94-95 Mustang Serpentine Belt Routing

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  1. Here's a few schematics of the belt routing in various configurations.

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  2. nice. Any idea of the belt length for the smog and ac eliminated setup?
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  4. No worries Matt.
    It's 82.7" or 2100mm (6PK2100). Keep in mind that this is with stock pulleys.
  5. All the above quoted belt lengths are with stock pulleys. If you can't find the exact length, go for the nearest one that fits without bottoming out the tensioner pulley.
    If you have underdrive pulleys, the belt length will be altered so you may need to try different size belts until you find the right one.
  6. any idea with underdrive pulleys?
  7. There are so many different underdrive pulleys on the market that you'd have to use trial and error to find the right belt. If you use the traditional string around the pulleys method of measuring the required belt length you'll at least get close.
  8. That's what I was just thinking.....not all...but most of the underdrive pulleys out there have a different % of underdrive
  9. It doesn't seem like our tensioner would work with both the a/c and smog deleted
  10. ok, so which way is our pump suppose to turn? on the stock diagram it is spinning normally and on the alternate stock routing it shows it as reverse. the diagram under the hood on my car shows it as the stock way with 104.5 belt. i deleted the smog pump and routed it as shown without a smog pump and had no cooling issues. Now i just put on underdrives and it runs pretty hot. i just need to know if it's because of the underdrives or the pump spinning backwards. i am going to try putting the stock WP pulley and leaves the other underdrives on and see if that helps.
  11. if you routed it the way that it shows in the diagram its still spinning the same way as stock, not in reverse. I would say its your underdrive pullies as the culprit.
  12. I'm running a 81 1/8 I believe. That or a 81 3/8.
  13. k i did it with diagram 82.7 but i used a longer belt and used smog still but my prob is its screaming like the belt i mean i thought it was a pulley but when i set it up the way its suppose to be theres noe squeling?? what is causing that?? the only thing i can say is i really had to forse the belt on?? could it be too tight??
  14. i also noticed theres some back and fourth play with the powersteering pulley but like i said when its set up to stock its not doing that?? noise i mean??
  15. is 87.2 a sure fit with the smog/ac gone?
  16. You mean 82.7". If you still have stock pulleys that size (6PK2100) should be very close but belt lengths may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer.

    It works fine. Trust me. I've deleted the smog/AC on my car so I'm living proof but since I also have an ASP crank pulley, I'm using a shorter belt than the one in the diagram.

    That's normal but there shouldn't be any noise.

    Yes. If the tensioner is maxed out in its adjustment just to get the belt on, then it's definitely too tight and it could accelerate wear in the alternator pulley bearings (not a good thing).
  17. With March underdrive pulleys(Crank, Water pump, Alt) No A/C, Pro5.0 Smog delete pulley, Stock power steering pulley

    I run 915K6 on mine
  18. Thanks Bullit95!!!! I used the stock belt 95 GT alternate routing with my Ford Motorsport underdrive pulley set and it worked out perfect!!

    94 Cobra 5.0 FMS Underdrive pulley set, BBK equal length headers, Flowmaster catback, Eibach springs, subframe connectors and etc.....
  19. Wher have yall bought your shortened belts. Im looking for the 90.2" belt. Im gonna delete the smog pump. Want to do underdrive pulleys too. Anyone recommend a set of pullies with appropriate belt to go with it?