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  1. I performed many modifications the past year. Since I am new here I'll post up some progress pictures.
    How I bought it:
    69 valence:

    Extended and pointy header panel:
    Current near- finished header with shaker hood:
    View attachment 161936

    Rear bumper removal and small steel replacement:

    Marker lights filled (they leaked):

    Roll pan added and tail light openings modified to accommodate 71 tail lights:



    Rear with fin shortened and fiberglassed in place. 69 spoiler and pop open gas cap:

    Unusual battery placement:

    My wife's dog Mamau Mamau:
    View attachment 161950

    Matching stripes, as it turns out(Mach I seats):
    View attachment 161951

    Sequential tail lights:
    View attachment 161952

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  2. Looks great...glad to see that some one else doesn't shy away from a cut off wheel...LOL
  3. I like the front end, but the back end looks like it is missing something. Are you leaving it the way it is, or are you going to try to put a chrome bumper on to match the front?
  4. I like what you did with the 2. It has the road warrior look to it. Do you still have the 4 lug rims that was on the car when you got it?
  5. I give you props for the workmanship, the work is great, it's got to take dedication and skill to do that. So good job there, but I can't say as I like the end results. I guess I am too much a purist, I like the II mostly the way it came. It looks like your trying to turn a II into a 68 or 69.
  6. where did you manage to find the roll pan??
  7. I traded the old outlaw wheels and I now have 5-bolt axles.
    The back is rather corvette looking without any chrome steel but I haven't come up with an idea that I like.
    The 69 Mustang Mach I is my favorite and the influences are apparent.
    I got my fiberglass roll pan from a boat guy in British Columbia and I don't recommend him. He over charged and it didn't fit well. But Scottrods in Ohio has a great price on a better fitting one and even has a "bumper molding shape" built in.

    I should turn on notification if I can find it.
  8. it is little bit confusing to me not clear?