3.8l V6 To 4.6l V8+5spd Swap Completed


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Jan 6, 2015
First off, id like to say I've had this swap done for a while now, almost a year. I got the donor car in late December and finished around in March.

To start if anyone has any doubts on this swap I would like to make it clear its not nearly as "impossible" as almost everyone tries to make it out to be. As long as you have a general knowledge of how cars work and do your research ahead of time its very simple. The people that are always saying "oh, its not worth it", or "just sell the v6 and buy a v8 it'll cost you a fortune" are plain ignorant. These are the people that have most likely never handled a wrench in their life or are just to intimidated to try a swap and would rather take the easy way out.

When I first became serious in doing this swap, these are always the responses I saw. Every forum, yahoo questions, you name it; people always said the same thing. I did enough research to where i was still dedicated to do it though.

I have had my 2000 mustang v6 auto for years. I'd been through hell with that car. I modded it; basically full bolt-ons, wrecked it, and fixed her back up. It was my baby even if it was just a sixxer. That 3.8 had 187,xxxx miles on it went I swapped it out. It was a trooper for sure, but I was ready for a V8 plus a 5spd

After looking for wrecked GTs, mach 1s and even cobras on auction sites for months, I finally bit the bullet and bought one (GT). I ended up paying $800 for the entire car but kind of got screwd when I had to pay another 1k to get it shipped to me in CO. After getting the car in mid December, it was parked for a good month before I could start any work on either car.
Once the weather cleared it was on! All in all the whole process would have took 5 DAYS if we wouldve worked all consecutive days!

Day 1: Pulled the v6 engine along with auto transmission
Day 2: Swapped out GTs ECM and wiring harness into v6 body along with GTs ignition switch
Day 3: Swapped out pedals and clutch assembly along with the brake boosters.
Day 4: Pulled 4.6 and T-45 out of GT body, swapped gauge clusters
Day 5: Put in 4.6 and tranny into v6 body, attached drive-line, plugged up harnesses

Honestly that was basically it, a couple extra days to put the car back together including some body panels, interior pieces, etc.. but the it was done! The first start had me nervous but it fired up 1st crank. Check it out!

View: https://youtu.be/2B25vJOUJlk

Here's just some of the pictures from the whole process, hopefully they show up

greyshot95's Library | Photobucket

This really wasnt a write-up on how to do this swap but if your are thinking about it, a couple of these tips will help you out tremendously.

Get a donor car- Do not try to piece together everything you need for the swap. You will end up spending more in the longrun than just buying a v8. Plus, it is a hell of a lot easier having all the parts you need at your disposal just sitting there.

Engine/tranny combo- I chose to remove the engine and tranny from both cars all as one. This way made everything go much smoother and made the whole process faster. Just do it, trust me

Last, but not least do your research first!- Find out exactly what you need from your donor car. Which in this case, actually isnt much! Before i got started I found one of the only people Ive seen do this swap on a different Forum. His name is FROUSH. I was in contact with him the entire way and he helped answer a lot of questions I had, which in turn made the swap much easier.

Alright guys, i think that's all. I had written this exact thread a couple months ago but my session timed out as soon as I was about to post it and lost everything. If you think I missed something or didn't explain anything well enough, be sure to ask in the comments. Thanks!

Ill leave everyone with the finished exhaust setup and REVVS of my finished car which I believe is a HARDD setup to beat on the modular 4.6s

View: https://youtu.be/f9cpyKJ-gr8
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Oct 8, 2018
Brooklyn, NY
Hey man, I know this post is three years old now and I’ve been thinking about getting a V8 installed in my 2004 V6. I bought the car on July 31st with 32,000 so I am a bit wary about swapping out a great engine for a more used one. Like you, I’ve looked everywhere and no matter where I went people say to just buy a GT. I don’t want to buy a GT as this is my first car and I’ve fallen in love with it. I’ve looked everywhere for a 2004 sonic blue GT and so far I only found one over the entire country. I would greatly appreciate hearing your opinion on my situation and any helpful information. Thanks!
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