Best Mustang Magazine?

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  1. As a newbie to my 68 Mustang, and to the Ford world in general, what magazine provides the best articles for furthering my classic Mustang restomod education? Thanks!
  2. I dont think there are any magazines dedicated to solely classic mustangs. Mustangsplus has a magazine/catalog that comes out...but they are frowned upon in this forum. Once in a while Hotrod or MM&FF does an article or two on classics. I think Cheapsk8 publishes a newsletter with all kinds of info.
  3. Although I've never really purchased it, but Mustangs Monthly seems to be good. I've come across a lot of helpful and useful articles and information on their website.
  4. Mustangs and Fords is a good mag, so is Mustang Monthly.

    I subscribe to both.

  5. I agree with dolfan. I also subscribe to both.
  6. I used to subscribe to 'Mustangs and Fords'. But I let it expire. It seemed like they did the same tech articles over and over just on other cars. ( The Flaming River steering box and disc conversions seemed to be their favorite articles at the time).
  7. Mustang & Fords is dedicated to modifying and restomodding vintage/classic Mustangs and Fords and is a good choice if you really don't have a lot of background. Just realize that over the last few years the vast majority of their tech articles are basically infomercials for their advertisers' products. Also, typically, the articles are very shallow in their actual "tech" content. For example, in the most recent issue, there is an article they titled "Holley supertuning", but the article doesn't ever actually mention specific (or even general) tuning tips. Instead the entire article simply describes various parts of Holley carbs and what they're supposed to do (not how they work, mind you).

    Mustang Monthly is similar except it is more geared towards restoration info rather than modification (though it is doing more of that kind of thing).

    My favorite purely Mustang magazine is Hemmings Mustang magazine. It is a true enthusiasts' magazine, with good tech info, geared towards do-it-yourselfers, and has a good grassroots' feel. It does cover some late model stuff, but is still primarily about classics. It's only published every 2 months, so you've got to wait a while for the next issue. But, they don't have any advertisers at all, and therefor don't have a need to appease or push certain companies or their products. I like that a lot. Also, one of our own Stangnetter's writes for them and is always prowling this forum for good fodder for articles, so I know the content is in line with my interests.

    Ultimately, I suggest visiting all of the magazines' web sites and getting a free issue mailed to you. All of the magazines offer this (usually as a way to get you to subscribe). You don't like the magazine, send back the envelope with the "no thanks" box checked. Here are the sites for the ones I mentioned:

    Hope this helps.
  8. I get 'em all, and DarkBuddha pretty much sums it up. Mustang & Fords is good for keeping up with what specific products are on the market, and the how-tos are usually good if you're new to this.

    Honestly, spend all of your free time reading the forums. There's a huge knowledge base here and if you use the "search" function you can find almost anything you need. Otherwise, just ask. The only thing is that you need to use sort of a "statistical" aproach to finding an answer -- you'll need to get many opinions before the truth bubbles to the top :p

    Mustang magazines: part of a complete automotive knowledge breakfast consisting of mags, forums, car shows, old people, and learning things the hard way.
  9. Thanks for the excellent replies. I've been reading nearly every post here since my wife became an owner, and I became the restomod-der :D and the knowledge-base is really astounding. MOST of the replies are even without sarcasm for the guy who knows little-to-nothing about what he's doing. Makes it a lot easier to ask the questions.
    Thanks again.
  10. Why are Mustangsplus 'frowned apon'. I don't have an opinion either way, just curious.
  11. Hemmings Mustang Magazine

    Two good notes for the Mag I write for! (Hemmings Mustang Market & Tech Guide Magazine) Thanks for the kind words, DB! :hail2: We're trying to slowly grow the magazine, good things just take time...For those here who have not seen the magazine yet, follow the link above to the site ant take a look. I think you'll like what you see! :banana:
  12. Another vote for "Mustang Monthly" and "Mustang and Fords". I learnde alot from both of these magazines and still do.
  13. Glad to give praise where it is deserved. I've been a fan since the early Chepsk8 chronicles, I think even before your very early Taurus rack install. Hemmings Mustang is easily the best true enthusiasts' magazine for classic Mustangs, and your contributions are completely in line with the kinds of topics and issues that guys that actually drive their cars care about. Keep up the good work. :flag: