Floor Support Replacement

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  1. I replaced the floor supports and partial toe boards in preparation for full floor pan replacement. I clamped the floor supports to the frame rails on the sides and one clamp inside the frame rails. Welded them up. Fit amd welded in the toe board patches. The car is supported under the rockers, the front is on the front portion of a rotiisere, everything is level and the rear axle and drive train is removed. I was going to weld in the inner portion of the front torque boxes and then move on to the floor pan removal. I had cut out the front portion of the floor pan to access the front floor supports. the right side is level with the floor pan marks I made and the left side is about 3/8 to 1/2 inch high. The car is a 65 fastback. I am stumped on what my next move should be. Any suggestion would be appreciated. A big hammer? Thanks in advance.
  2. A 66-66 with the floor cut loose and the toe boards cut could easily sag the frame rails, or fold up ward . They do not have torque boxes so there is nothing to keep them from moving. They should be done on the ground with jack stands under the frame rails and the rockers .You should check to see if the rail went up in the front before you do any more welding .
  3. Jim thanks for the reply. I have been watching your projects here for a while. I am amazed at your ability to put your cars back together. I was thinking that some how the front sagged like you suggest. The front is held on by the welds to the firewall. Releasing the floor support, trans tunnel brace and bottom half of the toe boards would let it sag. I did have the trans tunnel still in the car. I will have to cut every thing loose and raise the front end. Thanks again
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  5. Yes the car sagged. I put a level on the front frame rail and it was off. The door sill was level. I cut the toe boards loose and the floor supports, raised the front of the car and the frame rail is level and the toe boards line up with my marks for the floor pan. I diidnt figure on the hydraulics leaking down over time.jack stands are under the front rails now! Rookie move! Thanks again.
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  6. Glad you caught it in time .