 1/4 to 6AN hard tube adapter - 641300
    • Ford Pressure Side EFI x 6 AN - 640900
    • Ford Return Side EFI x 6 AN - 640870

    Black parts:
    • 5/16 to 6AN hard tube adapter - 640863
    • 1/4 to 6AN hard tube adapter - 641303
    • Ford Pressure Side EFI x 6 AN - 640903
    • Ford Return Side EFI x 6 AN - 640873

    As you might guess form the parts list, you then buy some 6AN fuel line and hook it up to the parts listed above. Additional research on the Corral thread suggests you'll need two 30" fuel hoses with 6AN ends. One user recommends pre-made hoses from Fragola, one hose with a 45* bend on one side for the hard line side. You'd need two of these:


    Looks like Summit says they're 24" hoses, though the Corral poster says the hoses are 30". Do your research and make sure all this info is still good.

    Whole corral thread:

    Post for the Fragola line:

    I never bought these parts, nor have I had any trouble with my OEM lines. Report back and let us know how well this works!
  3. Wow awesome, thanks so much! I will get these parts together and let you know how I make out. Thanks again!!
  4. I did the conversion this winter myself. You're correct about the part being superseded, but unfortunately once you get the darned thing (644110), it won't fit on your fuel line. The 640860 was a better fit for our lines (with the two flares on the tube their screw-on retainer cap is too thick to fit between them), but unfortunately there were many reports of the 640860 spontaneously popping off and causing fuel fires (bad). The same fitting for the smaller (1/4") return line works fine.

    So some amount of fabrication will be required -- some folks drill out the fitting to allow the tube to go into it further and the retainer then sits under the 2nd flare. I tried grinding down the cap to fit between the flares and wrecked it myself. So I cross-drilled the fitting and ran a cotter-pin through it which is working very well for me. So prepare for a little frustration unfortunately (I thought it would be 20 minutes but it turned into a 3 hr. cuss-fest so you've been warned).

    You cut also cut the tube (to remove the flares) and use a compression-fitting to AN adapter, those seem easier to find. I'd have done it that way if I had to do it again.
  5. Primarily because of the aforementioned fires and the manufacturer discontinuing the part because of them. But you're correct you can still find it on eBay and a few other places, though I'd google about the part history before considering it. Glad I did, love my Stang too much.
  6. can you link me to this? I have never heard of that with the russell fittings
  7. Sure, here's a few fwiw. Of course you can't believe everything you read (especially from the Chevy guys), but the new design is much more secure. I just wish it fit between our flares properly. These don't all reference the same part number for our cars, but in general are similarly designed fittings, which is why I believe Russell discontinued them for the improved design.


    Again fwiw, the stock supply line connectors use a hairpin-clip type connection at the firewall (the same as what's done at the fuel filter) or a spring-clip connection at the manifold (with a safety clip over it). The return-line uses a quick-disconnect which is probably much more o.k. for the low pressure. Having no backup / safety at the supply line and just a quick-disconnect isn't very reassuring imho even if they weren't prone to failure.

    If you're trying to make the fuel supply lines bullet-proof, using AN fittings and braided line, I can't see trusting the whole thing to one flimsy plastic clip that's WAY too close to the exhaust manifold for comfort without a backup plan.

    In this thread, a few comments indicate that folks felt they weren't really secure and could pop off pretty easily.

    Here's an alternate part number worth considering as well (still quick-disconnect so I'm not sure I'd trust it, but at least it's not the pre-re-designed Russell).
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  8. Hmmm. I purchased a Russell fitting that clipped on that was meant for LS engines. I'm hoping it is not the one prone to popping off but now I don't have the part # handy. You are correct, I also screwed around with the fitting I mentioned earlier after finding it did not fit. Once again no easy solution for us 5.0L SN95 guys!
  9. My other car's a II so this is great by comparison. :) One thing I thought would work really well to guarantee against pop-offs would be using one of the safety clips like the hoses at the gas-tank have. I've not seen them for sale so you'd have to pick one out of a junkyard, but I 'think' that would work really well (if it would fit).

    Something like this guy (seems like they also had that great idea), shame I can't find it for 5/16:
    (interesting they say that plastic-retainer quick-disconnect fittings don't belong in the engine bay)

    You could probably buy yourself some peace-of-mind with a couple of strategically placed zip-ties too (one above, one below, and one to tie them together). Can you tell I thought about this a lot? lol

    Here's one last thread to add (with another suggestion to improve the retainer function):

    Best yet, cut the flares off of the tube and use this:
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