Anyone Try These Motor Mounts?

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  1. 7FCDB221-3930-45AB-AE49-7891304FE079.png 1978 Mustang Cobra 302 aftermarket motor mounts. They are different than my originals. I found these motor mounts. Anyone try these yet? Is there anywhere else we can find new or aftermarket motor mounts that fit?
  2. That would be cool if they do work! The way I understand it is that they are impossible to find so most resort to rebuilding them.....
  3. Those will not fit a II, I believe those are for Fox bodies (or generic pic). You need to rebuild what you have or find a used set. Brett McHugh sells his rebuild kits through SSC Enterprises. Nice kits, never heard of any failures/problems (I have them in my King).
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  4. I will try the kit. Thank you
  5. If they match the photo they're displaying, they are not Fox mounts. Fox mounts have a stud that protrudes through the frame mount, those look like they straddle the frame mount like the II mounts do. I'm not saying that these would fit or are necessarily the correct photo, but the pic is not of Fox mounts.
  6. Looking for Mustang II mounts. I bought these and they are as the picture shows. I’m taking Stadems3’s advise and buying the kit.
  7. Yup, you will not find an auto supplier with actual II V8 mounts. I've seen many people pose the question if "these will fit", they don't. Rebuild what you got, or find some used ones that will most likely need to be rebuilt. The joys of owning a II :)