2002 Mustang common problems

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by mikec35, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. Here is a list of the problems I have with my low mileage 2002 V6. Anyone else have the same problems and know of the fixes?

    Rear deck squeaks when hitting bumps in road, both tinted windows squeak when rolling down, air vents in center of dash rattle when fan is in next to high speed or high speed, sometimes when you are parked with car in gear and brake lightly pressed the engine will surge and the car will move so you have to press brake harder.
    Another annoyance is the engine rattles sometime when slowing down or at idle. I know these are somewhat knit picky in nature, but just looking to see if anyone else has these issues or others that might help me resolve some...
  2. that's a ford for ya ;)

    my windows squeek. Doesn't bother me that much... I'm just thankful they roll down.
  3. This doen't help you but FORD= Found On Road Dead (I even told this to the car salesman when he was trying to sell my mustang to me...lol)
  4. My passenger side window squeaks. Umm, my car used to squeak when I hit bumps but now it doesn't. I think it's just inherent to fords or something. Dunno.
  5. us older models don't have teh window squeak
  6. :nice: True, but then again we don't have 190hp :(
  8. jiggly buns! wooohoo! :nice:
  9. the windows will squeek its the way teh seals are designed, if the deck lid squeeks check all teh bolts to make sure they are all tight, it might just be the latch is out of alignment or something simple like that.

    the dash vibrating.... not sure how to go about checking that.
  10. beat it until it stops thats my tried and true method
  11. Forgot to mention I hear a whistling sound from front left windshield area at highway speeds. Anyone else hear that... I knew lots of people would have fun with my many problems.... It ain't no good if you can't have fun!! Thx for the replies..
  12. beat a couple parts as an example to what will happen if they dont get in line.
  13. :rlaugh: Thats hilarious!!! :lol:

    Nope, my window doesn't squeak?? My car knows better, treat her like the **** she is!LOL.
  14. the newer model windows are tighter, for the sole reason of better water protection. Instead of trying to find a new and better way to waterproof it, they figured tightening up the seals would work just as well..just more squeaking. iditos.

    by the way make sure you take some silicone spray and condition all rubber seals (doors, window, trunk, etc..) every 6 months or so, and they'll last over twice as long.
  15. yeah my windows squeak too, but i dont have any of those other problems... thats the only thing ive noticed so far (only had the car a week)
  16. check to see if the window shifts when it goes up and down...i have the same problem...it looks like one of the hooks on the window for pushing it up or down might be off. my passenger window squeaks and it seems that the back end of the window isn't being pushed up evenly with the front. however the driver side is nice an even...take off the door pannel and see if u can check it...thats what i plan to do this weekend
  17. mikec35:

    I had that back squeak thing happen too when I bought my ride. Sounds too easy but CHECK YOUR LICENSE PLATE HOLDER, lol. That was the culprit on mine. If it really bugs you that much you might also want to invest in some full length subframe connectors. They improved performance and decreased the squeaking to a minimumon my car.
  18. I thought FORD = First On Race Day
  19. since we are talking acronyms, and since we are a ford loving site how is this one

    CHEVROLET = Cheap Hardly Efficicent Virtualy Runs On Luck Every Time :banana:
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