302 vs 351w weight?

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  1. My college graduation present to myself is probably going to be a shortblock for my coupe, and I'm trying to make decisions. Out of curiosity, what would the weight difference between a 302-based stroker and a 351w-based stroker?
  2. 302's are around 460lbs. and 351's are around 510lbs. So around a 50lbs. weight difference.
  3. as a reference from Dart's site, a 8.2 deck block weighs in at 160 lbs, and a 9.5 deck weighs 195 lbs.

    If your gonna build a motor from scratch, build a 351 based setup, it might cost a little more, but in the end its worth it.
  4. 408 N/A windsor is the best N/a power plant you can have in a fox IMO
  5. :stupid: the weight difference between the two is negligible once you start getting into the realm of making serious power, because by then you'll more than likely have much lighter aluminum heads and a tubular k frame and all of those goodies
  6. like notchbacklx said, getting a tubular k-member will make up for the weight gained, but comparing the power/weight, a 351 is worth it. Especially because of the amount of power it can handle. I'll gladly add 50 pounds to my car. But 50lbs is accurate as said before.

    I looked into swapping over to a 351 and was going to do it, its not very expensive, but just out of my price range. Theres a lot of info on stangnet about 351's. Just remember you will have to upgrade all performance engine parts, because 302 performance parts on a 351 makes 302 power. You cant put afr 165's, gt40 intake, and an off the shelf cam and expect to make over 350hp.
  7. dont forget the pound of poop that will be in your pants the first time you WOT a properly built 408
  8. Thanks for the answers guys. My plans were either an N/A 408, or an N/A 347/331. The reason I'm worried about weight is because I'd like to have the ability to track the car (a twisty as well as straight line...I enjoy the occasional AutoX and track day) every once in a while, and I didn't want the weight distribution to be so terrible that the car wouldn't handle anymore. Thanks guys! :nice:

  9. I've gotta agree...go stroked Windsor. This is coming from a 347 owner. I got a smokin deal on mine...if i were gonna build it myself i'd start with a Windsor. Whatever gains in weight you pick up are more than made up for in torque, and you get a stronger factory block as a bonus.
  10. 351.

    If I didn't like them so much, I wouldn't have 1 in my 68, 1 on the stand being built for my 90 GT, and 1 on another stand for a spare (not sure what I'm going to do with it yet).
  11. Stock block or aftermarket?

    :scratch: How bout an ls1 (all aluminum) that weighs 100lbs less, with stock shortblock, 346 cubes, a cheap set of heads, and a very streetable hydraulic roller cam that makes just as much if not more power than a serious solid roller 408. Please no one respond to this comment, I don't want to turn this into the Ford vs. Chevy battle. Just know that I'm right, that is all, thank you. :D
    There's not really a such thing as "making up" for the weight because you can just as easily throw the same weight saving parts on any other motor and you're still 50lbs behind. Not that 50lbs is the end of the world, just saying.

    If you're building something with a stock block, I say 351 because the 300hp more that it will handle is worth more than the 50lbs.
  12. Hey i've said it before and i'll say it again...the LS engines are badass. But, they're not the holy grail of small blocks either. My moddest little 347 with 40 year old ported heads made more power than a tuned/CAI'ed LS1.

    But yeah not trying to derail....as you were :D
  13. There is absolutely no way I would stick an LS1 in my fox. Please, no more about them...I don't want to get off track at all here.

    I realize that a solid roller 347 can make monstrous power (our Shelby does), but I want to stay on pump gas with medium compression, and a hydraulic cam if at all possible. I want this car to be a torque-monster street terror, but track-able as well. If I do a 351, I will probably stick with the stock block. What are power limits like at the crank for a stock 351 block? I don't know as much as about them as I do 302 blocks.

    Thanks guys!
  14. Well realistically what are your power goals? It's not very hard to make 500rwhp with a well built 408-426 and it still be very streetable (maybe not idle like a kitten but what's the fun in that? lol).
  15. Realistically, I'd like anything over 450 to the wheels. I'd also prefer to keep it fuel injected. I don't even know the norms/limits of the stock 351w block. It's not going to be a daily driver after college, but I'll still want it to be within the realm of a tame weekend driver.
  16. When I said "making up" I meant that if you stick a 351 in with a tubular kmemeber youd be around the same weight as a 302 with the stock k memeber, obviously you can stick a tubular k memeber on a 302 and have it weigh even less, but I think my point was easily picked up by most people..
  17. Well considering a 347 can make 450 at the wheels and the block still be somewhat safe assuming the tune is solid...you'll be fine with that level of power in a 351 provided you make the power at a reasonable RPM.
  18. Haha, you're so ghey for making a comment like that. "I'm going to say something that everyone here will hate, but nobody is allowed to retaliate!"

    My understanding is 650-700 at the limits. 2-bolt FRPP Sportsman blocks are rated to 750, IIRC, and of course Dart blocks are in the 4 figure range. I also hear tell that Ford has a 351 Boss block in the works, but I don't know how sure that is. I know you're looking to keep it streetable and roller-cammed, but I've heard that you can rev N/A Windsor blocks to the moon without it letting go, unlike a 302 block. Of course, the EEC IV won't handle revving much past 7K, so that also puts a damper on that.
  19. My little DSS built 331 is making 400 whp n/a but I've also got full race ported intake and heads 10-5-1 comp.... I love it.... But honestly if I ever do it over I'm going 408 for sure.... Just my 2cents
  20. Not it hi-jack but I was thinking of replacing the 5.0L in my 86 vert to a 5.8L. I was thinking something like the 90s version of the lightning engine. I want something close to 350 hps and the added torque will be nice. I will not race the 86 but then I want to put the hammer down it would be nice to have some extra hps without too many mods.