Drivetrain Clearancing bellhousing for pressure plate

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  1. So I just finished buttoning everything up yesterday afternoon on my '90 5.0 hatch after replacing the rear main seal, flywheel, clutch, TOB, clutch fork, clutch cable and firewall adjuster. The clutch kit is a CJPP King Cobra, FRPP flywheel and OEM clutch cable. The bellhousing is original; I've seen some saying the older bellhousings are not as deep.

    I started it up and can hear a noticeable cyclic rubbing/scraping sound from the bellhousing area. I pulled the starter and can feel some scraping on the pressure plate, and after doing some research I see that this is a common problem.

    So, appears I have to pull everything back apart (not happy about this) and clearance the bellhousing. From what I've read people talk about grinding off enough material from the BH where the pressure plate rubs.

    What do people use to grind this off? Do I need a handheld die grinder, or can I get to it with a normal bench grinder?
  2. Just get a handheld grinder and go to town on it with what I call a tigerpaw wheel
  3. Other than tearing it all back out, it ought to be easy-cheezy.
    The flywheel will have marked where it needs grinding, and given you an idea of how deep.

    Sux to have to tear it apart though.

    Look at the bright side...
    You'll never have to do it again.
    It will be clearanced for the next clutch swap.
  4. That is true
  5. Damn...guess I'll have to look at buying a handheld grinder.

    The worst part of tearing it out was getting the trans back in. I couldn't get everything lined up for it to slide in the last 1/2" or so. I tried all the tricks, then on like day #2 and try #11, it slid in.
  6. Patienece is a virtue young grasshopper cue Mr. Miagi voice
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  7. I hate to play the parental card on ya here, but you could have saved yourself a headache if you'd read through the product description when you bough it. It clearly states in in their advertisement that the bell housing may need to be clearanced....

    That being said. I used a carbide cutter on a Dremel to clearance mine. No problems with contact....although I did have a bad vibration last fall that I suspect is either a defect regarding the clutch balance, or a bad pilot bearing. I kinda gave up on it last fall and bought another clutch to try this spring when I swap in my new engine.
  8. Brian - Thanks for the parental card, sometimes we all need that. I don't recall seeing that warning clause but it sure is clear as day. I had found the clutch before, stuck it on my Christmas list and then ended up getting it for Christmas. I must not have paid close enough attention when I looked at it on the website, and then not gone back and checked when I stuck it on my list.

    Oh well, more experience removing and re-installing this stuff can't hurt.
  9. No worries man. I can't count how many time's I've had to do a job twice because I didn't read through the fine print. It happens. :cheers:
  10. So you're telling me that thing in the box with all the words and pictures on it isn't a complimentary coaster for my beer? :scratch:
  11. I thought it was there to be used as a rag