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  1. Anyone else see the legislature slated for 2007 about paint? Apparently they want/are going to deny all asles of paint coating to all but licensed shops. An effort they stae to lower VOCs. Most shops won't even do full paint jobs, or shoot a car in primer. They much prefer to caharge you $500 a fender etc. What a crock! Sure they won't enforce things because of NAFTA, but once again they'll screw the little guy.crapola

    I did find a link to at least the spray paint side.
  2. Communism sucks.
  3. I'd say it's probably the result of them sniffing glue and aerosols as children.

  4. Damned Baggers and Huffers.
  5. WTF is going on in this country??? I cannot believe the garbage that passed here in the state this last election little alone what the Govt is up to. Are we slowly turning into the USSA???(USSR) When is this crap gonna stop?? I really think more and more americans are paying less attention to what the govt. is doing every day (other then major events that are intentionally broadcasted my the TV/media) that goes by and that really scares me.

    Lets get back our country all our realitives and ancestors fought and died for!:flag: :flag:
  6. I can remember back in the late Seventies when they changed model glue to a citrus base because of the fumes. That I can understand> Huffers however stupid, are easy to spot. Once again overreaction to a problem vice dealing with it. All too common these days. What's next a national registration data base, and a slogan "paint kills"? I am bothered more about the "shop" implications. Granted I've been turning wrenches since I waws 16 on my II to begin with, but I can understand people who prefer to have someone else do everything. I just can't stand the outright dishonesty in the business. I'm sure there are some good shops. Most do an adequate job, others outright fraud. For example a gentleman where I work just got raped. Iv'e been fixing alot of issues with his bone stock 85 GT, that he's spent over $1500 to be fixed with no result. Yet an uncertified mechanic fixed all his problems in a couple of hours, not weeks. Just this past week, he didn't want to bother me (I've been real busy at work), so he took his wife's 99 Subaru to a national chain to have the brakes gone through because the pedal was going too close to the floor/ just did't feel right. "They" told him it wsa the master cyl. $500 + part. The vehicle has 25K original miles, literely driven as a grocery getter etc. No signs of leakage. Charged him too bleed brakes/fluid exchange, did't even change pads or spin rotors. Total bill $1200!!! For what? The pleasure of sitting in their business. On a positive note the rotors were perfect. Still no change after all of "their work". I told him to take it back and have them make it right. They denied even though stated on the work oreder they told him to replace it! Then ask him to leave because he "was insulting. The man is so timid you would't believe. Needless to say I bleed him brakes, hmmmm, the only fluid exchanged was the fluid in the new master cyl. ! WTF! SAm week a suposed Ford expert shop wanted to charge him $85 dollars for a new choke cap from VA, plus freight, and almost $200 to put it on. No even a ford cap, a generic holley style. Not to mention a stock non ford direct replacement on the shelf at all 3 major auto part sores and the 1 major local store had it on the shelf foe $40. End result almost $2k in a week for nothing, literly. Does not give me a warm fuzzy for the industry. Just builds on my and others that I know of bad experiences. I know it's bad to genericize, but I got to tell you, next to insurance, it has got to be the second biggest legal scam.
  7. Adults should have the freedom to kill themselves by sniffing glue, if they're that stupid, and children should be correctly raised by responsible parents so that they know better. It's never up to the government to patrol our actions for us. That's the beginnings of communism.
  8. I'll tell you what's going on. First of all, the left-wing liberal party in America was founded by a Marxist.(A communist) With the exception of Fox and talk radio, which are both relatively new, the media is dominated by people who ally themselves with the left-wing party, therefore, most "factual news" seen and heard will influence your average American and move them toward the left. They really came into power during the Vietnam conflict, and only recently have things begun to change to offset media bias. (That's why we won the Vietnam conflict militarily, but lost it politically.)

    Second of all, your average American today is so spoiled by the relative peace and prosperity brought on by the decades of hard work by the previous generations has made them fat and lazy, and they simply don't care about politics or much of anything else of importance. Perhaps their attention span is too short to bother learning about things that arent "EXTREME!!!" enough to keep their interest.
  9. Whats happening with this country? Everyday more and more freedoms are taken away without us knowing about it. There was a time I was proud to be an american but now I'm having second thoughts:nonono: Every single country in the world hates are guts and just being an american in todays world makes you a target international hate crimes. Who can stand behind country that quadruple taxes its citizens and lets its own soilders die in meningless wars. History does repeat itself and like the romans I fear we are heading into some dark times. I hope america is strong enough to keep it together.
  10. Dan, I'm going to disagree with you. The major media in this country are right wing; as Republican as it gets. They care about making money, period. They know that the typical American cares more about what their local sports team did yesterday, or what their favorite movie star did today, or the puppy that was found in a culvert in East Bucksnuts, Pennsylvania, than how their legislators voted. And they play to it. Why? Because if they covered the ins and outs of the legislative process they'd A.) lose their market share, particularly from the Smackdown! constituency; and B.) get their advertising revenue yanked by the companies that bribe legislators into passing crappy laws that would get people pi$$ed off if brought to light. Laws like this one.

    This paint sale thing is not about some huge Big Brother government interference in our hobbies; it's about funneling money to an industry -- an industry which no doubt has kicked considerable money to legislators to get the law passed. It's about capitalism, not communism.

    We passed from a democratic republic into a capitalist oligarchy with the advent of post-Nixon campaign finance reform laws, which legalized bribery under the guise of "free speech." Corporations are considered "persons" under an obscure set of rulings starting in 1906 (Northwestern Life Insurance vs. Riggs) and apexing after WWI (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporate_personhood), and they are the "people" that rule; they rule by paying legislators to pass laws that put money in their pockets. Capitalism now means the best government money can buy. And the major network news programs have devolved from the watchdogs of corruption into little more than public relations firms and bulletin boards for the corporations that make the laws. I'm glad to see left-wing talk radio -- even though I disagree with a lot of it -- just to see that there's a more middlecentric view being espoused.

    Yes, middlecentric. I live in Seattle, where the "left-wing" view isn't remotely as left as people get around here. Al Franken is a moderate in our book.

    I'm proud as hell to be an American. There are countries where you can't have the discussion we're having without being shot dead in front of a cheering crowd for it.
  11. In every poll that has ever been conducted by various sources, close to 80% of ALL polled journalists,(with the exception of many of those at FOX) as well as everyone on up the media ladder, consider themselves to be left of center. (though they wouldnt say liberal, because that's taboo these days.)

    Campaign finance reform laws suck. In fact, I'm against virtually everything related to modern campaigns, on both sides of the political fence. There was never meant to be professional politicians, the founding fathers of our Country intended there to be elected representatives from other professions, who only served as politicians on a temporary basis, and when they finished their terms, they would return to their original profession.
    I am a very Conservative, originalist, partially libertarian, agnostic/atheist. All government is evil, but necessary. Therefore, keeping it small and limited is vital to the well-being of any Nation. The Constitution, which should be strictly followed by all judicial branches, gets twisted and ignored on a daily basis in modern courts of "law", and it makes me sick.
    (By the way, I consider Bush to be a religious moderate, and John Kerry to be a socialist/communist/liberal.)
    Most other Countries consider Kerry to be right of center, their mindsets I cannot even begin to understand.

    Back to the paint and glue subject, Trial lawyers are the reason why companies exist in terror. Anything the lawyers can use to win awards will be presented in court, regardless if it's justified or not. Trial lawyers such as John Edwards, who made his fortune suing doctors, and who single-handedly caused a hike in medical insurance costs, then who complained to Bush about the cost and coverage of medical care in America. Ha. I would render a cap on all such settlements, but the left-wing interest groups would vehemently oppose it.
  12. What's interesting is someone as far-left as me and someone as far right as you, agreeing that the current system of government -- namely, campaign finance AKA bribery -- sucks.

    What an awesome country.

  13. I'd venture to say it was an attempt to appease the tree-huggers, which is very popular politically.

    I like trees too, and the reality of the situation is this: This will likely affect a fractional percentage of the US populace so small that they won't even bother to calculate it.

    Most of today's paint materials have no place being sprayed in a homeowner's garage, and in fact many of them will never fully cure when used in this manner.
  14. I have to assume that that is the basis for this:
    I cannot fathom the idea that ANYONE could think that a country that fell to the communists before the last planeload of US personnel left was in any way a victory. I don't recall any conflict past or present where the "victors" still had hundreds if not thousands (currently over 2200, I believe) of MIAs unaccounted for.

    I apologize, I usually do not participate in political or religous debates, but I could not let this go without comment.
  15. As far as I'm concerned, if you wanna be a dumbass and huff paint, huff away. You're better off dead and not re-producing more little dumbasses that will cause heartache for those of us who know better as well as put our children/loved ones into harms way. And that goes for everything, not just paint cans and such. I agree 110% that the govt. is not in business to tell us 'exactly' what we should and should not do. Too close to communism. Just like this stupid public smoking ban we have now. Just another 'right' my ancestors fought for that's stripped away. I'm not really a smoker, but damnit there are others who do. Limitations are fine, but banning is NOT. If I'm a bar owner and I say it's ok for people to light up a cig in my bar, then that's MY business, not the govt's. If others don't like it, leave. Go find a gay bar or something...stand outside with your beer, I really don't care. Just don't walk in and start ****ing and complaining about crap that doesn't concern you. Leave. All in all, if you want to do something stupid, the govt. should need to interveen. Let nature take it's course, i say.:D
    I'm sick and tired of those reforms..... lets see CUTS.
    I'm tired of more taxes... let's see some middle-upper management layoffs.
    I'm fed up with these multi-million dollar personal lawsuits and lawyer earnings...CAP 'EM.
    I want to see-- a law that states that any product bought buy a consumer, releases that company from any liabilities in relation to the product... Unless product was defunct because of bad manufacture or improper warning/instruction. -- This would keep the MORONS from suing these companies when it was actually the sole responsibility of the user.

    The tree-hugger hippie wanna-be greenpeace loosers are also another giant poopstain in a new pair of underwear and in my opinion should be delt with or completely ignored. :ZipIt:

    On the repair shop note, yeah I've had similiar expierences too, definately while I was in the service. I started hanging around the auto shop and after a few 'correctional repairs' to other service members' cars from so-called repair shops, the hobby shop actually GAVE me my own bay to work out of on a regular basis. I think alot of these shops are just trying to beat the flat-rate books to make more $$$ and that usually means cutting corners on repairs and workmanship. Believe me, I'm no speed demon and doubt I'd make any real good money against the flat-rate manual but I'll stand behind my work 110%.
  16. Hmm. How is my strong belief in personal responsibility a basis for my statement on the Vietnam conflict? Adults are called adults for a reason. Children should be protected, but once they're adults, they should protect themselves. It is the right of no man to force protection upon adults.

    As for Vietnam; If I recall, the death toll of the North Vietnamese was at least one million men, while we lost 58,000+. While I feel that the loss of 58,000+ American soldiers is unacceptable and incredibly tragic, our soldiers still killed 17 or 18 of theirs for every 1 of ours lost. (North Vietnam lost 45,000 men just during their TET Offensive alone)
    That's amazingly efficient, considering the unfamiliar trap-ridden hell hole our guys had to fight in.(And considering the russians were providing them with aid) Yes, even though we put a serious hurting on them, our primary objective failed, due to politics, as I said, it was a political loss, not a military loss. As a matter of fact, if the idiots in washington had left the war(start by declaring it a war!) strictly in the hands of those who were most competent in waging war, (namely, the generals and admirals) things would have certainly turned out differently.

    *By the way, France, thanks for getting us caught up in that god damned war in the first place.*
  17. Nevermind, we could argue this forever, and neither of us will ever accept the other's argument.

    Let's all go post something related to IIs :nice:

  18. It doesn't.

    Bud, anyway you cut it the U.S. lost Nam.

    30 years after the fact people still deny it. Amazing.

    Revisionist history?

    The French warned us not to get involved in South East Asia.

    Seems they were correct.
  19. Compelling argument.
  20. If thirty years after the fact you still haven't cought on that a military victory by the U.S. in South East Asia was an impossibality then what good is it for me to argue.

    Also your trying to blame the French for getting us involved in Nam, when they actually told us going there wasn't a good idea.